Top 10 celebrity sex tapes

Porn is great, and one of my favorite genres is amateur. While watching big titted professionals get fucked is great, there’s nothing quite like watching “normal” people get down and dirty on camera. It’s even better when these amateurs are celebrities trying to add spontaneous porn star to their resume.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always wondered what some hot celebrities look like nekid or what they do underneath the sheets. Whatever the reason, seeing a new celebrity sex tape is like a mini-Christmas.

So, let’s break down the best celeb sex footage you should be fapping to.

Paris Hilton

Let’s start with the woman who arguably made sex tapes a thing, and also kinda boring these days, too. While technically this tape was leaked in 2003 by her then-boyfriend, Rick Salomon, this sex tape placed Paris on virtually every shallow gossip magazine and being mentioned on every talk show for about fifteen minutes.

Since he’s such an absolute douche bag, while Paris sued the company which had released the tape, Rick Salomon started selling the footage in secret to Red Light District Video. To be fair, they did pay Paris six figures plus a percentage of the profits.

But enough with the history lesson. Despite the fact that Paris has as much personality as a turnip, her performance in the video is pretty damn good.

Just so you know, there is another Paris “sex” tape out there. There’s no actual fucking, but a good deal of striping down, showing off her nude body, dry humping and flashing her vag. Not anywhere near as good as the first, but still worth it if you’re into solo scenes and being teased.

At this point, both have been shared all around the net and can be found on damn near every tube site.

Natalie Suleman

Also known as the Octomom for managing to squeeze eight kids out of her clown hole in one go, rose to superstar status during the start of 2009. After touring the interview circuit, it came out that she had six other children, was on public assistance, and had no job. Oh yeah, her ass was about a million and a half dollars in debt, too.

Fortunately for her, Brad Armstrong and Wicked Pictures stepped in and offered her a five-figure figure plus monthly royalties to star in “Octomom Home Alone.” On the one hand, it’s not much to look since all Suleman does is play with her puss-puss for half an hour. Then again, for a woman on the mature side who’s cranked fourteen kids out of her snatch, her body looks hella good. You’d never guess she had even one child, let alone enough to field almost three basketball teams.

Apparently, the industry thought it was pretty impressive, too. Just for this one film, Suleman was nominated for four AVN Awards and won Best Celebrity Video.

If you like it, it’s worth knowing that Suleman has been working as a stripper for the last few years.

Pamela Anderson

Yeah, I know I said that Paris Hilton’s sex tape was the one that made leaked celeb amateur porn a thing, but maybe I wrote too soon. Anderson’s first tape came out in 1998 and “stars” her and her husband at the time Tommy Lee. Lee and his average-ish dick aren’t much to write home about, but Pamela Anderson is in stellar form. Then again, Pamela Anderson will always be hot.

Another famous Anderson tape surfaced in 2005, and like the first video, has been making the rounds on the internet ever since.

Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust has definitely proved that portfolio diversification is always good, even if that includes adding a porn flick or two. In 2014, Faust and her kinda-sorta boyfriend and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-star Nikko Star filmed each other getting down and dirty. Faust slurps up and down on Star’s dick like a pro, Faust gets her pussy thoroughly licked, and then pounded hard by Star’s hard cock.

When the suspiciously well-filmed video was “found” by Steve Hirsch from Vivid who had made plans to make a bukkake bucket load of money off of it, rather than sue, Faust and Star rolled with it. And ended up rolling into a sweet exclusive rights deal with Vivid right before the 2014 season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” aired.

Props for good timing and marketing, I guess.

The best part about it for all you smut junkies, a detailed preview clip has been posted by Vivid on YouPorn for free. You’re welcome and enjoy.

Farrah Abraham

This former star on the ‘thrilling’ docu-drama show “Teen Mom” certainly has moved up in the world. In 2013, Abraham released a video of her fucking rising porn star James Deen. The two posed as a couple in public to add to the scandal (and Abrahams’s celebrity) of the fuck footage which was later supposedly leaked online. Apparently, this marketing worked since Abraham sold the video to Vivid for one and half million bucks.

Abraham did the same thing again a year later which happened to coincide with a series of sex toys, based on her anatomy, being released at the same time. Anyway, both videos are pretty good, and, if you want to see more, Abraham has been churning out more erotic entertainment ever since.

Kim Kardashian

At first, Kardashian was going to sue Vivid Entertainment which had access to and made plans to capitalize on the tape…until the sex scandal boosted her career of being famous just for being famous. In fact, the tape didn’t do much for Kim’s co-star Ray J, but the video leak was possibly the most important factor in launching Kardashian and the rest of her family into superstardom.

With all of Kim K’s obvious body enhancing surgeries, this video is perfect for all of you who have a silicon fetish.

Tila Tequila

Yep, the worlds most famous (and obnoxious) bisexual attention whore has several sex tapes out. On a positive note, the first volley of Tequila’s fuck footage features her licking and sticking a bunch of other lovely ladies. After the first, big tape came out, Tequila has starred in a full butt load of other porn performances. From everything that I have seen, her stuff is pretty good, too. So break out the Dos Equis and enjoy.

Carrie Prejean

This is probably the most scandalous (how many times have I said that now?) addition to this post. Anyway, for those unaware, Prejean was the winner of Miss California USA in 2009, but after starring in some softcore nudes was stripped of her title. Bunch of fucking prudes.

Anyway, Prejean ended up sueing the organization for slander, libel, and even religious discrimination. Long story short, the case was eventually settled when a homemade sex tape of Prejean surfaced online. The video itself is pretty tame since most of the footage is Prejean just diddling herself while watching porn. It’s not bad if you don’t mind the fact that it was filmed with one of those green-tinting low-light cameras.

Sydney Leathers

Speaking of controversy, enter Sydney Leathers. And yes, that’s her actual birth moniker and not some stage name. The video itself isn’t much to write about and only blew up because Leathers had been one of the women to expose her sexts with Anthony Wiener’s cheating ass. Sydney is just topless for most of it and piddling her pussy while reading about the Weinergate scandal. Apparently, this was one of the reasons Wiener’s career completely imploded.

Oh yeah, she’s also done some parody footage for Vivid, mimicking Leathers taking ‘a hard Wiener.’ It’s a lot better than the first sex tape, so I’d recommend checking that stuff out instead.

Tonya Harding

“Who the hell is that?” Some of you are probably asking. I guess that’s understandable. “Oh, I remember her, what’s she doing on this list” a few of you might be thinking. Tonya Harding was a famous ice skater whose career blew up during the nineties.

Anyway, Harding released a then famous, but now kinda hard to find, sex tape with her husband at the time. Rather than it being leaked, Harding and her then-husband, Jeff Gillooly, intentionally released the tape. To make things more interesting, the footage is from Harding and Gillooly’s wedding night.

So, #CoupleGoals, I guess.

So what do you think of my list? Were there some scandalous skin flicks which I should have included? Do you want me to make another list like this? Then contact me, and maybe I’ll consider doing it. Send tit pics and I definitely will. ?

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