Top 10 most famous movie sex scenes!

Sex scenes are everything in a movie; entertaining, intense, and sometimes romantic. Throughout movie history, skillful (and naughty, I must add) directors have elevated the art of capturing those steamy encounters in crazy angles.

Some sex scenes can range from the darkly lit to the downright explicit; the ones that make many think the actors were really having sex on camera. I’m sure I speak for almost everyone here when I say that we have all come within seconds of watching a fully explicit scene with our parents around. What’s more awkward than that?

All in all, what makes a sex scene controversial depends on your own personal attitudes towards sex. But for this particular article, I have decided that the more explicit, the more controversial. I have also considered the kind of controversy it caused in the media upon release. Whether the uproar was warranted is upon you to decide. Here are ten of the most famous movie sex scenes that you should avoid watching with your mom or dad.

The nymphomaniac series (2014)

The Nymphomaniac volume 1 and 2 had so many sex scenes it would be impossible to pick out which ones were the hottest. Let me just say the movie is famous for featuring almost every kind of sexual act you can think of. If you can watch the movie with people around, you deserve a fucking medal. Enjoy some of them here.

Blue is the warmest color (2013)

This is one of the movies many would describe as controversial. It featured a hot lesbian scene that almost set the world on fire so to speak. Most of the controversy had to do with nudity, but it also shocked the world because people were still struggling with LGBT relationships in a movie. Its lengthy and explicit sex scene helped earn “Blue Is the Warmest Color” an NC-17 rating.

Shame (2011)

This particular movie shed uncompromising light on sex addiction. Shame is a British drama film featuring intense drama about a man addicted to sex. It has a lot of NC-17 rated scenes, some being downright disturbing. One particular frontal shoot featuring Michael Fassbender, one of the main actors, had a lot of people talking.

Fifty shades of grey (2015)

This one needs little introduction, to be honest. It’s one of the movies that caused an uproarious reaction from the masses due to its portrayal of taboo BDSM in whole sex scenes that had plenty of blushing red. There is plenty of sadomasochism and bondage if you like that kind of stuff. All the scenes are hot, but you can watch some of the ‘darker’ ones here.

Last tango in Paris (1972)

This is one of those movies whose sex scenes were so explicit that many believed the actors actually had sex while filming. Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider’s on-screen love affair particularly catches the eye as does the infamous butter scene (look it up by the way).

Blue valentine (2010)

Blue Valentine may be about the pain of a heartbreak, but it also features one of the most controversial sex scenes of the last 10 years. The movie was given an NC-17 rating weeks before its release which actually hurt its Box Office chances. Star Ryan Gosling attributed that to the steamy oral sex scene. Be the judge.

Monster’s ball (2001)

Here comes another racy Oscar’s winner- Monster’s Ball. The movie won Halle Berry the Oscar in 2002 and also had people talking about the controversial sexual relationship between her (or rather her character) and that of Billy Bob Thorton. Watch the uncut Halle Berry sex scene here.

A history of violence (2005)

This movie features a stair sex scene that is not only scorching hot but also disturbing considering it doesn’t seem to be totally consensual, at least in the beginning. There is a lot of brutal violence, graphic sexuality, and nudity. Maria Bello is unafraid of showing a little skin and her sex scenes with Viggo Mortensen raise some eyebrows.

Eyes wide shut (1999)

Eyes Wide Shut is what you would expect of a sexual thriller, with scenes that push the viewer to the line between what’s considered kinky and violent aggression. There is even an orgy scene with masks and quite power dynamics that make them kinky as fuck.

Black swan (2010)

Completing my list is Black Swan, which won Natalie Portman an Oscar for her excellent portrayal of a disturbed ballet dancer, but the movie is obviously more famous for the graphic sex scenes where Portman gets down and dirty with her co-star Kunis. The scene is as sexy as it is controversial and made more than just a few heads turn.


Those are some of the most famous movie sex scenes. You will absolutely love them, just not when your parents are around.  Some have a higher controversy level, but ultimately, they all have something forbidden about them which make them even more exciting. Enjoy.

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