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Top 10 Best Prostate Massagers – (Updated 2019)

Like most men, you must have at least once tried stimulating your prostate gland. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone does it, still everyone judges. 

If I am not mistaken, you must have used your fingers to do it, right? Why not! It’s pleasurable and doesn’t cost you a single penny!

But there are days when you get to a point where you wish you could reach further inward but you are not able to.

It is possible that your fingernails keep you from doing so or your fingers are just not long enough for the prostate gland to be within reach. That is when a prostate toy comes into play.

The market is brimming with products from every category, and there are a countless number of SKUs available even within a particular product mix. 

best prostate massager

A number of MNCs supply or offer sex toys for both men and women. This niche is lead by Aneros which is slowly being captured by Amazon and Lovehoney.

There are a lot of options to choose from.

Vibrating, non-vibrating, beaded, multi beaded- bead head vibrating, etc.

They come in different colors to attract different tastes of different men. All the products cater to only one need – Satisfying the customer’s quest for the super “O” Orgasm.

Prostate Massage has improved the situation. It is advised to check prostate well-being, swelling, or prostate growth regularly.It is particularly used to get Expressed Prostatic Secretion (EPS) recorded. 

Specialists utilize this technique to check for medical problems like Prostatitis.


#1. LELO Loki

Lelo loki ranks no 1 among best male prostate massagers.

Without any further elaboration, I am going to give you the reason why this tops the list straight away. IT HAS THE BEST VIBRATIONS.

The strongest vibrations I have ever felt in my rectum. When I say strongest, brace yourself to experience the extra.

It is almost like the LELO Billy but, on steroids. The way it tickles you inside cannot be compared to any other toy out there in the market.

If you think I have been paid by LELO, then let me tell you… No, I haven’t been paid by them. It’s simply my personal experience that’s typing the article.

It has made me moan the loudest. The best massage I have ever experienced. Believe me when I say it.

There were things I loved about it. On the other side, I have found some qualities better in other products I have used.

So I will put both of them in a proper manner, dividing them into Pros and Cons for all the products listed below.



  • 1 constant speed and 5 patterns of vibration
  • Material : Silicon
  • 4 button controls
  • check

    It feels quite large to dip in and that feeling is what I personally look for in any prostate massager I seek. I think this quality is wanted by most men who wish to fulfil their fantasies.

  • check

    Another feature I found handy was the controls. They are pretty simple to use. Easy to spot. The buttons are well distinguished so you get used to them in no time.

  • check

     It has an excellent battery life. I know there were times
    when I desperately needed stimulation. You wouldn’t want to end up in that situation with your toy indicating low battery.

  • check

    Since the butthole is not the cleanest place in our bodies, it is bound to get a dirty. Thankfully, this massager cleans easily as compared to one of the formers I used. Just because I couldn’t clean those easily, they don’t make the top 10. That’s how important a feature cleanliness is.

  • Men who have a tight or small butthole may find it too big to fit. I wouldn’t lie but one of its pros can also be a setback for men with tight buttholes.

  • Somewhat highly priced but worthy enough to rank number one.

  • There is no wireless remote available. There are men who do not wish to hover between buttons on the toy. It might not suit their routine.

#2. Lelo Hugo

Hugo has caught many eyes and butt-holes since its launch more than a couple of years ago and.

This prostate massage toy must be on top of many rankings but keeping in mind my experience with it, I rank it second.

This is another toy from LELO, yet it has its own properties. One of its USPs is the Remote Control. Years ago, I used to think it was half-witted to think about a wireless vibrating male sex toy.

This product from LELO surely broke through the chains of technology providing men with an indescribable feeling.

The remote allows you to do something else while the toy is up your butt, stimulating the rectum.

A rechargeable battery! There used to be toys that wouldn’t operate unless plugged in.

Imagine standing or sitting next to a power plug and doing your stuff. How inconvenient!



  • Charging Time Taken 60 Min
  • Material Use silken silicone
  • Playtime 120 Min
  • check

    Boy, it’s wireless. Need I say more? You may accompany the toy with the pleasure of another sort. Discover yourself while you enjoy the sensation down there.

  • check

    Vibrations that make you quiver! This toy slowly builds an earthquake down there. Seat belts on!

  • check

    A soft and smooth texture makes it already pleasurable to hold in the hands. I have experienced it inside, and it felt equally delightful there.

  • check

    It doesn’t require you to trouble your hands repeatedly. Explore yourself while it’s still inside.

  • check

    Since it’s waterproof you may take it in your shower-place or bathtub. Even a swimming pool splash won’t penetrate its functioning.

  • It’s highly Unaffordable. One of the most price prostate massagers in town. EMI it but buy it!

  • It took me some time getting used to the remote controls. Butnot a hassle once you get used to it.

Aneros is one of the pack leaders when it comes to the sex toy market. Syn is the “MALE PLEASURE TOY”.

This prostate stimulator is the one where every root leads to. For the men who have just begun to fantasize, this would “fit in”.

It is possible that I am emotionally biased with this but I reckon it was worth the bucks I paid for it.

With this toy, one can easily learn how and when to. This is the perfect model for master the art.

It would tell you in what manner your body reacts to the stimulation. It is not as big as the LOKI but definitely considerable for starters.



  •  Solid inner frame
  • Length : 5 Inch
  • Coated with premium silicone
  • check

    It is one of the most inexpensive prostate massagers on the market. No massager is more value for money than the Aneros Helix Syn.

  • check

    The rookies who have only fantasised penetrating their own
    butts till now can undoubtedly go for it. It is less in diameter which makes it the ideal option for them.

  • There have been reports that some men were jussst able to get on with the game using this product. However, I didn’t come across anything as such. I would recommend reading about this stuff online before actually making the purchase.

  • Highly addictive once you know how to get around with it.
    It’s a drug you would want more of in almost a week. Explore the top 2 on my list then.

Ok, this one’s made of stainless steel. The cold steel sent a shiver down my spine the moment I stuck it in for the first time.

The rank and all? I cannot ever forget the feeling. The build quality is amazing. Feels good to hold in the hand.

Use it right, and see this prostrate massager work wonders on your prostate. Once through, you would crave to use it again asap.

Write these words in black and white and I will vouch the document for you. The best thing about Pure Wand is that the pressure can be dialed. Completely customisable.

Slowly increase the pressure or go for the super-set, it’s up to you. Just a slight push at one end will push the other further inwards.

If you wish to go easy on yourself, you can choose not to do that.The steel offers two balls on either ends. One is bigger than the other.

Use it when you really want to feel it. Nudge it in and see the magic happen sooner than you expected.



  • Double ended for variation of sensation
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • smooth & Non-porous
  • check

    Being made of stainless steel, the build quality is commendable. This makes it a toy that would last longer than any rechargeable one.

  • check

    One of the best adjectives that define it is “all-rounder”. It means that both men and women can easily use it. You get two at the price of one.

  • check

    Easy to clean! Just pour some hot water over it (stainless) and wipe away the dirt with a daily napkin. Voila!

  • There are similar options now available at a lesser price. Make sure you study each of them before cashing it home.

  • It is a bit on the heavier side. Not heavy but relatively heavier than the ones that run on batteries. But everything in the universe has weight!

#5.  L’Amourose Rosa Rouge

This! This prostate toy is worth an addition to your collection. I will tell you why. IT HAS THE FEATURE OF HEATING UP!

Yes! You read it right! This is one of the bad boys on the market. You could easily make him angry.

Other than that, look at the color! It’s so vibrant and inviting! When you are running out of time and have other things or people to take care of, the heated Rosa Rogue is for you.

The vibrations as an individual are comparable to LELO’s. And recall that I have ranked LELO on the top two podium positions. So imagine.



  • 2 x motors power
  • 12 speeds of vibration
  • 18 month warranty
  • check

    The heating element is concealed. So it doesn’t trouble your butt or the rectum if that worries you. The temperature is evenly distributed.

  • check

    The toy is flexible making it fit for various positions you could be in. Hit the spot at different angles!

  • The price has been kept on the higher side as the heating
    element is perceived as a rare USP by the organisation; L’Amourose.

  • The biggest set back is that it can only be charged using the stand provided with it. Others in the market poke fun at this feature provided by L’Amourose.

This reasonable vibrator serves as one of the best prostate massage therepy tools.

It is made safe for prostate in-butt rub and butt-centric play on account of the flared base, which goes about as a handle and furthermore, has vivid, revolving lights.

In spite of the fact that it does not have an exceptional bend or knob, it is gently bent and has a thin diameter of 1.3″.

The noobs can go for this product. The toy is produced using silicone.

It is waterproof and rechargeable by the means of a USB charger that accompanies any and every mobile phone these days (apologies to the iPhone users).

The LED lights used in this toy are quite attractive. If on a
display, a customer would surely walk towards it wanting to know more about it.



  • 10 modes of vibration 
  • Material: Silicone
  • Length: 4.75 inches
  • check

    It is slender. Slender means thin. It is not a huge toy as the Rank 1 Loki on this list. Suitable for novices and beginners who seek to stimulate their prostate glands.

  • check

    Since it is targeted at new entrants, they are not going to spend much on their first buy. Therefore, the price is customer friendly.

  • check

    The LED lights used in this toy are quite attractive. If on a display, a customer would surely walk towards it wanting to know more about it.

  • The only drawback about this product is that it lacks a drastic curve or a bead that could have been even better to add. Must have been a measure to cut the manufacturing cost.

This prostate massager is one of a kind since it’s sports a ring. It can prolong your boner.

While it might take somewhat longer to set up, it’ll certainly remain set up. The neck is designed like a big thumb to press against your prostate.

On the off, the chance is that it might not be the correct shape and size for you. You may need something more versatile.

After putting it in, the ring/butt-centric attachment can be worn during sexual activity or times when pleasuring oneself.

It’s produced using silicone so it’s anything but difficult to clean. It is produced using 100% recyclable silicone,

so it’s sterile and safe to utilize. You’ll see the ultra-solid and whisper-calm double neck, so you’ll have the capacity to utilize it with no stress to please others simultaneously.



  • 720p HD video Recording
  • Cable Length : 3-foot 
  • Available with Automatic light correction
  • Built-in microphone with noise reduction
  • check

    Price of this product would make you try its unique aesthetics. It’s one of the cheaper toys on this rundown.

  • check

    More than one man can use it at a time. One can wear it and the other can stick it right in.

  • This product too has just one snag. It is not easy to get it off your thing. Because, it is ideally used by two men at a time, it is good that it positions itself well. But too tight to be right!

#8. Utimi Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug

Utimi offers sex toys at cost-effective rates and this vibrating prostate massager is no special case.

It has a bend specially designed for the extra stimulation and a circled handle for simplicity of inclusion and utility.

You can use the massager without vibration or choose between 10 distinct modes of vibrations.

This massager is produced using smooth silicone that can even be used in the shower.

The massager is rechargeable, but you’ll require additional AAA batteries for the remote control itself.

Read about the product online before you buy it. Do the same with every product under any category you spend your hard earned money on.



  • Made of medical silicone
  • Massager is soft and smooth
  • 10-frequency vibrating stimulation.
  • check

    The best quality about this massager is that it has a remote control. All the recent launches in the market consider having a remote control is mandatory. Though they have to be powered up using AAA batteries, still a decent product for the price.

  • check

    A novice, intermediate or expert can decide on different vibration settings. Having said that, I would like to add there are a total of 10 vibration settings.

  • The tool is not rechargeable. And you also have to keep on using the AAA batteries for the remote control. Though the remote control is nice and easy but still adds to the overheads.

#9. PALOQUETH Vibrating Prostate Massager

In case you are a starter and searching for the best prostate vibrator for as less as $30, this is the right choice for you.

The PALOQUETH Vibrating Prostate Massager is, as of now #1 Best Seller for
the Anal Sex Toys class on Amazon.

It is so cheap and still gives you the
tingling impression. Why would it not sell like anything off the shelves! It
has earned it.

The most positively reviewed product on Amazon when it comes to prostate gland massagers. I haven’t tried it myself but I am planning to in the near future.



  • 2 Powerful vibrating motors
  • USB Quick-Recharge
  • Water Proof
  • Material : Silicone
  • check

    It offers a remote that makes it possible for you or your “partner in crime” to change the settings without having to reach down below to do so. Also the remote is approximately similar to the ones that come with higher-end models.

  • check

    Stimulates perineum simultaneously. It is an innovation in design.

  • check

    Excellent battery life.

  • Doesn’t offer the come here motion. Nor does it have the twisting or wave motion that sticks in and randomly and smoothly works around your prostate gland.

The Aneros Progasm Prostate Stimulator is the biggest Aneros model that accompanies a round perineum tab set-up called a K tab.

This companion gives you the extra sensation. I have personally used it and was quite satisfied with its performance.

This prostate massager from Aneros is an extraordinary substitute for experienced and expert men.

It is the latest launch from Aneros. The substantial size shouldn’t dishearten you from attempting this as it is unimaginably pleasurable.

Caution: Not for the faint-heartened. Coming to the goods and bads about Progasm Prostate Stimulator by Aneros 



  • Material: Plastic
  • Ball-shaped ‘P-tab
  • Kundalini “K-Tab” provides additional sensations
  • check

    It is produced in such a user-friendly way that even a newborn fantasizing man can lay his hands on this particular product.

  • check

    Its slender design fits almost every butthole without compromising an acceptable quality of vibration.

  • check

    The bends and curves are very well done. A long research can be evidently seen because they hit exactly in the spots I intend them to.

  • The overall design is overly nice but the tabs on it could get uncomfortable for some users with tight or clenched butt holes.

Buyer’s Guide

Make The Right Choice 

Having given you the options, I have tried my best to give you the best possible choices for the best prostate toys on the market. It’s very much possible that I might have confused you even further.

Remember, everybody responds in a distinct manner. Know which one will suit you the best. I am enlisting some quick tips to help you select the right option.

What is a Vibrating Prostate Massager?

It is a sex toy designed and shaped exclusively for males. It slips into the rectum and starts vibrating the premises of the male G-spot namely the prostate gland.

When positioned in the correct manner, prostate dildo delivers orgasms of utmost pleasure. The sensation so experienced can easily be compared to any other sexual activity.

The following list does not comprise of all the products available in the market but the ones which I have tried, tested and had fun relishing my stimulation with. And i am fairly experienced. As mentioned there are two types of prostate massagers-

  •  Vibrating
  •  Non-Vibrating

Understand the difference here. The vibrating one will be like an automatic handgun whereas the non-vibrating a semi-automatic or manual. The one that vibrates is preferred by the people with a slightly higher budget and also wish to close their eyes and let the toy do its work.

The non-vibrating one costs a tad lesser but is selected by those who wish to manually position and move thestimulator.

The size 

The first specification to focus on is the size. If you are a newbie, you will want something that doesn’t hurt but pleases you. Since it’s your first time you are bound to have a compact butt-hole.

My advice to you is that sticking to a diameter of 1 inch should do the work for you. Yes, you could progress to the one with more diameter later. Believe me, your body, namely the but will let you know.

A more slender one would still give you the pleasure. Whereas, one out of your “reach” would not.

Remote control / Battery Operated

You could be used to using your hands to frig yourself. It is undoubtedly possible that you do not feel the exact same when using a toy. But patience is the name of the game! Be patient and give it time to settle.

Imagine everything happening on its own while all you do is sit back and relax. Everyone may have a different opinion. If this appeals to you enough, you may try one of the automated prostate massagers in the list above.

How Much Vibration Do You Need? Vibration? 

I personally love a lot of vibration. Which is why I gave Loki the podium position. Suit yourself with the level of sensitivity you have.the practicable amount of vibration is what you need.

Or it might increase to a bit too much! To avoid such a situation, read the on-package details, specifications and instructions carefully and enjoy the sensation. These toys do not come for free. Make sure your purchase pays off!

Always! Always Read The Reviews 

Once you have been impressed by a product and adheres to the specifications you were on the lookout for, it’s time to read the reviews. Reviews give you the first-hand experiences of people who have previously used the product.

Moreover, you could find an expert/guru telling his/her opinion about the product! I am not saying that my words are worthless, but you could find someone with even more experience in this field.

There’s just one hiccup that there are reviews which are put live by the parent company itself. Beware! If the product description says “suits all” but a person in the reviews says “not for beginners” or something like that…DO NOT make the purchase and be on your way to finding another product.

Choose an option from the above list and encounter with the best “super O” moments you have ever had. I repeat I have not been paid by any of the above companies. I do not do endorsements. The information provided is from my own experience.

I have used many massagers but my top pick remains LELO Loki for now. I would keep you guys updated as I research on a better product. Ejaculation is never the aim while you are with your partner or seeking pleasure for yourself.

Let loose yourself and enjoy the moments you are in. make them cherish-able for later.

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