Top 11 Free craigslist personals alternative – 100x Better! (2020)

Do you know that craigslist had the personal section shut down? Are you upset about it?

You are not alone. There are many people out there who are upset about Craiglist personal section shut off. It was a really nice platform to find desired partners easily.

Most of the people who used the site to find partners are clueless at the moment. However, when there is a will there is away.

If you want a safe platform where you can find trustworthy partners are again, there are some sites that offer you similar experiences.

For you who miss using Craiglist personal section, we have brought you a list of other websites like Craiglist.

You can use one of them to find your desired partner and continue the life you have started with Craiglist.

craigslist feature

There is no need to worry as there are many alternatives available today that allow you to find someone to date or have casual sex easily. However, all of them are not genuine, and many of them are not as helpful as Craigslist was.

Therefore, we have done a lot of research and study to explore all the alternatives to Craigslist, and we have come up with some amazing options.

Some of these options are even used by millions of people already, and therefore you need not be worried about their usefulness.

Let us see these top 5 Craigslist personals alternatives in detail:

Top 10 Craigslist personals alternatives/Replacement (craigslist dating)




(Highly Recommended)

Ashley Madison-min
  • Horny housewives waiting for you

  • Trusted Brand

  • Fuck multiple girls near you for FREE

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adultfriendfinder logo
  • Hot girls looking for SEX near you

  • 40 million monthly visitors

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  • Hottest girls stripping for you

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  • My personal favorite

Ashley Madison

Adult Friend Finder


Ashley Madison-min
adultfriendfinder logo

(Highly Recommended)

(Hot Fuckable Girls Near You)

(Your Hot Virtual Girlfriend)

  • Horny housewives waiting for you

  • Trusted Brand

  • Fuck multiple girls near you for FREE

  • Hot girls looking for SEX near you

  • 40 million monthly visitors

  • No strings attached 

  • Hottest girls stripping for you

  • Make her your online slave

  • My personal favorite

ashley madison-min

About the Site

At first, we have the Ashley Madison website which started in the year 2001. Up until now, it has 60 million users on the site with thousands of new users signing in every day. You may count it as the platform with the largest number of members looking for a partner.

In the early times, the site started as a relationship finding a platform for open-minded people. At present, it is one of the largest platforms for finding any type of relationship for any gender, which also includes sugar daddy relationships.

This one is my favorite craigslist personals alternative as of now.

What are the features of the site?

  • There are many features on the website that allows you to find a partner easily.

  • The swipe right feature lets you find an attractive partner instantly from the site.

  • Send winks to members you are interested in.

  • Send gifts to impress someone you like from the site.

  • You can send a message to start a conversation with other members.

  • Use chatrooms to find people with similar interests.

  • Prioritize your messages, this feature lets you prioritize your message, that is, it will appear at the tops of the message list when you send a message.

  • Get email and text message notification on your phone.

  • Instant reply to your favorite members.

  • Find people near your location so, you can go on dates often.

  • Blur your image to keep your privacy.

  • One feature of the website that is different in Ashley Madison’s website is that only men need to pay to send messages to women. Women do not need to pay to reply to the messages or send messages.

Ashley Madison-min

How to use the site?

The signup process on the website is pretty easy. You need a valid email address to complete the process. After you input your email address, you will get an email from the website. In the email, you will see the information related to complete your account.

Read the email carefully and complete the process. After this, you can create your profile and find other members by using any of the features of the website.

Are you safe on the website?

Although in the past, there have been cases where the website security is breached. However, at present, the website has upgraded its security to make sure that no information is taken from the website. They are doing everything they can to make sure the members of the website are safe.

Encrypted transmissions are used to connect the members of the website. Personal information about the users is not collected to make sure you are secure to use the services from the website.


  • Many profiles are available to search for a partner.

  • There are many ways to communicate with other members.

  • A paid membership is affordable

  • Find a partner of any gender, age, status, etc.


  • It is not available in many countries

  • You need a paid membership to gain access to all the features of the website.

  • There is a risk of a security breach.



About the Site

One of the websites that focus on sex and adult life on the website. It is a famous site to find hookups that have been running from the year 1996. As you can see, it is a very old website. It is probably one of the oldest of its kind.

Being a long time in the field, there are many advantages and disadvantages to using this website. There is one thing about the website that you need to keep in mind is that it is not safe to use it anywhere.

The website is old fashioned and when opened you will find erotic images flashing up everywhere. So, you can’t just check the website whenever you want. However, due to its age, it has some benefits as well. Since it is one of the oldest sites there is, it has 95 million members at present.

If you are looking for craigslist dating, then this craigslist personals replacement is for you.

What are the features of the site?

  • Free chat rooms with lots of members to meet and engage with.

  • In the website the search engine can be highly personalized, so you can find the perfect match.

Adult friend finder

How to use the site?

As it is with most of the websites, the signup process is free and easy. You need to put your information on the registration page. Since it is one of the oldest websites running, you will need to put a lot of information for registering an account on the website.

While you are registering, you will need to specify your age, what are you looking for in the site, as well as your preference and introduction. After this, another problem that you can find with this website is that it does not have a mobile app.

Yes, I know the smartphone app is a must in this generation. But the website is running for so long that it didn’t yet felt it was necessary to develop a mobile app.

On the other hand, if there is no mobile app, using the website anywhere gets a bit difficult since you can use the website in front of people.

Are you safe on the website?

In this type of website, security is the first thing you need to worry about. Most of the website tries its best to keep the members safe on the internet.

However, there is always a chance that your data will get stolen. In the year 2016, there was a security breach on the website. Of course, they have worked their way and tried to make things secure again.

But there is always a chance it will happen again. Another way the site might be insecure is because of catfishing. In this type of website, catfishing is quite normal.

People can try to steal your personal information by doing so. Since the accounts are not moderated, there are likely some problems with fake accounts on the website.


  • The free sign-up process for everyone.

  • Many members to communicate and find a match.

  • They promise that you will find the perfect partner on the website.

  • The search engine is really powerful, the filters used can find almost any type of profile from the website.


  • There is no mobile app for the website.

  • Security issues on the website

  • Cannot be used in public places


3. Bedpage


About the Site

You might have heard about the previous version of the Backpage. Last year Craiglist and Backpage were the most popular site to find a suitable partner. However, the personal section of the Craiglist has shutdown and Backpage was closed off as well.

Another great craigslist personals replacement for this year is bedpage. A must have craigslist dating site for you.

Bedpage is the revived version of the Backpage. It is back to serve its customers and fans who missed its service so much recently. The Bedpage covers many regions around Asia, Europe, and others.

It also has many categories to select from where you can post what you want from the website. The dating category allows you to find partners of any gender.

You can browse through the posted ads and find ones suitable for you. however, there is one problem with the site. Even though the site is great in navigating and finding new adds you may find many spammy adds on the website.

This is one problem that makes it difficult to find reliable partners from the site. Other than that everything looks good on the website, as it was with its parent site.

What are the features of the site?

  • Connect with people from any gender, age, status

  • Anyone can check out the ad posts

  • There are many options available on the site

  • Highlight your post by making paid ads

How to use the site?

If you are looking for a companion, you can simply browse through the website categories and check the posts. There is no cost for that, no sign up is needed. However, when you are going to make an ad, you will need to register an account and pay for the ad.

The cost of each post is $2, and if you want to highlight your post than it is $1. There are more options like making a premium ad and similar options where you need to pay more to draw attention to your post. When someone likes your ad they will contact you on the website.

Are you safe on the website?

Any website where intimate and private relationships are involved promises to give you security. In any case, there is always a risk of using services from the internet. You don’t know who you are dealing with while contacting.

There has been a roomer that many posts on the website are from sex workers. Some also say there are many spammy posts. It makes it difficult to use the site safely since you don’t know what troubles are you getting yourself into.


  • Has a similar feeling to Backpage

  • Users can contact anyone of any gender, status, etc

  • No need to register for checking the posts

  • Many options to choose from


  • There are lots of spam posts on the internet

  • Some sex workers use the site for their business

  • It is difficult to find a partner from the site


4. EuroGirlsEscorts


About the Site

If you are looking for a good company, then this is a website you should check out. Here you will find beautiful girls, handsome guys, shemales and pornstars to spend time with. You can choose any one of those and communicate with them via the website.

From the name of the site, you may think that it is limited to Europeans. But you can find people outside the Europe region. The website is ready to find a good company.

What are the features of the site?

  • An extensive search engine on the website

  • There are different levels of escorts you can choose from the site, like newcomers and a-level escorts, pornstars, and individual escorts.

  • The website has a blacklist where you can find which escorts you need to avoid.

How to use the site?

When you use the website, you can use the search option to find what you want from the site. There are many types of escorts available. Once you have found someone, you need to go for reviews and check the profile to decide if this is the person you want to spend time with.

Are you safe on the website?

The website is as safe as any other escort website. Most dating apps are used for scams and fraud activities. However, it is still better to be careful about sharing your personal information.


  • Find anyone of any gender in any location.

  • Use the reviews to decide who provides the best services

  • The search engine lets you find the right match for a good company

  • Check the profile of the escort to see what kind of person you want to spend time with.


  • Sometimes you may not get the best experience as you would expect from a company.



classified ads

About the Site

Another website that is great for posting ads. It is similar to Craiglist, so you can expect to find a personal section where you can post ads to find partners from the site.

It is one of the growing sites in this field that is trying to take over all the unhappy customers from Craigslist personals. You can find a partner with no emotions attached and find your preferences when it comes to sexual relationships.

There are many new posts every day on the site with new members joining the website. Many connections are made each day, so you can expect to find the type of relationship you are looking for in

What are the features of the site?

  • Anyone can make a post on the website

  • If you are paying for the ad, it makes your ad more noticeable among others.

  • The two parties can contact each other directly from the website.

  • Making lists on the site is free of charge

  • A person can see the images and details of the product without registering on the site.

classified ads

How to use the site?

When you want to post an ad on the website, visit the page and enter your email address for posting. You will find an email link that lets you edit an ad on the site. Click on the link and you will be asked to make a password.

Now you can go back to the page and post as many ads as you want. Click publish to make the posts visible to people.

Are you safe on the website?

Since anyone can post and view ads on the website, safety is a question here. To make sure you are dealing with a genuine person it is best to check out the offer in detail. Communicate with the poster before paying for anything.

Do not agree with the terms in anything that looks fishy. As you know there are always chances of scams on the internet.


  • Anyone can post on the website

  • Highlight your post by paying for the ads

  • There are many options available on the site.

  • Direct communication with the other party to fix the deal.


  • Anyone can post on the website which increases the chance of scam.

  • There is not enough moderation on the site to ensure the member’s safety.




About the Site

This is a site similar to Craiglist, but it solely focuses on finding a suitable companion. At present, it is one of the most popular dating sites there is. In this site, you can find sugar love relationships.

Sometimes you need someone to spent a good time with, and these sugar daddy relationship sites can help you do that. There are many wealthy men and women who seek companionship from the young who need financial aid.

This type of couple can fulfill each other needs. Doublelist makes sure you find someone and stay safe on the site.

What are the features of the site?

  • You can blur your photos

  • Instant chatting with someone you like

  • Live ad posting lets you find someone instantly

  • You can flag anything suspicious on the website

  • Share photos with other members on the site

  • Make your favorite list

  • Avoid seeing the same profile over and over again


How to use the site?

Unlike the previous entry, here you don’t have access to the website if you don’t have a registered account. At first, you will need to sign up to see the posts available on the website.

The signup process is simple. You need to enter your email address and then continue. You will receive an email address in your email address. Click on the link to activate your account and complete the profile.

Next, you will be able to browse through ads, you can contact members by seeing their posts.

Are you safe on the website?

If you want to use the internet and find a partner safely, then the Doublelist is your number one choice. There are many fake posts and scams made on the internet. For this, the Doublelist moderates the posts and makes sure any unwanted post is removed from the site.

Any member who is not serious about the post, unactive or suspicious are removed from the site. So, you can be assured to find something real from the website.


  • There is a constant moderation on the website which wipes out unwanted posts and accounts.

  • Live posting, raises the chances of responses and immediate interaction.

  • The easy registration process with the promise of safety on the site.

  • Image blurring and image privacy let you be in control of the website.

  • Instant messaging lets you communicate and find out more about what you want from each other.


  • You need to register first to contact with anyone


7. Seeking Arrangement

seeking lp-min

About the Site

This site is again focused only on bringing people together who are interested in non-emotional relationships.

The site is easy to use, you will learn how to navigate through the site in minutes. They have done everything to make sure you are safe and comfortable on the platform. The web design is simple yet appealing to the visitors.

What are the features of the site?

  • Communicate with another member

  • Send gifts to other members

  • See other members galleries

  • Filter and search for what type of partner you want

How to use the site?

The website is extremely simple to use, with promised safety that your information won’t be stolen. Complete the registration process to get an account on the website. The registration needs your gender, email, what are you looking for in the site and your sexual orientation.

After this, you will enter a 48 hours verification period. This is done specifically to make sure that everyone on the site is safe and needs the site service. Once you have registered you can browse through the site to search for partners.

Are you safe on the website?

The website makes sure that the members are safe by apply strong verifications while one is registering an account on the website. Sure, the registration process is free and easy, but there are many things that are checked before letting you enter the site.

In any case, there are always some threats to using this type of website.

Hence it is best to use an additional number to register on the site and use pictures that are not from social media. There is always a chance that someone will find you from social media and cause problems in your personal life.


  • Simple and easy platform

  • Communicate with the other party through the website

  • Safe to use the platform

  • Lots of beautiful girls on the website

  • Find people who are genuine


  • Almost nothing is free on the site


8. Eros

eros escorts

About the Site

You may want an attractive company at times, what do you do? The solution is simple to go to Eros and find someone. Here you will definitely find someone you can spend a good time with. The website is available in Aisa, Europe, and many other countries.

All you need to do is visit the website, add your location details and find your companion. One aspect completely different about this site is, it is a sophisticated entertainment site where you will find exciting people who make your fantasies real.


  • A sophisticated site to find a partner like no other

  • Entertainment is guaranteed on the site

  • Meet like-minded people on the site

  • Most of the people are from higher status


  • Costly website

  • Only higher status people are able to use the site




About the Site

As most of the websites on our list, the adult search is also a site that tried to provide you a platform to find a companion. However, the website is free for registration to everyone. Anyone from anywhere can sign up on the website to meet people.

Are you safe on the website?

Most of the site users are call girls, streetwalkers, escorts, hookers, which makes the site unsafe.


  • Anyone can sign up on the site

  • Registration on the site is free

  • Find people of any gender, shemale and of any location


  • The terms and conditions of the site are not clear

  • There are people who are offering themselves for money which is illegal

  • Too many ads on the website



escort directory LP

About the Site

It is a world of good looking companions. When you will use the services of the site, you will realize that you can find a partner in any place anywhere with it. There are members from every corner of the world.

So, if you are looking for a good time with a companion, this is probably your best option.There are many listings of male and female escorts on the site. A short bio is added to their profile with their reviews.

By reading these reviews and bio, you can decide who is the right escort to accompany you.


  • Find escorts anywhere in the world

  • Read escort bio before selecting one

  • Check the reviews of the escort before hiring one


  • Even with a good escort sometimes good times are not possible



match dot com feature

About the Site

This is one website that is focused on committed relationships, rather than casual dating. It is also one of the oldest dating sites there is.

The website started around the year 1995. You can subscribe for 6 months of membership, they promise that you will find someone within 6 months or you will get another 6-month membership for free.

So, far it has records of bringing many people together online who have ended up getting married. If you are looking for a committed relationship then is one of the best options for you.

What are the features of the site?

  • Send likes to other members

  • You can send messages to communicate with the members

  • Track the members you send like to on the site

  • Enter the chatroom where only paying members can chat together

  • The powerful search filter to find the right member for you

  • Reverse match allows you to connect with people who you are not compatible with according to the system.

  • Boost your profile at the top suggestion list of other members

  • Match me feature boosts your profile for members that you want to match with.

  • The match phone feature lets you call people when you want to talk to them.


How to use the site?

To use the site features you need to register on the website. For registration, you will need to complete the registration form. In the form, you will have to write your name, birthday, state, sexual orientation, etc. These are the basic information to complete the registration.

After that, you will automatically be taken to the profile builder page. As you know providing information is important to find a companion from the website. Here you will need to add details about you.

Are you safe on the website?

There are 20million users on the website, and hence it can be hard to point out accounts who are not there for good on the website. It is best to keep your eyes peeled and report any member you find suspicious on the website.


  • Multiple interesting ways to find a match

  • Communication through text and call using the matching phone.

  • If you don’t find a partner in 6 months, you will be provided with a free 6 months membership.

  • 20 million users on the website make it likely to find someone.

  • Send likes and tracks like on the website

  • Highlight your profile for other members to notice you.

  • You can highlight your profile to members you are interested in.


  • Safety is not guaranteed on the site.


12. BeNaughty

be naughty-min

About the Site

It is a dating platform where men and women interact and get to know each other. Some features give women more benefits to men. Women can send messages for free, hence there are more women on the site than men.

People on the site use its service to find dates as well as serious relations. So, be naughty can be a place where you can find both types of relationships. The site is said to be designed in a way that you will find someone you like really fast.

How to use the site?

As it is with most of the sites, you will need to register first to use the features of the site. You will just need to put your name, date of birth, email address to start using the site. Next, you will get an email with the login details.

Now you can log in and start completing steps to your profile. You can also skip the profile to make it later on and check the website.

Are you safe on the website?

Similar to other platforms Be naughty authority tries to make it as safe as possible. However, it is not possible to check out each and every member of the site and if their intentions are good on the website. Hence they placed a report button on each user’s profile.

If thee is any inappropriate behavior on the website the members have requested to flag the profile and the report will be checked and dealt with.


  • Can be used for both casual dating and long-term relationships

  • Send 5 free messages to other users

  • Affordable prices

  • There is no fee for sending messages each time.


  • Little information of profile to find out about members

  • Security is in your own hands

#13. Grindr

Estimated visits last month – 1.2 million

If you are in search of a partner of the same sex, then you might like to install Grindr as it is an ideal hook-up site for gay men.

There are lots of features in this site which makes it cool and happening.

It provides an interactive and seamless platform for men who are looking for casual hook-ups with other men.

You can express yourself very clean on this app which makes it a user-friendly option for men belonging to different age groups.

The feel and look of this app are very sophisticated which make it one of the best hook-up apps for men. It is a free website to use.

  • For searching a right partner, you need to swipe the profiles.

  • Chatting and sharing pictures can be done at free of cost on this site.

  • You can define your personality by selecting the diverse options provided on it. Therefore, you can either describe your tribe as a geek, daddy, Trans and much more on this app.

  • The interface of this app is exceptional, and the features are excellent as well.

  • Finding your ideal gay partner is very easy on this app as you can plan to meet-up if someone is nearby you.

  • You can explore who is nearby at the moment by using this app.

  • The icebreakers of this app are cool and interesting.

  • It is meant only for gay men.

#14. Happn

Estimated visits last month – 692.7K

If you are looking for a cool mobile app that can be operated on smartphones and iPhone, then Happn is the ideal app for you.

It is among the best hook-up apps in the world that is unique and interesting.

It uses your geographic location to trace the people who have recently crossed your paths (not literally) and provides you with a list of options to choose from.

Many individuals around the world are using it to find people to hook-up with, and if you do not find casual sex as a bad thing, then it is a perfect site for you.

It can also be used for dating and making friends. It is a free dating site.

  • Happn is an ideal platform for the people who are looking for someone to date or hook-up with.

  • It is a mobile app which runs smoothly and can be downloaded for free.

  • There are many other options for dating in the market, but none of them is as interesting and unique as this app. It does not follow the age-old method of match-making and uses innovative methods to trace people who are living around you and might have crossed your paths at some point in their lives.

  • It is a perfect option for Craigslist personal, and you do not have to post your requirements as you did in Craigslist.

  • It notifies you if there is someone who seems to be interested in you and similarly the other people that show interest are also notified in the same way. Therefore, you both can choose to take the crush forward or can choose to chat later as well.

  • It is a great app for the people who keep or travelling at different places and also for the people who are active on social networking sites.

  • It looks and has a user-friendly interface as well.

  • If you a reserved guy or girl then this site might not be that useful for you as it only entertains people who are either active in real or active on social platforms. If you do neither, then you might have to start doing it if you are expecting some real benefit from this app.

Final words

In this article, you can find some best and worst choices of the website to find a partner for yourself. Although Craiglist’s personal section is closed, you can use any of the sites mentioned to search for a companion.

However, be careful while you are searching. Since there is always a risk of scams relating to dating sites on the internet.

I hope you love this list of craigslist personals alternative.

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