Top 15 Sexiest Oscar Actresses…Nude!

PDC-Top 15 Sexiest Oscar Actresses...Nude

This year’s Oscars 2016 awards drew an avalanche of controversy when it was discovered that all of the nominees were whiter than god. Not a single goddamn person of color. Despite riveting performances from Will Smith (Concussion) and Michael B. Jordan (Creed) among others, the only black guy on stage was riotous host, Chris Rock. Alas, the pretty white pale-skinned Caucasian actresses you’ve grown to love still showed up in droves, wearing their usual dazzling outfits and flaunting their upper-crust fashion sense. Now let’s see them at their most exposed. Let’s see what these white actresses and celebrities look like when they’re nude!

1.) Sophie Turner


Sophie Turner of “Game of Thrones” fame put out a naughty selfie of her bare ass last year. Go on. Have a look!


2.) Rooney Mara


This year was all about girl-on-girl movies and Rooney Mara’s coupling with Cate Blanchett in “Carol” sure steamed up screens this year. You just can’t fake that lesbian passion!


3.) Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander killed it this year with two critically-acclaimed films, “Ex Machina” and “The Danish Girl” – the latter of which, she plays lover to Eddie Redmayne’s transgendered woman. Guess which nudes I went for…


4.) Emily Blunt


This British actress has been rising up the Hollywood ladder due to her steely acting skills, and of course, her smoldering looks. Ever wonder what Emily Blunt’s tits look like? Well, wonder no more!


5.) Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron’s career roared back with all the ferocity of a flaming guitar player blasting balls of fire with every chord strum. Yeah, that’s a “Mad Max: Fury Road” reference. Charlize is not only beautiful, but a damn good actress. Let’s go back in time and watch her topless scene from awesomely-bad movie, “Reindeer Games.”


6.) Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie. Do you really need an introduction? Probably the hottest woman ever to emerge out of Hollywood in 2015, Margot continues her streak by appearing in this summer’s “Suicide Squad” playing the role of Joker’s quasi-lover, Harley Quinn. But let’s just pause and admire her FLAWLESS naked body from “The Wolf of Wall Street.”


7.) Rachel McAdams


Rachel McAdams has been my secret crush for YEARS now! I am in love with this Canadian-born hottie! If you’re reading this Rachel, you’ll always be a star in my eyes! Below is my go-to fap picture!


8.) Olivia Munn


I still have fond memories of watching Olivia Munn on “Attack of the Show!” that aired from 2006 to 2010 and loved her as a correspondent on “The Daily Show.” She famously swore she’d NEVER go topless, but caved and flashed her awesome tits in “Magic Mike.”


9.) Brie Larson


Longtime indie darling, Brie Larson has finally made it! Starring in the harrowing film “Room” – she won this year for Best Actress and rightly so. Did you also know that Brie took a naked selfie of herself for all of the internet to see?


10.) Olivia Wilde



11.) Sofia Vergara


Probably the hottest MILF of the 21st century, Sofia Vergara wowed western audiences with her reoccurring roles on “Modern Family” and just being an unbelievably attractive woman in her 40’s! Now let’s check out that crazy sexy body of hers…


12.) Daisy Ridley


Here’s another Hollywood actress that needs no introduction. Unless you’ve been living in a WWII bunker for the last 60 years, Daisy Ridley is the lead actress in the continuing saga of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and she fucking KILLED it! I know these next nudes are a bit morbid, given her character is dead, but hey, tits are tits!


13.) Naomi Watts

This beautiful actress with sun-drenched locks has had quite the prolific Hollywood career, working with famous directors like Lynch and she’s definitely not shy about showing off her tight, taut body along with her perfectly perky tits! Jesus, she’s gorgeous.


14.) Jennifer Jason Leigh


You may remember Jennifer Jason Leigh from her naughty role in “Fast Times at Ridgemont” where she got completely naked! While the years haven’t been too kind on her, we’ll still have timeless memories of her hot fuckin’ body!


15.) Kerry Washington


Fuck you, Oscars! Even though you didn’t choose not one goddamn person of color for your bloated awards, I’m going to go ahead and give a nod to beautiful black actress, Kerry Washington! She was most recently in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.” Here’s a picture of her from “The Last King of Scotland” where she shows off her fantastic ass!

15-Kerry-Washington-The Last King of Scotland-nude-ass

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