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Top 10 People I’m Sick Of Hearing About

These are 10 people in the jizz biz I could go the rest of my life without hearing another fucking word about:

  1. Lynn Lemay/Lemayzing Pictures: Come on, you weren’t all that hot in 1988. Maybe if it was called Christy Canyon Films…
  2. Michael Fattarosi: This is why you studied 4 months for the bar exam??
  3. KSEX Radio & Prime Time Uncensored: Shame on me for even taking the time to mention them.
  4. Taylor Rain: used to be important. Then again, so did AVN.
  5. Craig Valentine/Summer Haze/their dumb wrestling bullshit: Wrestling was pretty cool. In 1998.
  6. Jeff Mullen/Will Ryder: Ya know, putting out press releases about yourself doesn’t make you newsworthy (or interesting).
  7. Any member of the Zicari family: That goes for Rob Black and anyone with “Zane” in their name.
  8. Skeeter Kerkove: Aren’t we done with this yet?
  9. Kevin Rubio/Ducati: Who are you?
  10. Sandy Bunz: See above

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