Top 20 Best Online Dating Sites [Cum in 7 Seconds] – 2019

Dating is something which often people ignore as they feel that they will be walking on the street and the love of their life will trip over something and fall in their arms or something like that.

Yes, it is good to be romantic, but one should also remain practical in today’s life as people are more money minded and seek only those who are suitable for them in the long run.

It may sound hard but it is the brutal truth, but there is no need to worry when there are plenty of dating sites who have thousands of romantic heads like you. 

Therefore, if you take pains to fill out your details properly and make your profile a short gist of your life then chances of finding someone attractive and stunning increases by a large extent.

However, for that, you will have to pick the right dating site first. There are hundreds of dating sites on the internet today, but most of them are scams and are just developed to loot your money.

To provide our readers with some right and result from oriented dating sites, we took the pain of researching and examining almost all of the sites which are available on the dozens of Google pages.

Few of them were awful, and they were nothing but sites operated by few bots and were trying to prove good specimens of artificial intelligence. After a lot of sorting and statistical analysis, we have come up with top 20 best dating sites just for you! 

These sites balance the features, price, user-friendliness and other parameters to perfection and manage to cater a great dating experience to the users.

Let us take a look at these top 20 best dating sites:

Top 20 best dating sites



Check price




coffee meets bagel

​Coffee Meets Bagel


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elite singles-min

​Elite Singles







plenty of fish

Plenty of Fish








seeking arrangement-min

Seeking Arrangement


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#1. Mingle2

Estimated visits per month – 6 million

Mingle2 did not seem to be a promising site on the first look.

However, when we tried out this site by ourselves we were stunned by the number of responses we received and most of the members we contacted were real people.

What impressed us more was the fact that it was completely free and did not post a single ad on their page.

  • check

    It is for the people who have an open mindset and do not mind casual dating just for fun.

  • check

    The design, layout, and user-interface of this website are quite impressive even though it is a free site.

  • check

    Over six million monthly visitors’ means there are at least thousands of registrations every month which makes it a huge dating site.

  • It did not provide an effective matchmaking system.

  • There are better places for the ones who are looking the love of their lives.

#2. Coffee Meets Bagel

Estimated visits per month – 364.3k

When we visited this site it had the tagline “Rediscover dating” but what we discovered was that this site was an app that had pretty cool features in it for the Android and iPhone users.

However, its interesting name forced us to research on it further, and we discovered that it was the best dating app out there.

The sign-up process gets a little too long, and that can be avoided, but the overall experiences and real matches out there make it a worth visiting site for the dating community.

Some cool perks can be availed through beans, and the beans are offered at $1.99 per 100 beans.

  • check

    It is a women-centric site means that only “she” can contact “him” even if “he” liked “her” before.

  • check

    It uses your Facebook account to pull out the best matches for you from amongst the mutual contacts of your friends.

  • check

    Each male gets 21 female matches to choose from, and the women get to see who all liked them in a day. If they like the male matches back, a connection is made, and they can message each other for free.

  • Both men and women have to be patient while using this app because at times it can get very slow in producing the right kind of matches.

  • There is no desktop version for this app which is quite upsetting.

  • Some men can take its branding to the heart which tells that it is a women’s choice app.

Estimated visits per month – 32.6K

We had heard about this dating site a lot, but we were pretty much ignoring it because big names sometimes have very less to offer.

However, proved to be an exception and worked pretty fine, and we managed to date with many people using it. 

The premium fee for one month is $29.99 whereas the fee for three and six-month plans are $59.97 and  $119.94 respectively.

  • check

    It has also launched its Android and iPhone version now.

  • check

    There are millions of members on this site and that too from almost all the parts of the world.

  • check

    The male-female ratio of this dating site was quite good.

  • It is not meant for those who are looking for casual dates.

  • The free version of this site only took us that far and everything ahead of it seemed interesting. This might be their good marketing strategy to entice customers into buying their premium plans.

#4. Elite Singles

Estimated visits per month – 1.2 million

There are few dating sites which classify the visitors according to their wealth, and there are sites like Elite Singles which only provide entry passes to well-educated individuals.

Therefore, it was quite a surprising shock when we came to know that it was true and most of its members belonged to great backgrounds either financially or academically or both!

The premium charges are 59.95 for one month, $104.85 for three months, $149.70 for six months and $215.40 for 12 months.

  • check

    It has a huge database of eligible singles.

  • check

    It is an international dating site.

  • check

    The matchmaking system of this site is quite good.

  • It is not meant for the masses and truckers.

  • The premium charges are quite expensive.

Estimated visits last month – 33.4 million

A dating site which is doing quite well in these days is, and so we decided to find the reason behind it.

It is a cool site which entertains straight, bisexual, transgender and everyone else who is looking to find a suitable partner. The premium fee is $9.95 per month.

  • check

    It is a great site for those who are looking for fun and casual dating.

  • check

    It has a super cool user-interface which provides a seamless online dating experience to the users.

  • check

    The free version of this site is quite good which gives a good feel about its effectiveness.

  • There are a few fake profiles here.

  • It lacks a genuine matchmaking system as has.

#6. Bumble

Estimated visits last month – 1.7 million

When we were cross-checking the women-centric sites, we came across Bumble, and it turned out to be the best site for women.

Like CMB only women get to initiate the conversation, and the guys always stay on the receiving end especially if they get abusive or indecent.

This site is free, but the boost pack starts at $9.99 per month. 

  • check

    It is a free dating site except when you feel like your profile is unpopular and feel like using its boost pack.

  • check

    The interface and overall look of this site is quite appealing.

  • check

    The members are genuine, and guys are gentlemen on this site.

  • It is not suitable for men who want to make the first move.

#7. Plenty of Fish

Estimated visits last month – 81 million

For someone, it may look like a fishing site, but the fishes here are the matches you would like to trap in your net for not so mean reasons.

It is a cool dating site for those who want to have fun, and many just want to get laid, Despite these facts, this site works pretty well for everyone owing to its huge member base.

The premium charges for three and six-month plan are $35.40 and $ 51 respectively.

  • check

    Millions of registered users and millions of new visitors pouring every month, this site has to be the biggest when it comes to member database.

  • check

    It also lets you find fishes those who are thriving nearby you.

  • check

    It provides a lot of choices for people belonging to different parts of the globe.

  • It can get confusing to the new users.

  • The interface and overall look of this site can be improved especially since it is so much popular now.

#8. Tinder

Estimated visits last month – 53.3 million

Most of you will tell me that Tinder is not a dating site but a hook-up site, but I do not completely agree with it.

Tinder has millions of users who are innocent fellows and just there to have some online fun.

Therefore, if you plow deep into their heart, you can find someone special on Tinder.

Tinder plus plan comes at $2.99 per month whereas the Tinder gold plans can be availed at just $4.99 per month.

  • check

    It provides a basic free version which is better than premium version of many sites.

  • check

    There are millions of fuck buddies out there just good enough when you are feeling horny.

  • check

    The look and feel of this site are so good that you often see sites copying their style.

  • check

    It is also available in the form of a mobile app now.

  • It is not suitable for long-term relation seekers.

  • It lacks a solid matchmaking system like eHarmony.

#9. eHarmony

Estimated visits last month – 5.1 million

With a matchmaking algorithm that actually and scientifically finds your ideal match, eHarmony has to be one of the best ratings on the internet today.

However, its pricing is a bit expensive which has restrained many of the masses from using its perks.  

The basic plan starts at $54.84 whereas the premium plan starts at $74.85 on a monthly basis.

  • check

    There are numerous ways to find your ideal date by searching, through matches and advanced location-based searches as well.

  • check

    It has a clean and clutter-free user-interface.

  • check

    Thousands of members are online whenever you log-in which is a great thing.

  • The premium plans are quite expensive.

  • It is not meant for casual dating.

#10. Seeking Arrangement

Estimated visits last month – 6.8 million

Seeking Arrangement is a credible site which is meant for the rich or for those who are seeking rich.​

It is meant for those Sugar Daddies who are looking for cute and beautiful Sugar babies to get married or even for casual dating.

The premium charges for 1, 3 and 12-month plan are $59.95, $119.95 and $189.95 respectively.

  • check

    The user-interface is intriguing and full of likeable features.

  • check

    Most of the members on this site are genuine.

  • check

    It is an ideal site for girls who are seeking rich men.

  • They also host some events for their elite clientele.

  • The premium plans are costly, but that is expected when you want to enter the club of rich people.

  • Chances of a few scammers cannot be ruled out.

#11. Zoosk

Estimated visits last month – 25.9 million

Zoosk is an international dating site which has lots of features and eligible singles as well.

The premium fee for three months is $59.85 and the premium fee for six months is $119.85.

One can even browse profiles and view the profiles pictures without paying for the premium account on Zoosk!

  • check

    One can create the profile, send interests and add photos without paying any charges.

  • check

    It has an ad-free and impressive interface.

  • check

    It has a perfect combination of modern dating and safety features.

  • Only premium members can send messages.

  • There might be a few fake profiles on this site.

#12. Afro Introductions

Estimated visits last month – 3.1 million

If you are looking for African dates, then Afro Introductions can be the ideal site for you since it has a huge collection of African matches.

The site has a vast pool of members which makes it one of the most popular dating sites especially for those who belong to the African communities.

The monthly fee of this site is $34.99 for a gold plan and $39.99 for a platinum plan.

  • check

    The site has an ad-free and pleasant interface.

  • check

    It is perfect for those who are looking for serious dating.

  • check

    The search options are effective and make dating a lot easier.

  • It is more suitable for the African people.

Estimated visits last month – 1 million

Cupid is a special dating site especially for the women since it is free for them. However, for men, the one day trial is offered at 3.48 pounds, and the monthly plan fee is 27.99 pounds.

  • check

    It has a cool interface which makes dating much easier.

  • check

    Sign-up is offered for free which gives you a feel of the site.

  • check

    There are thousands of eligible matches on Cupid.

  • It is more suited for serious dating.

  • The premium plans are a bit costly.

Estimated visits last month – 9.3 million, as its name suggests, is a perfect dating site for those who want to have fun and enjoy their lives.

The premium fee for one-month subscription is 27 pounds (U.K), and the site mostly consists of teen men and women.

  • check

    It has an intuitive user interface.

  • check

    It is a perfect dating site for women since the ratio of men to women is 5:1.

  • check

    There are thousands of active profiles online whenever you enter this site.

  • It is more suitable for casual dating.

#15. Senior People Meet

Estimated visits last month – 82K

Senior People Meet is a dating site which is strictly meant for seniors who are above 50.

Therefore if you are a senior, then you can use this site because it is one of the best senior dating sites in the world.

The premium fee for one and six-month plan are $14.99 and $59.94 respectively.

  • check

    There are thousands of eligible seniors on this site.

  • check

    This site can be used for both casual and serious dating by the seniors.

  • check

    The premium plans of this site are quite affordable.

  • The site is only meant for seniors.

#16. Silver Singles

Estimated visits last month – 885.8K

Silver Singles is a dedicated site meant for seniors who want to date someone attractive of their age.

This site belongs to the Elite Singles group and therefore is a reliable site. The premium fee for one month is $19.99.

  • check

    The premium plan is quite affordable.

  • check

    The site is made for seniors to satiate their various requirements.

  • check

    The user-interface of this website is clean and is ad-free as well.

  • This site is not as popular as it should be.

Estimated visits last month – 779.7K is arguably the best dating site for seniors. The monthly fee is $19.99 whereas the six and three-month plans are provided at $71.94 and $53.97 respectively.

  • check

    It is a perfect dating site for seniors above 50.

  • check

    It is designed to meet the dating needs of the seniors.

  • check

    There are more women than men on this site which means it is a perfect dating site for senior men.

  • Payment can be done only via credit and debit cards.

Estimated visits last month – 96.6K

If you are looking for a solid matchmaking site, then could prove to be the site for you. It is a slightly expensive site as its monthly fee is $49.95 and the three-month plan comes at $99.96.

  • check

    It is a perfect dating site for men since there are more women singles on this site.

  • check

    It has a scientific matchmaking system which makes use of your personality traits and preferences to find a perfect match for you.

  • check

    It can be accessed via a paid or free version.

  • It is more suitable for serious dating.

  • The premium plans are very costly.

#19. Match Maker

Estimated visits last month – 16.5K is yet another site meant for those who are looking for their soul mates and ideal partners.

The premium fee for one month is $34.95 whereas the three-month subscription can be availed at $69.96.

  • check

    Profile creation and browsing of profiles can be done without paying anything.

  • check

    There are various chat rooms in which you can meet eligible matches.

  • check

    The matchmaking algorithm of this site is powerful and generates desired matches for you.

  • It is not suitable for casual flings and sex dating.

#20. BBWCupid

Estimated visits last month – 1.1 million

If you are looking for gorgeous plus-sized men or women, then is the site of your dreams.

The premium fee for one month is $34.99 whereas the three-month and one-year plans are offered at $69.98 and $139.99 respectively.

  • check

    There are a lot of gorgeous ladies and handsome plus-sized men on this site.

  • check

    You can join for free to get a taste before subscribing to the premium plan.

  • check

    This site is perfect for plus sized women and their admirers.

  • This site is not meant for women who are not plus-sized.

  • The premium charges are a bit costly.

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