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Top 10 Best Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments for QUICK Orgasms (2019)

The Hitachi magic wand massager, also known as the Hitachi magic wand vibrator is a sex toy that has been around for over four decades.

The device has been appreciated by dozens of men and women across the globe.

They have been using these devices to relax aching body muscles of the arm, back, shoulders and neck.

Nevertheless, the massager is widely used to stimulate the erogenous zones.

There are several hitachi wand attachments and accessories that can be used with magic wand massagers.

These attachments are easily available in the brick-and-mortar shops. They can also be purchased online.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 best Hitachi magic wand attachments. So let’s get down to business!

hitachi magic wand attachments

Top 10 Best Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments

Model Name



(In Grams)


Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment

(Editor’s Choice)

Jelly Rubber


Medical-grade silicone


​California Exotic Miracle Massager Attachment

Soft Jelly




Hummingbird Wand Essentials Masturbator Attachment 



Wand Essentials Male Masturbation Attachment



Vixen Creation Wand Attachment 



Bangin Bunny Premium Silicone Wand Attachment 



Euphoria -Essential Clit and G-Spot Baton Massager- Attachment 



Wand Pals Double Bliss Baton Massager Attachment 



One of the best Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments is the Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment.

It is one of the best companions for your wand vibrator. The wand accessory has served women for many decades.

Made by Trinity Vibes, this attachment has become the most highly recommended magic wand accessory of all time.

Designed to fit almost all wand vibrators, this well-crafted attachment can transform Hitachi magic wand into an extremely powerful massager.

It will vibrate on your vagina and other erogenous zones which will make you scream and squirm with pleasure.

The Rabbit vibrator wand attachment is equipped with different speed settings. At times, the device can be overpowering even on low setting.

The maximum speed is 6,000 rpm. On a high setting, the wand attachment will make you orgasm very quickly.

The length of the attachment is around four inches. Its diameter is 2.3 inches. If you are looking for a Wand Essentials Wand Massager or the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator attachment, the Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment is the perfect solution for you. 

It is less expensive than most of its counterparts available out there. It also works.

You will need to wash the device before and after use. It can be washed with water and antibacterial soap. Fortunately, the accessory is easy to clean and maintain. 

Note the attachment is made of 100% body safe jelly rubber. The material is latex and phthalate free. And lastly, this product is designed for Hitachi Magic Wand vibrators.

Trying to use it with an incompatible device could damage the motor.

This one is a popular hitachi wand attachments and a highly recommended one as well.



  • 1080p HD
  • 4 inch insertable length
  • 2.3 inch inner diameter
  • Material: Jelly Rubber
  • check

    Has a smooth shaft

  • check

    Stimulates the clitoris and the vagina at the same time 

  • check

    Very easy to use

  • check

    Easy to clean 

  • check

    Made from body safe material 

  • May feel too small for some people 

We have tried a fair number of wand attachments for the past three years, and the Nuzzle Tip -Wand attachment is one of the few that works.

It is capable of enhancing the vibration of your Hitachi wand. The vibration will feel stronger and more enjoyable.

The Nuzzle Tip -Stick Massager Attachment is designed to improve the functionality of your Hitachi magic wand massager.

The attachment is made of medical-grade silicone and features a smooth tongue-shaped tip.

The attachment tip is 1.38 inches long and 1.43 inches in diameter.

The device is designed for both external and internal stimulation. This means it can be used for clitoral as well as vaginal stimulation. 

As said before, the attachment is made of silicone. The material is soft to touch. It also fits perfectly on the head of the wand. The tip is non-porous.

This means you can sterilize or wash the wand attachment with warm water. It can also be shared between partners.

This is one of the most effective Hitachi Magic Wand attachments you can buy. Apart from Hitachi wands, the product can be used with a good number of other massagers.

The Adam and Eve Massager is one of the massagers that are also compatible with the Nuzzle Tip -baton massager attachment. In addition, the wand attachment is cheap, easy to clean, and strong.


  • 3.25 inches tall
  • Medical-grade silicone 
  • Attachment tip length: 1.38 inches 
  • check

    Compatible with a wide range of wand massagers 

  • check

    Easy to use

  • check

    Easy to clean

  • check

    Fits perfectly on the wand head 

  • check


  • Kind of hard 

#3. California Exotic Miracle Massager Attachment 

If you have a Hitachi magic wand vibrator, you may want to look at the California Exotic Miracle Massager Attachment.

It is completely worth it! It is one of the best options if you are looking to add something extra to your Hitachi wand.

The wand attachment is made from body-safe jelly material. It is easy to use and affordable.

The attachment is designed to work with a wide variety of wands.

Whether you are a first-timer or a more experienced Hitachi magic wand massager user, you do not have any reason to not enjoy this beautifully-designed wand accessory.

You can use it for both anal and vaginal stimulation. It is very flexible. You can control the depth of the penetration. 

The only criticism we’ve heard so far is the material. It is made from a soft jelly material instead of silicone. While it is soft and body safe, which you can appreciate, medical-grade silicone is still far much better.

And since it is a bit soft, you may find it hard to insert it into your anus. Anal penetration requires firm accessories. Since the attachment is quite flexible, you may find it difficult to insert sometimes.

The device is remote controlled and is perfect for sharing. It requires 2 AA batteries but the batteries are sold separately. The standard color of the product is clear.

Overall, the wand attachment is one of the best you can buy. So don’t be scared. Give it a shot! 



  • Soft jelly material
  • 2 1/2 inch bullet vibes
  • Flexible
  • check

    Made of soft jelly 

  • check

    Compatible with Hitachi Magic Wand Massagers

  • check


  • check

    Easy to use 

  • check

    Easy to clean 

  • Made of some strange type of plastic 

  • Sticky 

I hope you are loving this article on hitachi wand attachments uptill now. 

Dont lose focus and read the article till the end. Many more amazing hitachi attachments are coming next.

It is no secret that women adore the G-Spot wand attachment.

The magic wand attachment is designed to perfectly fit on the tip of your Hitachi Magic Wand massager to enhance its versatility.

The device is ergonomically curved to enhance pleasure. What makes this wand accessory amazing is it’s curved shaped.

Remember, the G-Spot requires a curved object in order to be stimulated. And this wand attachment does not disappoint in that department.

It does a fantastic job of locating and hitting the G-spot.

No doubt, the wand attachment was designed with the female sexual organ in mind.

It is firm in the right places and soft where necessary. It can fit on the tip of any Hitachi vibrator without any problem. 

According to the manufacturer, the accessory offers complete body stimulation and we can confirm that the statement is true. Even so, the primary function of the wand attachment is to deliver stimulation to the g-spot. 

One of the downsides of this attachment is that it is not silicone. It is made from TPR. You may find the material a bit weird if you are not familiar with it. With that said the material is 100% body safe and does not contain any harmful substance. 

Overall, we think the G-spot wand is a fantastic option. It has an excellent shape, thus perfect for stimulating g-spot. 

Hitachi attachments are trending these days and this one surely is stealing many hearts.


  • Length: 6 Inches
  • 100% body safe
  • Excellent curved shaped 
  • check

    Made from a body safe material 

  • check

    Crafted with the female sexual organ in mind 

  • check


  • check

    Easy to use and maintain 

  • check

    Does what it says 

  • Not made of silicone

Trinity Vibe is known for churning out high-quality wand accessories for women.

However, this time the sex toy manufacturing giant has decided to design a wand attachment for men too.

The Hummingbird Wand Essentials Attachment is a must have wand attachment for any man who enjoys and appreciates sex.

The Hitachi wand accessory is designed to enhance sexual pleasure by stimulating the penis.

Whether you want to use it alone in the house or want to use it with a partner, this small and simple sex toy is the right choice for you.

The wand features a numbed head. It delivers strong vibrations that will make any man cum instantly.

No doubt, this is one of the finest Hitachi magic wand attachments Trinity Vibe has ever created.

The wand attachment is lightweight and has small dimensions. This means the device is easy to carry. Also, you can easily hide it away from children and other people. 

The wand attachment is made from a very high quality TPR material. The material is not only easy to clean but also durable. It will work on all Hitachi magic wand vibrators as well as some other standard wand massagers.

Getting mind-blowing orgasms is so easy. Overall, it is a great product. It is completely worth it. 



  • Length: 3.25 inches
  • Wide: 1.25 inches
  • Strong vibrations
  • check

    Made from high quality TPR material 

  • check

    Designed to fit all Hitachi magic wand massagers 

  • check

    Tailored for men

  • check


  • check

    Easy to use

  • Some men may be too big for it 

#6. Wand Essentials Male Masturbation Attachment 

If you are a big fan of masturbation, you might want to look at the wand Essentials masturbation accessory.

Similar to Hummingbird Essentials attachment, this wand accessory is designed for men.

It offers a realistic feel of the innermost softness of the vaginal hole. The toy’s length is 8.3 inches.

We think that is more than enough. Any penis can easily fit in unless it is really, really large.

The wand and the attachment are sold separately. And you do not need to purchase the wand.

The attachment can be used as a standalone male masturbator. It comes with a slightly ridged shaft which enhances stimulation during masturbation.

The attachment is made from high quality lifelike silicone material. It is flexible, soft, silky, and feels amazing on your penis. The vibration will make you cum in no time.

The wand attachment is easy to use and maintain. You will need to wash the device before and after use. It can be washed with warm water and antibacterial soap. You can also clean it with a good toy cleaner. 

The product comes at a price of $28 to $30, depending on which vendor you choose to buy from. For the price, wand attachment is one of the best attachments you can buy. 


  • Length: 8.3 Inches
  • Wide: 3 Inches
  • Ribbed shaft
  • check

    It feels like a real vagina.

  • check

    The attachment can be used as a standalone male masturbator

  • check

    Made from high quality material 

  • check

    Great product for the price

  • check

    Easy to use 

  • Quite difficult to clean 

#7. Vixen Creation Wand Attachment 

This Hitachi magic wand attachment comes with a hefty price tag but you will agree with us that it is worth the price.

The wand attachment is made from medical-grade silicone which is not only easy to clean, but also hypoallergenic.

In addition, the product does not have phthalate, jellies, latex, or other harmful substances. In other words, it is 100% body safe.

It fits easily over the tip of your Hitachi magic wand. The slightly curved wand attachment is designed with your g-spot in mind.

There are different settings. Thus, it will provide you with different stimulation levels.

Most women can get adequate g-spot stimulations on the medium setting. 

The magic wand attachment is comfortable. It does not have unnecessary friction or ridges. It is quite soft and flexible. However, you will need lube when using the sex toy.

We recommend water-based lubricant because silicone-based lubricants can damage the toy.

The Vixen Creation Wand is easy to clean. You only need water and soap. You could also use a great sex toy cleaner. If you use it in your bum, be sure to sanitize it.

This high-quality magic wand accessory is completely worth it. It enhances the capability of your Hitachi magic wand vibrator in many different amazing ways. 


  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • No phthalates 
  • 4.3 insertable inches
  • Girth: 1.5” inches
  • check

    The wand attachment is made of platinum-grade silicone.

  • check

    The product is totally body safe. There are no harmful chemicals like phthalates, jellies and latex.

  • check

    This wand attachment is worth the price.

  • check

    It is easy to use and clean. 

  • It has a small girth. Girth lovers may find it unappealing. 

#8. Bangin Bunny Premium Silicone Wand Attachment 

We weren’t really certain what to expect when we ordered this damn magic wand accessory from an online retailer.

We just knew it was one of the top-rated wand attachments out there.

The Bangin Bunny Silicone Wand Attachment is a dildo-like toy that is designed to attach to your Hitachi magic wand.

Its length is 7.5 inches with a girth of 4.5 inches. Insertable length is 5.5 inches. With this product, you can stimulate your G-Spot and clitoris at the same time.

The Bangin Bunny magic wand is made of the best premium silicone. The material is body safe and latex free.

The premium silicone is also soft and smooth. This gives the wand accessory a realistic feel. 

Finally, this magic wand accessory is easy to clean. You can wash it with water and soap. Another option is to sterilize it for approximately three to five minutes.

One very important thing to remember is to never use any kind of silicone lubricant. It will gradually damage your magic wand accessory. We recommend water-based lubricants. They are totally safe to use with silicone.


  • Finest Premium Silicone
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Length 7.5 Inches
  • Insertable Length 5.5 Inches
  • check

    The magic wand attachment is versatile. 

  • check

    The attachment is made of premium silicone. 

  • check

    It is easy to use as well as easy to clean.

  • check

    The wand attachment can stimulate both the clitoris and g-spot at the same time.

  • check

    It is worth the money.

  • The plastic smell can be really disgusting to some people.

#9. Euphoria -Essential Clit and G-Spot Baton Massager- Attachment 

As the name suggests, the g-spots and clit Euphoria stick massager -add-on is designed to work on your g-spot and clitoris.

The sex toy is made from soft silicone velvet. It is has a nice ergonomic design and can stimulate both the clit and g-spot simultaneously.

The magic wand attachment comes with two petals – the small petal is meant for stimulating clitoris whilst the larger one is meant for g-spot stimulation.

The two petals can vibrate. The petal g-spot is seven inches in length while the clitoral petal is two inches in length.

The fact that this toy is made of high-grade silicone means it is easy to clean.

It also feels like the real thing. It is recommended to wash it after each use. You can wash it with a toy cleaner.

If you do not have a toy cleaner, you can either sterilize it for around 5 minutes or wash it with warm water and soap. 


  • Length: 7 inches
  • Both petals carry vibrations
  • 5 inches insertable
  • check

    Made of silicone

  • check

    Easy to use

  • check

    Easy to clean 

  • check

    Designed to stimulate the clit and the g-spot at the same time

  • check

    Great value for money 

  • Really hard/stiff and not very flexible

#10. Wand Pals Double Bliss Baton Massager Attachment

The Wand Pals Double Bliss wand accessory touts two ridged shafts designed for vaginal and anal penetration.

The larger shaft is 5.5 inches in total length, and 1.5 inches wide. The smaller shaft is 5.00 inches in total length with a diameter of around 0.75 inches.

The magic wand attachment is designed to fit in a wide variety of Hitachi magic wand massagers.

It is also compatible with a few other standard wand vibrators.

The wand attachment is made from silicone. Silicone is part of the best materials for transporting vibration.

This makes vibration not only intense but also pleasurable. Moreover, silicone is very durable and will last for decades with proper care.

This magic wand attachment is body safe and free from all dangerous chemicals, such as latex, jellies, and phthalates.

Before insertion, be sure to use the right lube. Preferably, use water-based lube. It is safe and won’t react with the silicone. 



  • Glycerin Free
  • Length 5.6 inches
  • 100% vegan
  • check

    Made of high-quality silicone 

  • check

    Can perform g-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously 

  • check

    Compatible with a wide range of magic wands 

  • check

    Phthalate and latex free 

  • check

    Easy to use

  • check

    Can be used on its own 

  • The plastic smell can be uncomfortable. 

Here i will end this list of hitachi attachments and now we will be going into buying guide.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right Hitachi Magic-Wand Attachments can be confusing and overwhelming. Here is what you need to look for. 

Do you need an internal or external stimulating attachment?

You need to decide between internal or external magic wand attachments.

This is the first and most important decision you need to make. You may want to choose an internal stimulating attachment if you want to use it to penetrate your vagina or anus.

The external stimulating attachment is designed for stimulations of exterior parts.

For instance, the Tulip attachment is designed to offer stimulation to external areas while G-Tip magic wand attachment delivers internal stimulation.


The next important factor to consider when buying a magic wand attachment is the type of material the attachment is made from.

The best magic wand attachments are made of high-quality materials. Do not buy something that will not last.

Most magic wand attachments are made from silicone, Thermoplastic rubber and Thermoplastic elastomer. Silicone is typically a smoother, glossy material. Other materials are typically rubber-based.

You have to make sure the material you choose is body safe, phthalate free and durable.


Everyone has a favorite color. Hitachi magic wand attachments are available in a wide variety of types and colors. You can choose from blue, black, white, red, purple, etc.


The other important factor to consider when buying a wand attachment is the size. The attachments come in many different sizes. Some attachments are large while others are small.

For example, the total length of the Straight Blue attachment is around four inches; it is approximately one inch in diameter. However, the total length of the Ride V Vive attachment is around eight inches. Its diameter is around 2.5 inches.


The magic wand attachments are available at different prices. You can choose the price you feel comfortable with. Remember, these products are not created equal. Some are superior to others. And as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

Ease of use and features

Magic wand attachments have different specs and features. It’s therefore logical to find out if they’re easy to use and maintain. You may not need some features.

For this reason, check the specifications and features before purchasing one. Decide whether they’re what you’re looking for. 

Customer feedback and reviews 

It is always a good idea to check out what other people are saying about the product. There are tons of customer reviews online. You will be able to read their honest opinion regarding the product.

Amazon provides a great place to find honest and informative reviews.

Final Verdict 

There you have it! We’ve just looked at the best Hitachi magic-wand attachments available at the moment. It is hard to decide which of the top three should be recommended.

However, we strongly believe the Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment is the best wand attachment you can buy right now.

It is compatible with almost all Hitachi magic- wand and Essentials wand vibrators. We feel it is one of the most impressive sex toys ever made by Trinity Vibes

I hope you like this list of hitachi magic wand accessories. We did our best to give you a honest and reliable review. If you have any question feel free to ask it in the comments section below.

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