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Top 20 Best Clitoral Vibrators (Review & Comparison) – 2019

Sex is not the only way to relieve your stress, but it is surely one of the most tempting of the worldly pleasures.

Having sex with your partner can be the most alleviating and blissful experience, but masturbation or self-pleasure is also not that bad.

However, when you masturbate with sex toys, it is a unique experience as it gives you an unbelievable high which is very close to the feeling you get when you have sex with a real human body.

Women are more likely to stimulate their clitoris whenever they need to relieve their sexual tension.

Modern technology has produced some marvellous clitoral vibrators that not only assist you to reach the climax when you are alone, but they can also be used to stimulate your senses while having actual sex with your partner.

Today we are going to shed light on those clitoral vibrators that arouse you with a single touch and drive your pussy straight to the sultry doors of orgasms in no time.

Let us have a look at these modern marvels:

clitoral vibrators

Top 10 Best Clitoral Vibrators


Unique Feature

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Powerful Pocket Vibrator Lovehoney

Four unique vibrator heads

Flash Clitoral Vibrator Lovehoney

Three vibrating patterns and four adjustable speeds allow you to find your ideal vibration.

Bang Bang Bunny Clitoral Vibrator Lovehoney

Even the lowest setting gives immense pleasure to your clitoris.

Oh! Lipstick Vibrator Lovehoney

Just two AA batteries are enough to operate this sex toy.

Powerful Buddies Clitoral Tongue Vibrator

Flexible tip of the tongue is strong enough to give you the right tickling sensation.

Humdinger Clitoral Vibrator Lovehoney

Its water-resistant design allows you to use it during a shower or in a bathtub as well.

Satisfyer Pro Traveller USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Its noiseless operation and smart design make it a discreet sex weapon

Lelo Sona Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Lelo Sona Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Its smooth, soft and luxurious silicone body makes it safe to use.

Lovehoney Erotic Rocket Pink 10 Function Clitoral Vibrator

Its meticulous design allows you to use it both during foreplay and solo pleasure sessions.

Annabelle Knight! Powerful Clitoral Vibrator Wowee 4 Inch

Its exterior is smooth and luscious enough for you even to glide it in your pink hole if you want.

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This pocket vibrator manufactured by Lovehoney is a compact toothbrush size tool that can arouse your clitoris and lead you towards explosive orgasms.

It comes with different heads that can be used to stimulate your clitoris in different ways.



  • Four unique vibrator heads

  • Pocket-sized and travel-friendly

  • It can be operated with the help of 4 AA replaceable batteries

  • check

    It can be used while having sex with a partner and also while masturbating.

  • check

    This clitoral vibrator is inexpensive.

  • check

    Safe & convenient to use or clean

  • It is a basic beginner level vibrator.

  • The vibrations need to be much stronger.

Designed to find the perfect spot on your clitoris, this clitoral vibrator from Lovehoney is engineered with a 7-function motor that generates powerful vibrations.

Its adjustable speeds and noiseless operation make it a desirable sex toy for any woman.



  • It is designed to be recharged with a USB charger.

  • Three vibrating patterns and four adjustable speeds allow you to find your ideal vibration.

  • Powerful vibrations lead to faster orgasms than ever.

  • check

    Accurate vibrations lead to better climaxes.

  • check

    The noiseless design gives you more privacy.

  • check

    I can be used with or without your partner.

  • check

    Compact & portable design provides convenience while travelling.

  • The overall design could have been better as it appears like a USB.

Designed to look like a bunny this amazing clitoral vibrator can be controlled via a wired remote which even allows your partner to tease and play with you.

The vibrations levels are intense and can provide a shuddering and leg trembling orgasms to any woman.

Moreover, you can use it with your partner, and you can also use it to relieve yourself in the moments of solitude.



  • Its unique design can make it your secret sex weapon.

  • It comes with four types of speed which can be controlled by a remote.

  • Even the lowest setting gives immense pleasure to your clitoris.

  • check

    Its compact size makes it convenient to carry while travelling.

  • check

    The cool design and colour of this vibrator make it attractive.

  • check

    Its water-resistant bullet allows you to clean it conveniently after use.

  • check

    The ears of the bunny gently hug and shake your clitoris to give you an astounding orgasm.

  • The remote-controlled way of operating things might be a cause of inconvenience while handling it.

Would you like to carry such a vibrator in your purse that provides complete privacy and secrecy?

It is possible now because Lovehoney provides Lipstick vibrator that looks like a lipstick and allows you to carry it as a make-up tool without any hesitance. 

Therefore, now you can pleasure yourself in any part of the world without carrying about anything at all!



  • Single speed and powerful vibrations of this vibrator are enough to set your clitoris on the highest levels of sexual pleasure.

  • It just needs one click, and it starts stimulating your clitoris through its wonderful lipstick tip.

  • Just two AA batteries are enough to operate this sex toy.

  • check

    Oh! Lipstick vibrator comes at an affordable price.

  • check

    It is portable due to its small size and easy-to-carry design.

  • check

    It records clear videos

  • check

    Intense vibrations generator by this device is powerful enough to assist you in reaching exciting orgasms in real quick time.

  • check

    One can gift this cute little yet nasty sex toy to their sex partner, bride or girlfriend.

  • It is integrated with only one vibration speed.

Do you want to experience the sexy feeling of a vibrating tongue on your clitoris?

Powerful Buddies Clitoral Tongue vibrator is magically soft and tender enough to give you tingling sensations, but when it starts vibrating like a pro, you cannot resist to submit yourself to a divinely ecstatic feeling that hurries you towards a quick series of spasmodic orgasms.

The feeling is so arousing and stimulating that you instantly fall in love with this beautiful tongue!



  • Its remarkable feature is its pointed tongue-tip which is precise, delicate and teasing enough to stimulate the right spots on your clitoris.

  • Its water-resistant exterior allows you to play it wet and dirty. Also, the waterproof design allows you to enjoy multiple session of orgasms with ease.

  • Flexible tip of the tongue is strong enough to give you the right tickling sensation.

  • check

    It’s cool and naughty design makes it look attractive and arousing.

  • check

    It can be used both during masturbating and while having sex. It teases you the right way which makes it ideal to be used during foreplay as well.

  • check

    Its portable size makes it convenient to be carried to any part of the world with ease.

  • check

    One click control enables you to control it with ease.

  • check

    Its budget-friendly price makes it feasible for everyone.

  • It does not have variable speed controls.

  • The design is explicit, and therefore it cannot be stored as discreetly as you want it.

This amazing clitoral vibrator has a tip shaped like a cup which hugs your clitoris most warmly and vibrates it perfectly to generating blissful erotic sensations all through your body.

 It has a simple design, but its performance is way better than most of the fancy sex toys.

Also, its cost-effective price makes it all the more tempting and desirable for women belonging to different age groups.

It has a low humming noise which is not irritating but buzzing enough to give you ticklish spurts of joy now and then.



  • Hooded tip of Humdinger Clitoral vibrator is tailor-made to stimulate your clitoris.

  • Its water-resistant design allows you to use it during a shower or in a bathtub as well.

  • It is compact and is powered by a battery which makes it all the more portable.

  • Humdinger has variable speed control vibrations that can be adjusted with just twisting its bottom.

  • check

    The larger smooth head of this vibrator can generate the right impulses around the clitoris, and the rigid tip is engineered to vibrate your clitoris in the most stimulating manner.

  • check

    It fits perfectly on the clit, and the amazing vibrations are intense enough to make you scream and moan with sexual pleasure.

  • check

    It can be used during intercourse and masturbation as well.

  • check

    Its overall design and dial speed control enable you to have orgasms seamlessly.

  • check

    It’s buzzing, and almost noiseless operation enables you to use it at any point of the night or day without any apprehensions.

  • The affordable price makes it feasible to buy.

  • It looks like a genuine sex toy so you cannot hide it when it is exposed.

Some women find it hard to bear direct stimulations on their clitoris but do not feel satisfied without it either.

Such women should try Satisfyer Pro Traveler USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator which is well-known to surround the sensitive points on your clitoris in the most delicate manner and lead you towards huge exploding orgasms even without directly rubbing against it. 

One of its main features is its discrete design which allows you to carry it anywhere you would love to have it.



  • It is engineered with air pulse technology and is equipped with suction capacity as well which creates enough stimulation even without directly touching the clitoris.

  • It comes with a hard magnetic case that protects your vibrator at all times.

  • It can be recharged with a USB charger.

  • Its noiseless operation and smart design make it a discreet sex weapon.

  • This clitoral stimulator can be operated in 11 intensity levels which allow you to control the stimulations as per your will.

  • check

    The waterproof design of this vibrator makes it convenient for you to use it while showering or bathing in a bathtub. It also allows you to get more wild and wet during multiple orgasms.

  • check

    You can apply lube on this vibrator to bring more pleasure during the foreplay.

  • check

    It does not offer direct contact on the clitoris which makes it ideal for the women who have an oversensitive clitoris.

  • check

    The suction and tingling sensations created by this sex toy are intense enough to provide you shuddering orgasms.

  • check

    Most women who have used it have positive things to say about it.

  • Its price is slightly high, but it is not too expensive at all.

  • The magnetic case cover tends to lose its grip with time.

Lelo Sona Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator is a new-generation clitoral stimulator which is engineered with the latest technologies and designs which make it perfect for stimulating the clitoris in the most sophisticated way.

It does not use simple vibrations as most beginner level vibrators do but uses pulse simulations and sonic wave vibrations to provide you with a fast, intense and loud orgasm. 

Its ingenious design makes it discrete, and the way it generates stimulations is almost new and fresh which you would have never experienced before!



  • Its smooth, soft and luxurious silicone body makes it safe to use.

  • It can be recharged easily as it comes with a USB charger.

  • This clitoral stimulator is designed ergonomically, and its curvy and smooth exterior allows you to grip it conveniently while using it.

  • It comes with eight unique pulse generating patterns which speed up the process of sexual climax and gives you immense pleasure during the process.

  • check

    One recharge is enough to stimulate your senses for almost an hour.

  • check

    It is completely waterproof and allows you to experience blissful pleasure inside a bathtub as well.

  • check

    It does not come in direct contact with your clitoris and therefore is ideal for the women who cannot handle direct clitoris stimulations.

  • check

    The type of pleasure provided by this sex toy is entirely fresh and unique.

  • check

    It is ideal for women who require a series of orgasms to relieve themselves from the sexual stress.

  • This stimulator is easy to operate due to its three-button intuitive control system.

  • We recommend you to use a lube to increase the pleasure during the foreplay.

  • You can use it by yourself or during intercourse with your partner.

  • It is one of the more expensive sex toys we have on this list.

This erotic sex toy manufactured by Lovehoney is well-known for its easy-to-use and control options and ingenious design which allows you to reach orgasmic pleasures seamlessly.

It is designed for the women who like someone to play with their clitoris and generates explosive spurts of joy and sexual ecstasy with its power-packed ten levels of vibrations.

All these features make this clitoral vibrator a great toy to have in your closet.   



  • The three metal balls located on its head are designed to provide you with intense orgasmic pleasure.

  • This device operates in a noiseless manner. Its compact size and discreet design make it a great for travellers.

  • It is fully water-resistant, and therefore you can even use it inside a swimming pool. Also, this feature allows you to have wet and wild orgasms during erotic sessions of vibrations.

  • Its meticulous design allows you to use it both during foreplay and solo pleasure sessions.

  • This sex weapon is integrated with ten levels of speed and vibrating patterns which allow you to customise your experience.

  • check

    The affordable price of this sex toy makes it all the more alluring.

  • check

    It is powered by a battery which enhances its level of portability.

  • check

    The solid construction of this device makes it a durable sex toy to have in your kitty.

  • check

    Its super smooth exterior and perfectly finished head make it safe to use at all times. The metal beads are of copper, and they are further electroplated with silver to make it fully safe and convenient to use.

  • It is a bit noisy which makes it a little less inconvenient to use in all the conditions.

Most of the women fail to reach the climax during sex. The main reason for this is lack of clitoral simulation which has a direct effect on the orgasms.

To make this happen most naturally and appealingly we present to you the Annabelle Knight Wowee which is simple to use but can generate perfect vibrations that tingle your love spot most sensitively and appealingly. 

The handle of this device bears a spiral design which enables you to grip it perfectly and even use it for rotating the device for hitting the right spots during clitoral stimulations.



  • This device is packed with variable speeds which allow you to customise your self-pleasuring experience.

  • You need to twist the bottom of this sex toy to adjust the speed of the vibrations.

  • The intense pleasure giving vibrations can relieve any women in a couple of minutes. You can also use this sex weapon if you like to moan and cry in pleasure during intercourse.

  • It is compact, lightweight and portable. You can carry it anywhere you like as it can fit in any small and confined space conveniently.

  • Its exterior is smooth and luscious enough for you even to glide it in your pink hole if you want.

  • check

    Annabelle Knight Wowee comes at a budget-friendly price.

  • check

    It is powerful enough to seize your clitoris in the world of sexual bliss.

  • check

    Also, it is discrete enough to be carried anywhere and everywhere.

  • check

    It is powered by a battery which makes it even more portable and ideal to use.

  • check

    This sex toy is waterproof which means you can get wild, wet and nasty while using it through multiple orgasms.

  • This toy is ideal for the women who like to feel intense sensations that can drive them over the climactic edge.

  • It is not a flexible sex toy but a rigid one.

  • Batteries are usually not included with this sex toy.

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