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Top 10 Reasons Why Holly Randall Should Do Hardcore…

By The Colonel

Top 10 Reasons Why Holly Randall Should Do Hardcore

As you know Holly Randall recently launched her new website. I always believed Holly is one of the most beautiful, intelligent  and talented girls in our industry, and trust me I’ve known many girls in my lifetime, so the chances are I know what I’m talking about, though god bless you, you can disagree with me.

Anyway, now with the launching of her new website, it’s the perfect time for her to take it to the next level, to  get down and dirty and finally does it. I put together a list of reasons why Holly Randall should fuck on film. If you agree with my list, good for you. If you want to add something to it, be my guest; and if you have any problems with it, then probably you should just throw your computer out of the window and come see me.

10. My mini fridge would like that.

9. I would like that.

8. Luke Ford would like that. God only knows he’s been waiting years for that.

7. Holly herself would like that, even though she says otherwise  which reminds me of an old saying: your lips say no, no, but your eyes say yes, yes.

6. People would like that, and remember, the first rule in the entertainment business is: give people what they want.

5. Everybody else is doing it, and lots of them are not half as good as she is.

4. She’s got beautiful tits.

3. She’s got a lovely ass.

2.  She’s the girl with the plans and it’ll be interesting to see how would she direct herself in a hardcore scene.

And number 1 reason why Holly Randall should do hardcore:  every chipmunk face cries to be covered in man juice.

Eat your heart out, David Letterman.

Holly’s site is

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