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Top 10 Best Sex Lube (2020) – Reviews & Comparison

The majority of individuals simply love having sex.

Even while you are going through this article, hundreds of thousands of individuals are already enjoying sex. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Today, we are here to talk about stimulating sex and by stimulating, we mean lubes.

There is no hard-hitting fact that lubes are the most important part when you perform sexually. 

The best lubes help to enhance your sexual pleasure to a great extent. 

Try to think the number of times you have gone to have sex without any sort of lubrication and found it to be pretty uncomfortable and disappointing in the long run. A top-quality sex lube will help to enhance your sexual experience significantly and you should immediately go for one of these products without any hesitation whatsoever.

You will come across different types of these products on the market right now and while their primary purpose will be the same, they try different components.

What works best for one individual might not work in your case, and therefore, it is extremely important to find an item with which you are satisfied and which will do the job for you.

Let us not waste time and look at the top 10 most popular sex lubes on the market which you should not ignore by any means.

1. Carrageenan Gently Natural Personal Lubricant

This particular sex lube has been made from 100% organic ingredients and according to the company, it does not consist of any artificial components at all.

In case you look at the ingredient listing of this water-based lube, it might be appearing somewhat surprising to you.

The main ingredient happens to be carrageenan which has been extracted from the ocean plants.

It helps to create healthy support for enhancing your sexual life after combining with natural ingredients such as Organic Aloe and Agave inulin.

7 Carrageenan

The system has been designed to be no-spill, self-sealing, as well as no-mess calibration in the bottle itself. You’ll be getting what you require with every press thanks to the hand pump which has been provided. This pump will work well in any direction you want.

The design of the bottle also deserves special mention. Moreover, this 100% natural lube consists of all-natural charisma which includes vitamin E. As a result, besides enhancing your sexual satisfaction, the item likewise takes proper care of the penal as well as vaginal health.

Lastly, unlike the majority of the water-based lubes on the market, this one is colorless, odorless as well as stainless.

However, the product also comes with a drawback which is that it is going to leave a sticky residue behind after usage which can prove to be harmful if it is not cleaned up properly. It might leave rashes to sensitive skin which can cause some sensuality at times. 

Despite this, in case you have been married for quite some time and do not have much sensuality, then you can use this product in case you’d like to be natural.

  • Natural lubricant – Approximately 50% of the females are struggling with vaginal dryness right now. Carrageenan Gently Natural Personal Lubricant will help to nourish plus support the intimate tissues properly.

  • Manufactured from top-quality ingredients – This product has been designed for imitating the natural lubrication of any woman. It has been manufactured from ingredients like vitamin E, carrageenan, citric acid, and aloe which help to enhance tissue health and balance the pH levels as well.

  • Long-lasting – This particular product is a fantastic lubricant for the vagina. It is tasteless, colorless, and does not have any smell. It will also not dry out very quickly.

  • Sexual enhancement – Sex can become quite exciting because of natural lubes. The product mentioned here changes to moisturizing lubricant from gel when it becomes warmed up to the body temperature.

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  • Consists of 100% organic ingredients such as vitamin E, carrageenan, citric acid, and aloe.

  • Stain-free.

  • There are no petroleum or silicone-based ingredients.

  • Works with latex condoms.

  • Leaves a sticky residue after usage which has to be cleared instantly.

  • Dries out quickly.

  • Harmful to the female skins which are sensitive.

2. System JO H2O Anal Lube

It might be the fact that you wanted to have anal sex but could not because of the fear of irritation and pain.

In the previous years, jellies and oils had been used for safe and easier sex.

However, things have changed now and it has been possible to produce comfier anal lubes that have helped to smoothen up sex without any unwanted side effects whatsoever.

The best thing to go for will be the water-based anal lubes, and in this article, we have talked about the innovative System JO H2O Anal Lube out there.

This particular product is an extremely popular one which has been produced by the reputed company known as System Jo. 

System JO Prolonger Delay Spray 0.06 fl oz-min

It might appear to you how a water-based sex lube can be used in anal. These are not going to last even for minutes. However, there is an answer to this. In general, anal sex is about how you as well as your partner are feeling.

In case the lube is not able to make you feel silky and smooth, then it is not going to be an anal lube. However, this product will provide a flawless sensation of silicon.

The company claims that it is the only water-based sex lube available on the market which provides 100% silicone-smooth feeling.

System JO H2O Anal Lube is endowed with every single virtue that a water-based sex lube must-have. Apart from being latex safe and compatible with the majority of the sex toys on the market, this product is extremely user-friendly out there.

It has been manufactured from plant-based glycerin which has been accompanied with 100% natural ingredients. The product also comes with a sweet taste and without any smell whatsoever.

  • Enhances your sexual pleasure – This product happens to be a water-based anal lube that is appropriate for males, females, as well as couples.

  • Condom compatible – The product is compatible with the majority of the sex toys, polyurethane, natural rubber latex, and polyisoprene condoms which will enable you to have safe sex enjoyably.

  • Easily cleans with water – This lubricant is pure and water-based and provides easy cleanup when cleaned with water.

  • No desensitizers – This product’s cooling features aren’t intended to desensitize while having sex.

  • Plant-sourced glycerin – The water-based lube has been manufactured using genuine plant-based glycerin which provides a smooth glide with top-quality ingredients.

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  • The texture is quite thin.

  • Powered by plant-sourced glycerin.

  • It offers an extremely smooth sensation.

  • A fantastic substitute for water-based silicon.

  • Might leave a residue after usage.

  • Not non-staining and paraben-free.

  • Somewhat expensive.

3. Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lube

Our bodies are all different when it comes to nature and priorities. The same is true when it comes to picking the proper sex lube for us.

However, it does not matter what the requirements of our bodies are, if done properly it will help us to enhance our sex lives to a great extent.

Moreover, this product does not contain any ingredient which can be harmful to our health.

This item from Lulu Lube will offer sexual pleasure, and will also do some medical treatments.

Females suffering from poor vaginal health often find it difficult to get the proper sex lube. However, this product will do just the opposite.

lulu lube

It will assist the dry vaginal skins to get adequate moisture and gain back the vaginal health as well. The majority of the branded lubricants are not able to prevent the residue that is left following using the products.

However, the Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lube does not come with this issue. Apart from this, it is also very easy to clean up. Only some cleaning with warm and clean water will get the job done. Strict quality control is maintained by the company including product and delivery.

Therefore, this lube is always going to be fresh as well as a ready-to-satisfy sex booster for you as well as your mate.

  • Ideal for the sensitive skin as the product is paraben-free and glycerin-free.Ideal for the sensitive skin as the product is paraben-free and glycerin-free.

  • The thick water-based lube provides lots of lubrication with no stickiness.

  • It is water-based and so perfectly ideal for all the toys out there. It also cleans up easily without leaving any stain.

  • Natural, smooth, and tasteless and does not contain any smell.

  • 100% cash-back guarantee.

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  • It does not contain paraben or glycerin.

  • Prevents chafing or dryness in the vagina.

  • Easy to clean up.

  • It does not leave any residue.

  • Extremely slippery, even more than silicon.

  • Not a fantastic sex lube for anal sex.

  • Some burning effects can be caused by texture.Some burning effects can be caused by texture.

  • Too much slippery which is not ideal for foreplay.

4. Durex Play Lubricant Feel

This particular product has been made by a very popular brand Durex. 

It is one of the premier companies manufacturing top-quality lubes and condoms over the years.

The product about which we are talking here happens to be water-based and is designed to be extremely comfy to use plus light to apply.  

Moreover, it is grease-free as well as non-sticky which makes it very simple to use and wash away as well.

There is some reason why this product has been named Feel.

According to the manufacturer, apart from having comfortable sex, it improves your experience as well. 

Durex Play Lubricant Feel

The Durex Play Lubricant Feel has been researched and created very carefully and it does not consist of any harmful ingredient. However, the item is somewhat expensive as compared to the other similar products on the market.

In a nutshell, this lube from Durex will not disappoint you in case you are willing to get the quality at a higher price.

  • Anyone can use this classic water-based lube.

  • It is non greasy or sticky.

  • It is a very light and smooth lube.

  • Made from top-quality rubber.

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  • Manufactured by the reputed Durex brand.

  • The fantastic quality that helps to enhance sexual satisfaction.

  • Simple to use.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Somewhat expensive.

  • Available in just 50 ml body package.

  • Might cause rashes to sensitive skin.

5. Nooky Water Based Lube

The Nooky Water Based Lube comes next in this list of the top 10 sex lubes on the market at present.

This product has quite high user ratings out there at present. There are several reasons for that.

You will come across any sex lubes on the market with an annoying smell.

However, this product mentioned right here is totally free of medical properties as well as any irritating smell whatsoever.

It does not contain any harmful ingredients such as paraben, glycerin, and petrochemical.

The absence of glycerin helps the user to use the product for an extended period without any kind of risk at all.

10 Nooky Lube 32ozTM Natural Liquid Silk Lubricant

According to the users, the lube is likewise extremely smooth that does not cause any kind of frictional pain while you are having a personal sex session. The young couples, in particular, will find this property of the item to be very helpful.

Also, unlike most of the lubes on the marketplace, this one mentioned here is devoid of any smell. It is likewise colorless and this is an additional benefit for sure.  With all these positive aspects, the lube also comes with some drawbacks.

It tends to dry out easily and also entails usage regularly. This might result in yeast infection in and around the vaginal region. Also, the price seems to be a bit high.

  • Nooky Lube provides a smooth and silky sensation which is FDA approved as well.

  • It is compatible with most of the toys.

  • It is simple to clean up using warm water.

  • The product is odorless and also colorless. It is free from paraben and glycerin.

  • Nooky Lube is intended to provide users with tremendous sexual pleasure.

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  • Does not contain any harmful ingredient like glycerin and paraben.

  • It does not contain any petroleum products.

  • Compatible with almost every toy.

  • It does not cause any unwanted side effects.

  • It does not leave any residue or stain.

  • Somewhat expensive.

  • Tends to dry up quickly.

  • Might cause yeast infection in and around the vaginal area.

6. Passion Lubes, Natural Water-Based Lubricant

One of the primary reasons to select a water-based lube is because of its materials.

The product mentioned here is quite simple to use and comes with an air-pump within its system which is known to release measured drops of lube each time it is pressed.

This will provide good care to the sensitive organs of any female.

With several drops of the lube on the nipples and the clitoris, one will be all set for intimate foreplay with her partner.

So long we had been talking about the females. It is better to talk about males now.

The penis comes with several nerve endings, and therefore, direct contact with the internal vaginal skin and the penis can result in extremely quick ejaculation. 

Passion Water Based Natural Lubricant, Lube

The company behind this product is aware of this fact, and they have made the product as slippery as feasible. There is no need to put rings or anything similar to that for getting a prolonged ejaculation. The design of the container is also quite impressive.

You will be able to take it anywhere you want since it is spill-proof. You might be at your residence or any other place, and this kit will offer you advanced sexual enjoyment.

  • All-natural formula.

  • Simple to clean using warm water.

  • It can keep moist for an extended period.

  • The entire pack happens to be 68oz of lubricant.

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  • The container is 100% spill-proof.

  • The pack is extremely simple to use.

  • Ingredients do not contain glycerin.

  • Simple to wash using mild soap and warm water.

  • It does not smell nice particularly if your nose is sensitive.

  • Lots of reapplications might spoil your mood.

  • Too much slippery.

7. Isabel Fay Intimate Natural Personal Lubricant

In case you do have an affinity for brands, then you will hesitate to buy products from Isabel Cosmetics Ltd.

This product mentioned here happens to be one of their best products ever introduced in the market.

You will come across lots of women across the globe that have been using this sex lube quite regularly. 

Most of them have asserted that this lube is reputed for its materialistic greatness which happens to be its thick consistency that does not fade away very fast.

The reason for this is the glycerin and paraben-free ingredients of the product.

4 Isabel Fay

The container is also quite “adorable” according to many users given that it is compact plus the simple-to-use pump dispenser attached to it is a useful device after all. As per the manufacturer, the product is supposed to be odorless.

However, in reality, the Isabel Fay Intimate Natural Personal Lubricant comes with a rather unpleasant smell.

Nevertheless, that should not bother the users a lot. Apart from this, some of the users have complained that the sex lube tends to dry out quite quickly and therefore, it requires frequent reuse.

The lube is compatible with most of the sex toys on the market. It does not matter whether the toys have been made from silicon or not, they can be easily combined with the product mentioned here to provide you with optimum sexual pleasure.

  • Can purchase it risk-free – In case you are not satisfied with the lube, you are free to contact the seller and they will help to fix your problem.

  • Manufactured in the US.

  • Compatible with all the sex toys.

  • It does not contain glycerin or paraben. Therefore, it is 100% safe for the skin.

  • Colorless as well as odorless sex lube.

  • Simple to clean up and does not cause any stain.

  • 100% cashback guarantee.

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  • It does not cause any stain.

  • Compatible with all the sex toys.

  • No hard smell.

  • A 100% natural water-based sex lube.

  • Manufactured by a reputed company.

  • A bit pricey.

  • It can become sticky by using it for 15 minutes.

  • Not ideal for long sexual encounters.

8. Sasmar Classic Personal Water-Based Lubricant

The product from Sasmar is a water-based lube which is one of the quickest, safest, and most effective on the market at present.

The product has been manufactured in Europe by one of the largest sex product manufacturers right now.

As a result, you are sure to get plenty of benefits while using it.

Most of the water-based lubes must be reapplied several times for supporting a comprehensive sexual session.

However, it is not the case with this one mentioned right here.


The Sasmar Classic Personal Water-Based Lubricant takes proper care of females having sensitive skin that is susceptible to allergic reactions. At times, many women who are not allergic might find their vaginal regions sensitive to the ordinary lubes.

For them, this product is going to be a blessing for their sexual enjoyment. However, this lube can cause burning sensations while using it for the first time. Moreover, one must not use it in case one has got surgeries in and around the vaginal area.

  • Super long-lasting water-based sex lube.

  • Natural and smooth sensation.

  • Works well with all the condoms.

  • FDA certified and marketed more than 60 nations

  • Hypoallergenic. No oils, sugar, fragrance, parabens, or flavor.

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  • Simple and easily  get going.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Great for the sensitive skins.

  • Manufactured by a reputed European company.

  • Risk-free with sex toys and condoms.

  • It can cause burning sensations while using for the first time.

  • Should not use it in case there are surgeries in and around the vaginal area.

  • Somewhat costly.

9.  Hello Sailor Water Based Personal Lube

In case you are searching for a water-based sex lube that is not excessively watery or thick, then this product  you must be looking for.

Considering its low price it is great to have such exciting features from this item. Every sailor must be aware of the ins and outs of the vessel.

Similarly, every person must know how to please his or her partner when it comes to having sex.

This type of glycerin and paraben-free product ought to be an ideal choice in such cases.

hello sailor lube

The Hello Sailor Water Based Personal Lube happens to be quite thick which almost appears like the silicon-based products out there. It helps to make the intimate session between two partners extremely slippery as well as enjoyable in the long run. 

One good thing about this sex lube is the fact that it is not going to cause any kind of soreness that one might encounter because of friction. Such types of benefits will come up providing an extremely slippery surface is a surefire way.

However, besides all these positive aspects the item also comes with a few negatives. According to some users, the product might appear to be somewhat thinner than what is needed for anal sex, and it can also be a bit stickier after using it for several minutes. It might also not last that long.

  • The product is free from glycerin and paraben, and therefore is ideal for sensitive skin.

  • It is tasteless as well as odorless and can clean up quite easily. Also, it will not cause any kind of stain after repeated usage.

  • It provides lots of lubrication without much stickiness and is appropriate for males as well as for females.

  • It is compatible with all the sex toys available on the market at present.

  • 100% cash back guarantee.

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  • It does not have any taste or smell.

  • Simple to clean up.

  • It does not cause any stain.

  • Discreet label.

  • Risk-free with sex toys and condoms.

  • Consists of a highly granular texture.

  • It can be quite sticky after extended usage.

  • Ought to be thicker for prolonged sex sessions.

10.  K-Y Liquid Water Based Personal Lubricant

We have reached to the last  product in this comprehensive list of the top 10 sex lubes on the market.

However, before proceeding further to see the details of this item, we like to assert something regarding this product.

It isn’t a sex lube that works well on young sensitive vaginas. Instead, it happens to be like an adult sex lubricant.

Therefore, in case you have not reached the age of 18 years, try to refrain from using this product whatsoever.

Let us delve deep into the lube. The K-Y Liquid Water Based Personal Lubricant has been manufactured from a reputed brand out there. 

K-Y warming gel

The manufacturer is known to produce some astounding sex toys over the years. The features and the ingredients of the product are quite impressive and it happens to be 100% water-based. Moreover, it can work well with all the latex condoms available on the market.

Apart from this, it has been designed for performing for a pretty long time. The K-Y Liquid Water Based Personal Lubricant isn’t a contraceptive product and does not consist of any spermicide within it. As a result, there are almost no health risks whatsoever after using lube.

Despite all these positive aspects, there are also some downsides with the product. As per a lot of users who have used the product, it becomes quite sticky very fast, and most of the users did not appreciate this in the long run.

Moreover, the lube is known to irritate the sensitive skins and the price of the item is somewhat on the higher side.

  • The lube is 100% water-based.

  • It helps to ease vaginal dryness and thus helps you to get ready for sex quite fast.

  • Greasy or non-sticky gel formula that aids it to stay where you would like it to be.

  • Works with all the latex condoms available on the market.

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  • Water-based.

  • Works with the latex condoms.

  • It provides a sensual and slippery experience during sex.

  • Recommended by the doctors.

  • It does not consist of any spermicide.

  • Not ideal for individuals below 18 years of age.

  • It can become sticky quite fast.

  • Somewhat pricey.


Let us hope that these above-mentioned reviews about the top 10 sex lube will help you to find the right product for your requirements. In case you do have any doubts, you can look at the online reviews from the previous customers and it will provide you a better opinion about the product.

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