Top 10 Best Strip Clubs in the World [You Will be AMAZED] – 2019

Many of you might have seen an exotic striptease either in real or in movies at least.

A striptease is a form of dance in which the dance strips on undresses slowly while performing the dance steps.

It is usually to seduce the audience and the person performing this arousing, and the stimulating dance form is known as a stripper.

There are many male, female and even transgender strippers around the world who pursue this as a profession and work in the strip clubs that employ them.

There are various strip clubs around the world that either bikini strip club or nude strip clubs. :

Also, there are lap dance strip clubs, bar type strip clubs and hybrid strip clubs that are bars with modern decor and dance facilities provided to entertain the audience. With all these types of strip clubs, you will never go out of choice whenever you feel like watching someone go naked in front of you.

Some of you might be thinking how the strip clubs operate, look like and feel like. We are providing you with the details about the best strip clubs in the world which will give you an idea about the top strip clubs with modern amenities and luxuries.

After lots of research and experience we have come up with these strip clubs that top the chart

Best strip clubs in the world

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#1. Night Flight

We all know how gorgeous and sexy the Russian girls look.

Due to the natural beauty and sex appeal of the Russian girls, they are always in demand not only in Russian strip clubs but around the world.

Moscow the capital city of Russia is always bustling with activities and is known to have a crazy nightlife as well.

There are quite a few luxurious nightclubs; strip bars clubs and discotheques that keep the city alive and kicking all through the night.

Night Flight is certainly one of the most sizzling and hot strip clubs not only in Moscow or Russia but also across the world.  

The gorgeous ladies of this strip clubs are exotic dancers and some of the best looking women who are carefully chosen to stimulate the imagination of the audience.

The set up of this strip club is like the prom night, and the lively ambience is good enough to boost your spirits while tasting some of the finest drinks of the city.

Therefore, we recommend you to visit this strip club whenever you arrive in Moscow.

Night Flight strip club

#2. Le Crazy Horse

Paris is known as the city which defines fashion and glamour for the rest of the world.

Le Crazy House is a top-notch strip club which is furnished with all the modern amenities and a glorious set-up that makes you feel light.

The cabaret shows and revealing outfits of the strippers are good enough to entice you, and you cannot help but ogle at the sexy dancers with lust and amazement.

You can see them in different outfits, and they are showcased to the audience in various stages.

As the stage progresses, you can see them flaunting more of their assets which are naturally welcomed with an uproar by the audience.

Strip teases performed under bright laser lights is also one of the highlights of this strip club, and you can also see the sexy French girls getting undressed while taking a shower, bathing or performing revealing dance steps.

All these aspects make Le Crazy House the most scintillating and titillating strip clubs of Paris, and we proudly present it as one of the best strip houses of the world as well.

le crazy horse

#3. Play Gentleman’s Club

Play Gentleman’s Club is the strip club of Los Angeles that has everything to make the striptease dance performances thrilling and exciting for the audience.

It has a grand centre stage which is well equipped to showcase hot striptease performances and enticing pole dances that will make your eyeballs grow big.

The clubhouses some of the hottest performers that are carefully picked from different parts of the world and luxurious sitting arrangement and decor of this strip club make it even more comfortable and enjoyable for the audience.

One aspect of this strip club that can hurt few people is that it does not permit alcoholic drinks in its premises.

Therefore, you will have to make merry only with the juices and mocktails offered by their bar.

However, it is also great for people who like to focus only on the performance part.

The strippers of this club are naturally endowed, and they also give sensual lap dances.​

When you see them perform on a couch or with a pole, you will forget about the drinks, and all you will do is blissfully cheer them.

If you have a thing for blonde strippers, you will see a bunch of hot blonde chicks baring their clothes just for you.

Play Gentleman’s Club

#4. Seventh Heaven

Tokyo is a cool city which has a great nightlife for the party lovers and crazy teenagers.

There are a lot of strip clubs, discos and party houses in the city which will keep you entertained throughout the night.

Seventh Heaven is a strip club which houses sexy lasses from various parts of the world.

In this strip club, you will get to witness women wearing different attires according to the cultures as they slowly undress themselves to mesmerise the audience.

Seventh Heaven fascinates the Japanese men who would like to imagine the performers as school girls performing in short skirts and skimpy outfits.

Therefore, if such things excite you, then you can pay a visit whenever you are on a tour of Japan.

The strippers of this club are skilled and well versed in several dance forms. They are properly trained for the stripteases as well which elevates their performance to the next level.

Seventh Heaven

#5. Hot Lap Dance

The name of this strip club says it all. Hot Lap Dance is heaven for all those who look forward to enjoying sensual lap dances in private confinements.

It is a heaven for those who like to enjoy private stripteases and performances, and the setup is planned according to that.

It introduces the visitors to an intimate setting which helps them to find their sexual escape.

Hot Lap Dance is the perfect place for a group of bachelors to enjoy the nightlife of New York City where it is located.

It is also perfect for those who do not want to experience the crowd of regular strip clubs.

The ambience and lively atmosphere of this strip club are ideal for those who want jive or hook a step with the sexy performers.

All these features make Hot Lap Dance a hotspot for the nightlife lovers.

hot lap dance

#6. Metropolis

Metropolis is a strip club in London which can be the dream place for any striptease lover across the world.

Therefore, if you are crazy for the stripteases and you happen to visit London, then you cannot miss this place.

It is a grand three-storeyed building, and each floor is meant for specific purposes. 

The ground hole is meant for the pole dances and features a huge pole that goes way till the second floor.

Here you can enjoy some of the most exotic pole dances performed erotically by hot English babes.

Also, other dancers belong to different cultures and nations that add to the charm and appeal of this strip club.

One the second floor you can watch girls go naked while taking a shower, in a bathtub or while washing cars with foamy soap being splashed all over their sexy toned assets.

Here you can get in the vehicle before these strippers give a heck of a performance to blow your minds away.

Watching naked girls wash jeeps and cars and that too right in front of you is the main highlight of Metropolis, and there are very few places on the Earth that provide such a luxury to their customers.

You can also drench the girls with soap and water with the help of the super soakers that are provided to you before entering the vehicles.

Also, you get a free entry if you arrive here before 8 pm.

Moreover, the scene here is erratic, and you will always find it packed with girls and boys who run this club like a madhouse.

All these facilities make it one of the best strip clubs in the world.


#7. Riviera

Riviera is the perfect place for those striptease lovers who like ladies with big butts performing for them.

You won’t find any small butted chick in this place which also means that this place is reserved for the voluptuous strippers.

Therefore if you are among the ones who like girls with big bums getting naked in front of you, then this is the ideal place for you whenever you are nearby the Queens town of New York City.

Hot African girls are twerking and giving lap dances to the customers who can turn anyone.

It is also referred to as booty club since they do not perform regular stripteases but perform booty bouncing and other types of erotic dances where the butt plays a major role.

Therefore, if you want to experience hot girls twerk on your private parts, this is a place for you. 


#8. Orchard Towers

If you ever visit Singapore, you will hear about an 18 storeyed building which is packed with whores and not only one or two floors, but four floors of this tower are jammed with whores performing filthy stripteases and erotic performances just for you.

There are places meant for public and private meetings, and you will want to experience a wild night on one of the floors at least once in a lifetime.

There is a separate floor meant only for the ladyboys, and therefore you will see a lot of transsexual and transgender strippers perform in them.

Therefore, if you have a thing for such strippers, then you can surely indulge yourselves in this section.

It is a perfect place for those who want to get a feel of the bars, strip clubs and nightlife of Singapore.

It comes in the red light area of Singapore, and the environment of this place is nothing like the elite strip clubs of Las Vegas or London.

Therefore, if you are looking only for elite strip clubs, then you might not be interested in visiting a place packed with sluts and whores.

On the first two floors, you can find some hot girls offering exotic massages at fairly reasonable rates and the place is also filled with clothes and gifts shops.

Overall the entire place has a feel of a sin city, and if such places excite you, then Orchard Towers can be a dream place for you.

orchard tower

#9. Pumps

Pumps are an exciting strip bar located in Brooklyn of New York.

The place is usually meant for hanging out with your friends or girlfriend, and you can see many fresh and sexy strippers dance and perform behind the bar.

It also offers private performances for those who ask for it and are willing to pay more.

The enchanting music and lively atmosphere of this place make it a worthwhile stop if you wish to explore the nightlife of Brooklyn.


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