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Top 10 Best Public Vibrators (2019)

I just saw an advertisement of a show on Netflix where the female lead of the show had inserted a vibrating egg in her vagina and accidentally leaves the remote in the hall where her grandma is watching a TV show.

She thinks the remote control of the vibrator as her TV’s remote and presses the buttons continuously. What happens next is for you all to see as she is unable to control her urges and finally orgasms in front of her family.

That might sound too dramatic to you, but this can happen with any one of you if your stars and planets are playing an evil game to embarrass you.

Saying that many vibrating panties and egg vibrators in the market can be worn in public and if you are experienced enough, you will able to hold your gasps and moans as well.

The idea of enjoying it in public is itself very arousing, and many women have this secret wish of coming in public.

Therefore, if such ideas excite you as well, then you might have to check out these public vibrators.

Today we are disclosing the list of ten best public vibrators which are crafted to tease, titillate and arouse you in a crowd and therefore prove to be perfect sex toys for the kinky ladies and girls out there.

Let us take a look at these top 10 best public vibrators:

Top 10 best public vibrator


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Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

(Editor’s Choice)


​Lovehoney Bang Bang Bunny Strap On Clitoral Vibrator


We-Vibe Unite Remote Control Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator



​We-Vibe Match Remote Control Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator


Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg


Je Joue Nuo Luxury App Controlled Rechargeable Dual Motor Butt Plug


Adrien Lastic Mr Hook Rechargeable Double Motor Clitoral Vibrator


Adam & Eve Cheeky Plus Size Vibrating Panties

Lelo Lily 2 Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Balls 2.8oz


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#1. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

If you wish to wear a sexy vibrator that can arouse your senses without making any sound, then you can take a look at this panty vibrator of Desire Luxury.

Wear the panty on, slip the vibrator in and let your partner tease and stimulate you in a most naughty manner.

It is a discreet vibrator so you can use it when you are in restaurants, at a beach hotel or even while you are having a family dinner.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it!


  • $99.99

  • check

    The vibrating bullet is shaped like a saddle. Therefore, it adjusts itself easily on your mound and stimulates your sensitive points and clitoris like a pro.

  • check

    This panty vibrator is crafted to vibrate in 12 different patterns and eight types of speeds. Therefore, there are a lot of variations that can stimulate you intimately.

  • check

    The vibrator is completely waterproof so you can play with yourself in the bathtub as well. However, the remote control isn’t waterproof (it is splash proof though), and so you might need to keep it safe from water.

  • check

    The remote can control the vibrator up to 8 meters which are good enough.

  • It does not come for cheap, and you might need to spare almost $100 for it.

#2. Lovehoney Bang Bang Bunny Strap On Clitoral Vibrator

This clitoral vibrator manufactured by Lovehoney is for beginners and is silent enough to keep you away from weird glances if you are using it in public.

It is lightweight, small and easy to wear which makes it ideal for wearing. It is also perfect for solo masturbation or for playing naughty games with your partner.

All these features and its affordable price make it a good option for those who have just started using sex toys.


  • $11.49

  • check

    It is a clitoral vibrator, and the bunny ears will tease and stimulate you to perfection whenever you want to experience a shuddering orgasm.

  • check

    The harness straps are flexible and adjust themselves according to your body contours. Therefore, you will feel comfortable after wearing it at all times.

  • check

    It is available at an inexpensive rate which makes it buyable for everyone.

  • The batteries that are required to operate the remote are not pre-included in the package.

  • It is not meant for the experienced users who get aroused only by intense stimulations.

#3. We-Vibe Unite Remote Control Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

It is one of the most perfect clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator that can stimulate you immensely and that too without creating any sound or noise.

It is more preferable than other public vibrators because it fits perfectly in you and does not come out while vibrating.

Therefore, your hands remain free, and you can easily use it in public if you are capable of suppressing a few moans.


  • $99.99

  • check

    Perfect design and contoured shape make it an ideal choice for the kinky women.

  • check

    It is suitable for both masturbation and while engaging in a steamy foreplay session with your partner. 

  • check

    It is a USB rechargeable vibrator and comes with a bag which can be used to carry it while travelling.

  • It takes almost 6 hours to get completely charged. 

  • It is on the expensive side and spending almost $100 might not seem a bright idea for some ladies out there.

#4. We-Vibe Match Remote Control Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

It is yet another clitoral and G-Spot vibrator of We-Vibe which is similar in design like the vibrator that we just mentioned above, but it has a much better feel and advanced features.

Therefore, if you are willing to spend some extra bucks for extra comfort and enjoyment, then you can opt for this masterpiece.

It can please you to the core by stimulating your right spots inside, and it teases your clit as well in the most loving manner.

Therefore, few vibrators are as powerful and suitable for use in public as this vibrator is.


  • $139.99

  • check

    It is recommendable to the experienced users who can enjoy in public silently without twisting and turning when they experience high-level stimulations.

  • check

    It is ideal for hands-free enjoyment since it is designed to perfection.

  • check

    The remote control is wireless which means that you can enjoy as much as you like in solitude or with your partner.

  • check

    It charges quickly in 90 minutes which is a great feature and also provides two hours of non-stop play.

  • check

    It is completely waterproof and therefore can be used for wet and wild experience.

  • It comes with a charging dock as well which is convenient to use with a USB port.

  • Ten types of vibrating patterns and speeds make it an ideal sex toy for anyone.

  • Beginners should practice it for few times before using it in public as it can create really deep and powerful sensations that will be hard to control especially for the new users.

  • It is expensive, but elite things do not come cheap.

#5. Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg

If you have seen the movie or read the book Fifty Shades of Grey, then you might have an idea of how Mr Grey teases her in different ways to make her cum ecstatically.

This love egg is inspired from that and allows you to tease and seduce your partner by introducing her to thrilling and divine pleasures so much that she submits to you completely after that.

However, its design is so discreet, and its wireless remote control allows you to use it in public as well to drive each other crazy.

These features make this is a desirable public vibrator, and it proves to be the first preference for many.


  • $99.99

  • check

    It recharges in just 120 minutes and provides 100 minutes of non-stop enjoyment.

  • check

    It can vibrate in two speeds and five patterns which allow you to enjoy in different ways.

  • check

    The vibrations are silent and noiseless which allow you to enjoy discreetly and in the crowd as well.

  • check

    It comes with a satin bag which can be used to store it while travelling.

  • check

    The relentless stimulations provided by this device are enough to make you cum powerfully.

  • The remote control can control the egg from 10 meters which mean that you two need not even be in the same room for enjoying the foreplay.

  • Use it in public only if you are confident about yourself.

  • It can be slightly costly for some people.

#6. Je Joue Nuo Luxury App Controlled Rechargeable Dual Motor Butt Plug

Have you ever imagined playing with a butt plug when you are roaming around in public places?

If not then start thinking as this butt plug is so ingeniously designed that you can realise all your kinky dreams with ease.

Also, its wearable design and manageable size make it one of the best discreet butt plugs in the market, and you can easily wear it to have fun even when you are travelling.

What makes it more usable and discreet is the fact it can be controlled through your smartphone for which you need to download an app.

Also, the vibrations provided by this public vibrator are so intense that you can easily get high on sexual energy and your kinky desire to cum in public can be seamlessly fulfilled.

All these features make it a desirable option when you are thinking of buying public vibrators even if though its cost is slightly on the higher side. 


  • $139.99

  • check

    It is engineered with five crazy vibrating speeds and seven powerful vibrating patterns that can be used to stimulate your partner.

  • check

    The structure of this sex toy is made to be flexible so that it adjusts easily according to your body contours.

  • check

    It is waterproof which enables you and your partner to get wild and crazy in water.

  • check

    The design of this plug is such that you can fix and remove it easily after use.

  • check

    It has two vibrators one in the base and the other in the head. Therefore, it stimulates you both internally and on the exterior part.

  • This vibrator is made from high-quality silicone which provides complete comfort to the users.

  • The app is compatible with Apple devices only that run on iOS operating software.

  • Some people may find this public vibrator costly.

#7. Adrien Lastic Mr Hook Rechargeable Double Motor Clitoral Vibrator

It is a special clitoral vibrator which is attached to an elastic string which helps you to wear it comfortably.

It can be controlled via remote control which is wireless. As a result, you can enjoy without having to use your hands.

Therefore, it is also one of the best clitoral vibrators that can be used in public places as well.

It is designed specially and vibrates seductively to stimulate both your G-spot and clit.

By using this clitoral public vibrator, you can satiate your sexual urges to perfection, and therefore it is a great choice for people who want to get kinky and eventful while roaming amidst the crowd.

The innovative design and wireless remote control allow you to use it for self-pleasure and also with your partner for some erotic foreplay before intercourse.


  • $119.99

  • check

    It is equipped with dual motors which enable it to stimulate your G-spot and clit both at the same time and you are propelled towards a huge orgasm.

  • check

    The ten stimulating vibrations allow you to enjoy a wide range of sensations that are good enough to provide a sensational experience to the users. 

  • check

    It is made from premium quality silicone which provides a smooth and comfortable insertion to the users.

  • check

    This vibrator is engineered with a flexible harness which can adjust itself easily according to your waist size. 

  • check

    It can be controlled via remote control or also from the bottom of the vibrator.

  • You can use it with water-based lube for enhanced play and smooth gliding.

  • It operates in a quiet manner which allows you to use in crowded places as well.

  • You cannot use it with silicone based lubes since it with react with this sex toy from silicone.

#8. Adam & Eve Cheeky Plus Size Vibrating Panties

If you are looking for a beautiful and sexy looking panty vibrator and that too at an affordable cost, then you must take a look at the Adam & Eve Cheeky Plus Size Vibrating Panties.

 It has a lacy and delicately designed back which make it one of the most desirable panty vibrators in the market.

However, it is not just that and vibrates crazily to drive you towards the climax seamlessly.

Moreover, it operates quietly and discreetly which helps you to use it as a public vibrator as well.

All these features make it a happening and desirable sex toy.


    • check

      This vibrating panty is available at a reasonable price which can be afforded by anyone. 

    • check

      The frontal part of this panty encapsulates the vibrating bullet is a safe manner which allows you to walk around freely and confidently without any worries. 

    • check

      It is integrated with three powerful vibrating levels which make it all the more special.

    • check

      The floral and sexy panty is stretchable as well which adds to the visual stimulation especially when you are using it with your partner.

    • check

      The controls on the wireless remote are easy to use and make it a user-friendly sex toy.

    • The vibrator can be slipped in the pouch which is placed at the front which keeps it in a safe and secure position. 

    • It is not suitable for the advanced level users as they will not find it as stimulating as per their extra needs.

    #9. Lelo Lily 2 Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

    It is a unique clitoral vibrator that can be slipped inside your panties for experiencing sensations even while you are roaming in crowded places.

    However, do not forget to adjust the vibrations to a lower level or you will end up screaming and squealing in front of hundreds of strangers.

    There are many vibrators in the market, but this one is special due to its soft and smooth texture and many other innovative features which make it buyable even though it is a bit costly.


    • $104.99

    • check

      It is an ideal device for those women who are not able to masturbate perfectly. 

    • check

      You need to insert this vibrating egg into your panties and control it with a wireless remote control to enjoy even in public places.

    • check

      It is shaped and structured to seamlessly kiss your skin and hold its place to stimulate your clit passionately.

    • check

      It is engineered with eight different vibrating levels which helps you to customise the settings as per your requirements.

    • check

      You can also use it during solo masturbation sessions and foreplay.

    • It is water resistance which enables to get wild and wet during foreplay or masturbation.

    • It is polished in such a way that it touches you gently and sensually stimulates you.

    • This sex toy is sprinkled with arousing aphrodisiacs like Chocolate to make stimulate your senses to perfection.

    • It is made from ABS material which makes it durable as well.

    • It is a bit expensive sex toy.

    #10. Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Balls 2.8oz

    If you wish to experience a unique feeling by strengthening and stimulating your Kegel muscles, then you can buy these Kegel Toner Balls.

    It can also be used to sweat out due to extreme pleasure as you make your pelvic muscles tough to enjoy ground shattering orgasms.

    Due to its small and compact size and noiseless performance you can also use it to enjoy the kink of stimulating yourself in between a bunch of people without being noticed.

    All these features along with its affordable price make it one of the best public toys in both the online and offline market. 

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    • $24.99

    • check

      When you slip them in your vagina, the move automatically squeezes and move to make you squirm with pleasure and ecstasy.

    • check

      They help you to enhance the strength of your vaginal muscles to enjoy intense orgasms seamlessly.

    • check

      It is made from super smooth and soft silicone which is hypoallergenic as well. As a result, these balls are safe to use and provide ultimate pleasure to the users in a secure way.

    • check

      It is designed with a cord which enables you to remove it easily after its use.

    • check

      These Kegel balls are affordable as well.

    • They do not vibrate; they sink in, move around and get squeezed as you tighten your grip around it. 

    • They are preferable only to amateurs and intermediate level users.

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