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Top 10 Best Big Dildos for Penetrative Orgasms (2019)

Sex toys are nothing new.

They have been used for thousands of years, dating as far as the glacial period.

However, the phallic-shaped objects were not just used for enhancing and maintaining sexual arousal.

Some ancient cultures required a daily offering of female orgasm to the gods of fertility. In return, the gods of fertility would help crop grow and protect gardens.

The sex toys made during ancient days were typically carved from bronze, wood, stones, and bones. Around the same time, olive oil being used as lube became popular.

With that said, dildos are becoming more popular than before in today’s society. Globally, the sex toy industry makes 15 billion dollars annually, with 16 percent of sales being female dildos and 19 percent being vibrators.

Best Big Dildos

A past study also found an approximately 75 percent of women never orgasm from vaginal penetration alone.

Many find reaching orgasm easier with the assistance of hands, tongue and sex toys. Types of dildos include metal, glass and silicone dildos.

If you are new to female sex toys and want to try them for the first time but are not sure of dildo to purchase this article could help you make a more informed decision. 

Best Big Dildos for Penetrative Orgasms (2019)

Model Name







Basix Rubber 7.5” Dong with Suction Cup  

(Editor’s choice)




 Eden 9” Realistic Vibrating Dildo  





Pipedream Real Feel Deluxe No. 9 Dildo  




Nasstoys All American Whopper Vibe 8” Dildo 



Mr. Marcus 9 Inch Vibrating Cock  



10 Inch Huge Tracy’s Dog Realistic Dildo  



12 Inches G-Spot Liquid Silicone Dong 



Rebellious Ryan 9 Inch Dildo 



Beauty Molly 7 Inch Realistic Dildo  



Eden 14” Extra Long Thick Dildo 



1. Basix Rubber 7.5” Dong with Suction Cup  

This product is perfect for anyone who is spacious down there. The Basic Rubber 7.5 Dong is typically designed for someone who wants to experience something quite thicker and longer. 

It is a very realistic sex toy. It is made of rubber material and comes with balls and a suction cup. The dildo is easy to use and clean.

You can use this to reach your G-Spot. It looks thicker and the head also looks wider than standard dildos. The artificial veins are included to add a little extra stimulation.

With a whopping 7.5 inches in length and wide diameter, this dildo may be quite difficult for some women to take. They may need to use some lube. 

If you are an extra-large dick enthusiast or have a wide vagina, then this sex toy might be great for you. Also, the dildo comes with a suction cup that provides a wide range of benefits. 

The suction cup is designed for hands-free vaginal or anal masturbation. By placing the base of the suction cup to a flat surface, such as a floor, you can ride or pound your dildo.

Sticking it to a bedpost or wall lets you do it doggy style. Use a table, chair, or floor reverse cowgirl. 



    • Latex free
    • Larger suction cup
    • Very Flexible
  • check

    Less expensive 

  • check

    Can satisfy even the horniest of sexual addicts 

  • check

    Can be used for anal and vaginal penetration alike

  • check

    Comes with a strong suction cup for hands-free action 

  • check

    Do not need a battery to function 

  • Made of rubber which is not free of harmful toxins 

2. Eden 9” Realistic Vibrating Dildo 

The Eden 9 Inches Dildo is a thick dildo that offers soft ultra-realistic feel when inside of you. The dildo is 9 inches in length with 1.75 inch in diameter. It may sound thick, wider and too large for average women.

Generally, anyone can use this sex toy. It is a bit affordable. It is recommended for anyone looking for a dildo that feels like the real thing.

It is made from a body safe material that resembles the feel of an actual dick. It is also capable of hitting your g-spot.

You need to point the end of the toy upwards, towards your g-spot. If you are g-spot stimulation lover, this dildo is the real deal.

Utilizing this sex toy will help you explore sensual parts within your body. The speed of the dildo can be controlled with a simple dial.

You can adjust the speed from low to high. The low speed is typically for foreplay. The high speed, on the other hand, is for stronger orgasm. In addition, you can adjust the dildo’s speed whilst using.

The sex toy requires a battery to work. It comes with bright pink colors and is easy to clean. The product is also compatible with a wide variety of lubricants.

However, water-based lubricants are usually recommended.  This is definitely one of the biggest dildos out there in the market.


    • Multi-speed vibrations
    • Very smooth surface
    • No Smell 
  • check

    Easy to clean 

  • check

    Feels like a real penis 

  • check


  • check

    Realistic shape and allows for foreplay

  • No suction cup

3. Pipedream Real Feel Deluxe No. 9 long Dildo 

The Pipedream Real feel Deluxe No. 9 large dildo perfectly resembles a real manhood. It is the ultimate solution for you when the real deal is not available.

It is also a perfect solution should you want to experiment with something wider and longer than the real penis.

Pipedream Real Feel Deluxe Dildo is equipped with natural looking testicles and veins. The 9.5 inches long and 2 inches wide dildo is straight (not curved).

It can be used for vaginal and anal penetration. You can also use it while practicing your blowjob skills.

The material used to make this dildo is completely safe. The textures and shapes of the product feel like the real stuff. 

It also comes with a suction cup at the base. You can stick it to virtually any flat surface like a wall or floor. Whether you stick it to the bedpost, wall or floor, the ultra-strong suction cup will stay firmly in place. 

The sex toy is 100% waterproof. This means you can use it in the spa, hot tub, or shower. Use a generous amount of lube when inserting the sex toy inside your vagina or anus. 

The product weighs 1.5 pounds and requires 2 AA batteries in order to work. It does not ship with the batteries. For this reason, you will need to buy them separately. 



    • Strong suction-cup
    • Very Soft Skin
    • Very Comfortable 
  • check

    Quality product 

  • check

    Affordable price 

  • check

    Waterproof and can be used in the shower or hot tub 

  • check

    Ultra-realistic dildo that feels like a real penis 

  • check

    Made from safe materials 

  • Low-quality suction cup 

  • Way too big for some women 

4. Nasstoys All American Whopper Vibe 8” Dildo 

The Nasstoys All American Whopper is designed to provide extreme sexual excitement and arousal. It is a lifelike sex toy that will fill your vagina up and offer you the most satisfying vaginal stimulation. 

The Nasstoys Whopper Vibe is 6.5 inches long. It is designed to feel like the actual penis. It resembles a penis and comes with balls that mimic the testicles a real dick would have.

This toy is long enough to hit the g-spot. The texture of this sex toy has realistic veins and ridges for more stimulation. The veins are not too little, nor too much.

They really are just sufficient for normal sexual pleasure.

The product is equipped with suction cup technology. This is ideal for rough sex lovers. You can use the dildo on the floor or on the wall.

You can also use the toy for both vaginal and anal penetration. In other words, both men and women can use it.

One important thing to consider is that the dildo requires two AA batteries to work. However, the batteries do not ship with the product. They are sold separately. 

In terms of price, the sex toy costs less than 30 bucks. As you can see, it is in one of the most reasonable price brackets. It is also a higher quality product than most dildos under this price point. 



    • 3 speed switch controller
    • Good Quality
    • Soft playable material 
  • check

    The dildo looks and feels realistic

  • check

    Waterproof and can be used in the shower 

  • check

    Comes with suction cup 

  • check

    Very high-quality

  • check


  • Feel too hard for some women

5. Mr. Marcus 9 Inch Vibrating Cock 

Mr. Marcus is one of the largest guys in our list. He feels big. His wide girth and length can make any woman feel something she has undoubtedly never felt before.

 In other words, this dildo is a dream comes true. It offers you everything you need, including realistic vibration and intense stimulation.

The dildo ships completely with a suction cup base. You can place it on the floor or wall and ride it in practically all positions. 

The extra-large sex toy comes with different modes of vibration. You can adjust the speed and vibration to suit your personal preference.

 Whether you need an intense or moderate stimulation, Mr. Marcus dildo is the perfect solution to your needs.

The dildo is made from soft but tough material. The PVC material used to make it is durable and has an ultra-realistic feel. It also features lifelike veins, veins that enhance stimulation.

While it is designed for one person, this sex toy can be used with someone else. Since the dildo provides an intense sexual pleasure, it is perfect for experienced individuals.

 The size of the dildo is also not perfect for novices.

When it comes to length, the dildo is 9 inches long. The circumference is 6-inches which is quite unusual.

The size of the dildo may not be comfortable for some women. It can be hard to insert, thus not a great choice for amateurs.

The dildo requires two AA batteries to work. Note that the batteries not included in the package; they are sold separately. 



    • Multi-speed vibrations Available
    • Body-Safe Feature Available
    • Dick Rambone
  • check

    Lifelike feel and look 

  • check

    Firm suction cup base 

  • check

    Made from high-quality and safe materials

  • check

    Perfect for hitting the g-spot 

  • Too large for some women 

6. 10 Inch Huge Tracy’s Dog Realistic Dildo  

Tracy’s Dog Realistic Dildo is perfect for anyone who yearns to be filled up. This is a very big sex toy that is capable of satisfying your unquenchable thirst for sex.

It is realistic and feels amazing inside, according to customers.

The sex toy is designed for vaginal use. However, you can also insert it in your anus as long as you use good lubrication and protection. 

The dildo, as the name suggests, is 10 inches long. The diameter is 1.97 inches. This product is made of high-quality and safe material.

The outer material is made of silicone. It offers realistic look and texture. Though the sex toy is quite longer, it is average normal penis size in circumference.

From the head to the balls, it looks like a real penis. You can use the toy vaginally while giving a blowjob to your partner. You can also use it in double penetration. 

Since this toy is extremely big, you need to use a great deal of lube.

It is recommended to use water-based lube. You can also use a condom with this big boy for easier cleanup. 



    • Textured Material
    • Strong suction base
    • Very Flexible
  • check

    Perfect for both vaginal and anal penetration

  • check

    Realistically designed for an intense vaginal and anal stimulation

  • check

    Made from high quality silicon to mimic the real manhood 

  • check

    Comes with a firm suction cup base 

  • check

    Easy to use

  • check

     Strong vibration 

  • check

    Long enough to hit your g-spot 

  • A little hard 

7. 12 Inches G-Spot Liquid Silicone Dong 

Any woman who believes size matters will agree that this 12 inches G-Spot Liquid Silicone Dong is a dream come true. With this big boy, you have the opportunity to experience some magic inside your honeypot.

Let’s be frank, who would not want to experience this wonderful sensation?

The large dildo is made out of pure silicone. It is non-porous, phthalate free, hypo-allergenic and body safe. The texture of the toy will stimulate your vagina as you push it in and out.

You need to use a generous amount of water-based lube with this dildo because of its size. The dildo is actually on the larger segment. It is very long and wide.

So you will feel every thrust as you satisfy yourself sexually.

Though this is a very thick and long sex toy, it is still quite flexible. You can ride it in any position. The product is recommended for experienced people due to its size.

Beginners may find it too big to insert inside their vaginas. Since it is made from silicone, it is advised to wash it with warm water.

Clean the toy before and after using it. Always use anti-bacterial soap. Let it dry completely before storing it. 

Its an amazing girth dildos if you are looking for one.



    • Smooth Surfaces 
    • Material : Senior Medical Silicone
    • Non-toxic Material Used
  • check

    Huge size to please big dick lovers out there 

  • check

    Comes with great textures 

  • check

    Made from 100% body safe materials 

  • check

    Veined for lifelike or realistic feel 

  • check

    Can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration 

  • check

    Perfect dildo for experienced user

  • Not ideal for beginners

8. Rebellious Ryan 9 Inch Dildo

Rebellious Ryan 9 Inch big thick Dildo is made of silicone. As you know, silicone is the best dildo material. It’s both phthalate and latex free.

This means it is hypoallergenic and body safe. The sex can be cleaned in a dishwasher or sterilized because it is non-porous.

With that said, this dildo is 9 inches long. As you can see, this is a very huge dildo that is not recommended for novices.

It has veins and ridges and feel great when thrust in and out. You will also notice the guy is equipped with a pair of nice balls.

It comes with a great suction cup that is sturdy and durable. Having this feature included in your dildo means you can have fun on the floor, wall or even in the shower.

If you are going to use in the shower, avoid water-based lubes. These lubes get washed away. So use alternative lubes such as silicone lube.

The sex toy offers soft and intense sensation for maximum pleasure. It is made of silicone alongside other material. Thus, it feels like a real penis. Furthermore, it is designed for men and women alike.

In other words, you can use it either for vaginal or anal penetration. Overall, it is a great product. You will have no problem hitting your g-spot with this sex toy. 



    •  Lifelike SexFlesh material 
    • Soft & sensual
    • Length 9 Inch
  • check

    100% body safe material 

  • check

    Good suction cup 

  • check

    Comes with balls 

  • check

    Offers earth shaking orgasm 

  • check

    Versatile: can be used for both anal and vaginal sex 

  • Not ideal for beginners

9. Beauty Molly 7 Inch Realistic Dildo 

If you have a soft spot for big but not too big dildos then Beauty Molly Realistic fat dildo is for you. There is something unique about this 7 inches dildo. It feels great inside the vagina and also looks superb. 

The big boy is a little textured. It has lovely textures and it is perfect for anyone who wants to be filled up.

Made from high-quality material, the dildo offers unmatched sexual excitement.
It can be used for both anal and vaginal sex. The material used to make the product is elastic and soft. 

In fact, it is designed to mimic a real penis. It comes with ball, shaft and vein details. And due to its elasticity, you can ride it in any position.

It is made of high-quality silicone that is toxic and latex free. The product is easy to clean and store. You can use sex toy cleaners or warm water and soap to clean it. 

The dildo comes with a firm suction cup that can be attached to on a floor, wall or bedpost. 

The dildo is 7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. This may not sound much, but it does what it says. It is highly recommended for beginners or first time buyers. 


    • Premium material
    • No toxic material Used
    • Used Very strong suction base
  • check

    Feels realistic 

  • check

    Made of high-quality silicone and PVC

  • check

    Easy to clean and store 

  • check

    Perfect for anal sex 

  • check

    The dildo is highly flexible and can bend in all angles

  • check

    Fitted with a strong suction cup for hands-free sensation 

  • Designed for anal sex 

  • Too hard 

10. Eden 14” Extra Long Thick Dildo 

Needless to say, the Eden Extra Long fat Dildo is the biggest dildo in our list. Believe it or not, the dildo measures a whopping 14 inches from its head to its bottom.

This is a monster sex toy and should be used with caution. It is a big guy and is on the heavier side.

It is made from 100% body safe silicone. It is latex and phthalate free. It has great textures that let you stimulate your vagina. You can reach orgasm very quickly with this toy. 

You will need to apply a generous amount of lube to your pussy and dildo. You can adjust the speed to suit your preference.

It is designed to look and feel like a real dick. It is thicker and longer than anything you have come across before. For this reason, you should expect something unusual from it.

The monster dick is easy to clean. It is recommended to wash it with soap and warm water before and after use.

In addition, don’t mix the product with other products made from TPE, PVC and other toxic materials. These materials will cause your dildo to melt.

Overall, the dildo is extremely big and is able to satisfy any woman yearning for girth and depth. The suction cup lets you pleasure yourself hands-free. 


    • Smooth Flat Surface
    • Body Safe Materials Used
    • Easily Clean
  • check

    Firm but flexible

  • check

    Contains no latex, paraffin, phthalate or fragrance 

  • check

    Strong suction cup base 

  • check

    Feels realistic 

  • check

    14 inches of thick dick ensures you feel all pleasures 

  • check

    Fitted with a strong suction cup for hands-free sensation 

  • Extremely big for beginners 

I hope you like this list of king kong dildo uptill now, lets talk about buying guide now.

Dildo Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for dildos can be overwhelming and awkward. For a beginner, it may also be difficult to separate the good ones from the low-quality ones.

There are a wide variety of dildos to choose from. For this reason, there are things you need to know before purchasing a sex toy. Here are the things to consider: 


When you look for a dildo to purchase, the size you choose should offer you the best sexual pleasure. If not, you will be wasting your bucks, energy and time. And you do not want that. Luckily, dildos are supplied in a wide variety of sizes to match what you are looking for. 


Material and finishes make a major difference to the result provided by your sex toy. Silicone, metal, and glass dildos, for instance, are perfect for stimulating the G-spot.

They require less lube and are easier to insert into your vagina. So it is important to consider the material the product is made of. In addition to this, make sure the sex toy you buy is toxic free.

Silicone is highly recommended because it is flexible, safe and easy to clean. Glass and leather are quite expensive, but feel and look beautiful. 

Type and Shape 

Sex toys are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

There are dildos that will bend. There are also dildos designed for g-spot stimulation. Realistic dildos, as the name suggests, feel exactly like a real penis.

They come complete with testicles and veins.

Then there is a strap-on dildo. This one is designed for strap-on play, such as pegging. When buying a dildo for pegging, you’ll need to keep the preference of your partner in mind.

What do you want the dildo for?

Why do you want to buy the dildo? Are you looking for a dildo that can fill your vagina? Are you looking for vaginal or clitoral stimulation? Or, are you looking for both?

In addition, if you like to play with your vagina in the shower or hot tub, a waterproof dildo would be a perfect choice.

Budget and personal preference 

Whatever size, style, shape or material you end up choosing, make sure it fits your budget and personal preference.

Take all these considerations into mind when you decide which sex toy you want to purchase.

Also, make sure you have a lube when you purchase dildos. If you do not have a lube, buy some from your local shop or on the web.

Final Thoughts

These dildos are without doubt the most popular sex toys on the market right now that impressed women with length and girth. The most notable inclusion in this list is the Eden 9” Realistic Vibrating Dildo .

It boasts extraordinary length and thickness. It can be a great choice for women who prefer fat and long penises.

I hope you like this list of big dildos that you can buy right now.

These long dildos will make you cum in no time, and will be your new favorite toy.

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