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Tony T Releases Statement Regarding Nikki Benz Abuse Allegations


After a review of the unedited raw footage, still photos, witness statements, and other available information, we believe that the best approach to this issue is transparency. While the scene in question was “hardcore” with toys, masks, and aggressive sexual content, it was not the sensationalized version of criminal or offensive behavior that is being portrayed in the media. We are in the process of releasing the raw footage to journalists so that the unedited evidence can be examined.

Every worker in the adult film industry, performer or set worker, should feel empowered and confident to stop any scene or any activity that is non-consensual, uncomfortable, or assaultive. As an industry, we must be ever vigilant to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. The death threats to crew members and the performer, via text, phone and social media should stop. The events on the set were not what has been portrayed on social media.

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