Top 20 Best Nudes in the World! – Naked Pics & Videos (2019)

Beaches give a wonderful expression to life as they are among the few places that show the enormity of nature and creation.

Many a time we feel the desire to be one with nature and being in our natural nude form is the best way to embrace nature and to appreciate god and his creation.

Nudity should not be considered as a sexual gesture or slutty what we call in layman’s language, but it is a kind of expression which allows us to experience the freedom and to liberate ourselves from the norms of the society.

However, there aren’t many places expect our bathrooms and bedrooms where we get the opportunity to be nude and that too is for specific purposes. 

Thankfully there are nude beaches in some parts of the world where men and women find themselves free to either be fully or partially nude as per their wish. Today we are disclosing all those top nude beaches in the world which allow us to be ourselves.

One needs only to be decent, avoid clicking pictures of others without seeking permission, getting suggestive and touching others if he or she wishes to roam around freely on a nude beach.  Most people visit such places to get a tan, to relax or to simply gaze at the vast sea.

These are the top 20 nude beaches we have found only for you:

Top 20 best nude beaches

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#1. Samurai Beach

Australia has some of the best beaches in the world, and there is no denying that.

At Port Stevens, you will find the beautiful and exquisite Samurai Beach which is meant especially for nudists.

Here you fill numerous nude sports such as nude throw ball, nude volleyball, nude sack races and much more.

Samurai is only a few hours away from Sydney and also hosts parties and nude body painting events regularly.​

Therefore, if you happen to be in Australia and wish to see a nude beach, then Samurai Beach is the place for you.

Samurai Beach

#2. Bellevue Beach

If you visit Klampenborg of Denmark, you will hear about a nude beach called Bellevue Beach.

The beach is serene, clean and a whole lot of nudists come here regularly to find their expression with nature.  

There is also a section meant for those who are topless and not fully nude, and we suppose it is for people who have just come to see nude people but are themselves shy to be nude.

Bellevue Beach

#3. Baker Beach

San Francisco is a beautiful city, and anyone would admit that, but there is another aspect to this city which makes it more special.

It is a scenic beach of San Francisco called Baker Beach and is located alongside the Golden Gate Bridge.

Though it is not a nude beach, in particular, you will find numerous people go nude here just due to the magnificence of the place.

Baker Beach

#4. Hidden Beach Resort

Hidden Beach Resort is a nudist resort of Mexico which is well-known for its mouth-watering Mexican food and delicacies as well.

Therefore, if you wish to go full nude on a white sand beach, then this is the place meant only for you.

Hidden Beach Resort is also a five-star restaurant which makes it a happening place to chill around and have fun.

Hidden Beach Resort

#5. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach of Greece is the perfect place for party animals as it starts of partying every evening at around 4.30 pm.

It has two magnificent bars and DJ joints who force you shake your legs to peppy numbers.

All these luxuries and that also on a nude beach makes the Paradise beach a place filled with fun and entertainment.

Paradise Beach

#6. Lady Bay Beach

Australia has many beaches where you can roam around naked, but there are only a few places which are officially nude beaches.

Lady Bay Beach of Sydney is one of those beaches where you see many gorgeous men stripping down naked.

Though the beach is relatively small and narrow, it is calm and extremely discrete which makes it that much more special.

Most people here come for having a sunbath (at least they like to keep it that way).

Lady Bay Beach

#7. Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach is located in Vancouver of Canada and is a huge big that spans across its 8kms (approximately) coastline.

People began roaming nude here since the 1970’s, and therefore you can imagine that it has been a heaven for the nudists for decades now.

Lush green vegetation and dense trees surround this beach which makes it look even more beautiful and serene.

Wreck Beach

#8. Red Beach

If you want to relax and enjoy on a secluded nude beach, then the Red Beach of Greece can be the ideal beach for you. It is located in an island named Crete which is both tranquil and mysterious in its ways.

Nearby the beach you will find red cliffs of sandstones, caves and other natural wonders that will appease your spirits instantly. There are other beaches in Crete where you can roam around wearing nothing but the Red Beach is the best of them all.

Red Beach

#9. Cap D-Agde Beach

Cap D-Agde is also known as Naked City because you are free to roam around nude wherever you feel like on the beach, in the restaurants and even banks.

Therefore, it is a dream place for a nudist and attracts millions of visitors each year.

There are numerous hotels, houses and other rental facilities available for the visitors.

Therefore, staying here will not be a problem at all. It is located in Southern France, and it has to be one of the best nude beaches in the world.

Cap D-Agde Beach

#10. Little Beach

Muai is a beautiful island located in the Hawaii of the United States of America.

It is well-known for its beautiful Little Beach where tourists are allowed to strip completely naked and can roam around freely as well.

The rocky seabed and lush trees around the beach make it a perfect place to hang around with your friends and family.

The sea here consists of turtles, whales, and other aquatic animals.

Little Beach

#11. Buhne 16

Sylt is a natural island of Germany which is home to many beaches where clothing is optional for the visitors.

However, the Buhne 16 beach of Sylt is the most preferred and used beach by the nudists simply because of its discrete nature and calm surroundings.

Another aspect of this place is that water is relatively cold even in summers which attract tourists all around from Germany. It is also ideal for beach parties and relaxing on holiday.

Buhne 16

#12. Black’s Beach

Known for its ravishing coastline the city of La Jolla located in California has a beautiful beach called Black’s Beach.

It is surrounded in between high mountain cliffs and is the oldest nude beach of the United States.

This nude beach is great for surfing and exploring the wonders of nature and nudists prefer to tan their bodies here.

Black’s Beach

#13. Mpenjati Beach

Located in the coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal of South Africa, the Mpenjati Beach is the only beach of South Africa which is officially meant for the nudists.

However, you have to be very cautious of the rules here which are mostly followed on all the nude beaches in the world.

This beach is up and running with many nudists crowding up on the weekends despite the numerous protests made by the residents and clergies of the area.

Mpenjati Beach

#14. Playa Zipolite

If you are fond of nude sunbathing, then Zipolite beach located in the Oaxaca State of Mexico is probably the perfect place due to its vast coastline, serene atmosphere and secluded nature.

Numerous Mexican mainstream movies have been shot on the scenic locations of the beach, and therefore you can imagine how beautiful it is. 

Though it is not an official nude beach, you will find numerous women and men enjoying the sun on their bare bodies.

Playa Zipolite

#15. Neve Midbar

The famous North Dead Sea that surrounds Israel has one resort called as Neve Midbar.

Alongside the resort is a small coastline which can be used by nudists to bare all their clothes to roam like a free bird.

Swimming is not recommended here due to the deeper banks of the water, but boating and other water sports can be enjoyed on the sea water.

Neve Midbar

#16. Praia Massarandupio

Brazil is home to some of the best beaches in the world and when it comes to nude beaches, the Praia beach of Bahia located at a couple of hours drive from Salvador is the best.

The dancing waves of the beach are ideal for surfing, and the shoreline is filled with coconut trees which make it even more beautiful.

Therefore, if you want to see gorgeous Brazilian beauties walking naked, then you can pay a visit to this beach but do not dare to stare at them if you want to roam around without any issues.

Praia Massarandupio

#17. Spiaggia di Guvano

Vernazza is one of the oldest villages of Italy known for its scenic beauty and natural abundance.

In this village, you will find a beautiful nude beach named as Spiaggia di Guvano which has a pebbly coast and crystal clear water.

The village bears a rustic look, but there are no such facilities available here.

Therefore, this beach proves to be perfect for those nudists who wish to explore different cultures and parts of the world.

Spiaggia di Guvano

#18. Haulover Beach Park

Haulover Beach Park is the most popular nude beach in the United States where millions of tourists and nudists from around the world visit each year.

The nude section is properly demarked with fences on either side and has plenty of chairs and lifeguards to provide safety to the nudists.

The awesome weather, white sand, and healing warm water make it an ideal place for the beach lovers which also make it one of the hottest tourist attractions of Miami, Florida.

Haulover Beach Park

#19. Le Grottes Plage

Costal Azul is a cool city of France which is green and blue all around.

The Le Grottes Plage beach here has to be one of the most alluring beaches in the world, and it is also permitted for the nudists which makes it even more happening. 

This beach is open for everyone and whether to wear clothes or not is completely your choice.

This place is always crowded due to the many restaurants and cool spots to visit nearby the beach.

Le Grottes Plage

#20. Anse de Grande Saline

St. Barts also known as Saint Barthelemy is a wonderful Carribean Island famous for its exotic white sand beaches.

The Anse de Grande Saline beach is the best beach out here also famous as a nude beach.

There is no proper shade year, and therefore the nudists must bring their accessories and sunscreen if they intend to tan their skin. 

There are excellent restaurants and bars located nearby the beach which makes it convenient enough for the visitors to chill and hang around with loved ones and friends.

All these aspects make Anse de Grande one of the coolest nude beaches of the world.

Anse de Grande Saline

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