Top 20 Best Rich Men Dating Sites – 2019 – (Reviews & Comparison)

Rich men are rare, but they are ideal for women who love to live a lavish life.

Most of the women prefer rich men when it comes to marriages and relationships because they are capable of providing them with a good future and luxurious lifestyle. 

However, it is not easy to find rich men, and moreover, there is no guarantee of finding them in real life as most of them will be busy with their own lives and business.

As a result, an online dating site could prove to be the perfect place for finding such rich and handsome men. 

Today we are discussing those dating sites which have rich men as their members. Therefore, if you want to date, flirt, hook-up or marry a rich guy then you can register on some of these sites.

These sites are also suitable for rich men who are seeking beautiful and young lasses for a relationship, friendship and much more.

Let us take a look at these top 20 best rich men dating sites:

Top 10 best rich men dating sites



Check price

millionaire match-min

Millionaire Match


sugar daddy for me-min

​Sugar Daddy For Me


Elite Singles-min

Elite Singles


sugar daddie-min

​Sugar Daddie


rich men hookup-min

Rich Men Hook-up


Insert Image

Established Men


rich meet beautiful-min

Rich Meet Beautiful


seeking millionaire-min

Seeking Millionaire


seeking arrangement-min

Seeking Arrangement


sugar daddy meet-min

Sugar Daddy Meet


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#1. Millionaire Match

Estimated visits last month – 574.7K

Millionaire Match is perhaps one of the oldest dating sites which are perfect for young women who are seeking rich men and rich men who are looking for gorgeous young ladies.

It has been trending on the internet from more than 17 years now and is a reliable and safe site for everyone looking for a healthy relationship.

One month trial fee is $70 and if you opt for three or 6-month plan they it will cost you $45 and $35 per month.

  • check

    Their customer service team is efficient and provide a superb service to the members.

  • check

    It contains numerous wealthy and rich men who are looking to date or marry someone really special.

  • check

    If you are a free user and receive a message from a Gold member, then you can reply to his message for free.

  • check

    It has a good audio quality

  • It is a relatively expensive dating site as you are looking for nothing less than a rich match.

  • The site lacks information on its homepage.

#2. Sugar Daddy For Me

Estimated visits last month – 455.5K

Launched in 2004, Sugar Daddy For Me is the best dating website if you are looking for a rich guy who can fulfil all your wishes.

It also comes with a three-day free trial which is a great feature of this site. It has millions of registered Sugar Daddies who provide plenty of dating options for the aspiring ladies.

Administration fees are $4.95 for new users, and the silver plan costs $29.95 per month, and gold plan costs $34.95 per month.

  • check

    Almost 2000 fresh profiles are added on the site each day.

  • check

    It is a premium site which costs far less than some of the other premium rich men dating sites.

  • check

    One can choose the premium plan according to their budget and requirements.

  • The overall look and appearance of this site are not that impressive.

#3. Elite Singles

Estimated visits last month – 469.4K

Elite Singles has a huge database of well-educated, accomplished and rich men and therefore is an ideal site for those who are looking to date rich men.

It has a lot of fun features and costs much less than most of the premium rich men dating sites.

You will have to pay $59.95 for one month, $104.85 for three months, $149.70 for six months and $215.40 for 12-month subscription plan on this site.

  • check

    All the matches on this site are of high quality.

  • check

    It provides advanced search tools and options to the premium members.

  • check

    It has more than five million wealthy singles who make it a lucrative site for everyone.

  • It is not an exclusive rich man dating site.

#4. Sugar Daddie

Estimated visits last month – 565.9K

Sugar Daddie is impressive rich men dating site and ideal for the men who are seeking a hot and beautiful match for themselves.

It is also great for girls and women who wish to date or marry rich guys.

The membership charges are quite affordable which makes this site much more desirable for everyone.

The premium fees for sugar babies are 24.99, 49.99 and 89.99$ for 1,3 and six months respectively.

However, the memberships fees for sugar daddies are 29.99, 59.99 and 109.99$ for the one, three and six months respectively.

  • check

    It gives profile blocking option to the premium members.

  • check

    They accept feedbacks and suggestions of users in the Feedback Area and also provide excellent support services to the members.

  • check

    There are many lucrative options to the standard members like they can reply to the incoming emails of the Gold members.

  • The site can be updated with new features for searching and filtering matches.

  • The site is down sometimes which can be a cause of concern to the members.

#5. Rich Men Hook-up

Estimated visits last month – NA

If you wish to date a real rich man who is ready for a casual date or hook-ups, then this can be the perfect site for you.

It has lots of single and rich men who are ready to date beautiful and special girls.

Therefore, we were compelled to add it to the list of top 20 best rich men dating sites.

The premium membership costs are $70, $135 and $210 for one, three and six months respectively.

  • check

    A huge database of rich men and sexy girls await you at Rich Men Hook-up.

  • check

    The site is user-friendly and interactive.

  • check

    It also offers free membership with limited features for the people who want to check this dating site.

  • The website needs to look more appealing and impressive if they want to lure the visitors.

#6. Established Men

Estimated visits last month – 351.4K

Like the name of this dating site suggests it contains a whole lot of rich and established men.

However, it is suitable for men who are looking for young women and for young girls and women who wish to date rich guys.​

The membership fees are $79, $147 and $300 for 1,3 and 12 months respectively.

  • check

    It is an evenly balanced site which consists of wealthy men and gorgeous women.

  • check

    They are well-known to provide a superior dating experience to their members.

  • check

    The rich guys and sexy women are from different parts of the world.

  • check

    The community of these rich men dating site is full of genuine members.

  • This site looks quite ordinary and simple as compared to other rich men dating sites.

  • We feel that the homepage can be designed with a better layout.

#7. Rich Meet Beautiful

Estimated visits last month – 304.5K

The name of this dating site says it all. It is meant for the rich guys seeking beautiful girls and beautiful women seeking superrich men.

The site is filled with great features and provides plenty of dating opportunities to everyone registered on it.

The membership fees for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months are $39.99, $89.97, $119.94 and $179.88 respectively.

  • check

    You can sign-up with your Facebook account if you are a new visitor.

  • check

    On this site you get to specify your role beforehand such as you can be a Sugar Daddy, Sugar boy, and Sugar mum or Sugar baby.

  • check

    This site is free for the sugar babies.

  • The overall look of this men dating site is simple, and it looks more like a blogging site.

#8. Seeking Millionaire

Estimated visits last month – NA

Like the name of this rich man dating site suggests, this site focuses on the sugar moms and sugar babies who are looking for rich and wealthy sugar boys or sugar daddies.

Therefore, there is plenty of scope for dating on this site.

You will have to pay $45, $110 and $170 for 1, 3 and six months respectively.

  • check

    The premium members have the option of keeping their photos private.

  • check

    Premium members can access their mailbox by even keeping their photos private.

  • check

    You can also see who has viewed your profile.

  • A member can switch to platinum verified membership only if he is a rich guy.

  • The navigation of this site needs to be enhanced a bit.

#9. Seeking Arrangement

Estimated visits last month – 6.7 million

Though the name sounds odd, this rich man dating site is one of the best dating sites in the world. It focuses on arranging Sugar daddies and those who are seeking for Sugar daddies.

One month premium fee is $29.95, and if you opt for 3 or 6-month plans, then it will cost you $19.95 and $15.95 per month respectively.

  • check

    It provides superior privacy controls to the members.

  • check

    There are tons of quality members on this site which is good news for all the sugar moms and babies out there.

  • check

    Most of the premium profiles on this site are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.

  • The site tends to get slow sometimes.

  • The design, flow, and layout of the site need to improve.

#10. Sugar Daddy Meet

Estimated visits last month – 413.1K

Sugar Daddy Meet is a lucrative dating site for all the girls and women who are looking forward to date and meet an affluent rich man.

It is a special site for sugar daddies and sugar babies who want to date passionately and get spoilt. 

One month premium fee is $50, but if you go for the three or 6-month plan, then it will cost you $30 and $24 per month.

  • check

    You can register on this site using your Facebook profile.

  • check

    The premium members are allowed to make their own photo albums.

  • check

    There are many search tools and filters which help you to sort your matches conveniently.

  • The site could have been more attractive and appealing.

#11. Secret Benefits

Estimated visits last month – NA

Secret Benefits is an exclusive rich men dating site which focuses on dating and relationships between Sugar Daddies and Sugar babies.

It has already amassed more than a million members, and thousands of fresh profiles are being added every day which makes it a cool site for the girls who are seeking rich men and for the guys who are looking for beautiful girls.

You will need to give up credits for availing the premium features. One hundred credits will cost you $59, 500 credits will come at $169, and $1000 will cost you $289.

  • check

    You can sign up for free to get a feel of this website.

  • check

    The profiles are mostly genuine, and all the pictures are verified as well.

  • check

    This site allows Sugar daddies and Sugar babies to develop relations as per their wish and according to their ways.

  • The site can be very slow sometimes.

#12. Luxy

Estimated visits last month – NA

Luxy is a cool website for rich men and sexy women which assist the members in finding their desired dates with ease.

It is also available in the app form and providing lots of interesting features for its premium members.

It has millions of members which makes it happening rich men dating site.  

One month subscription fee is $99.99, but if you go for the three or six-month plans, then they will cost you $79.99 and $58.99 per month.

  • check

    It provides free registration to the new members.

  • check

    Most of the members on this site belong to the rich and affluent class.

  • check

    It provides advanced swiping methods for choosing the matches that suit you perfectly.

  • You cannot view the homepage without subscribing for the newsletter of this site which can irritate many new visitors and increase the bounce rate of the website.

#13. Date Billionaire

Estimated visits last month – 80.5K

Girls who are not satisfied with even a millionaire can check this Date Billionaire dating site as it claims to provide service to filthy rich billionaires as well.

There are millions of wealthy men and women on this site who are looking for lucrative dating options.

They are in the dating industry for the last 15 years which also makes them one of the oldest rich men dating sites.

Membership accounts will cost you $70, $135 and $210 for one, three and six months respectively.

  • check

    Here you have a chance to date not only millionaires but billionaires as well.

  • check

    They provide free sign-up for new users.

  • check

    The sign-up process is quite fast and simple to follow.

  • The site lacks the look of a premium dating site and looks pretty much ordinary.

  • The flashy and glittering background design used does not make it look any good.

#14. Looking For a Rich Man

Estimated visits last month – NA

The name of this dating site makes it purpose pretty clear.

This rich men dating site is ideal for women and girls who are in pursuit of rich and affluent men.

The sign-up process is simple and free. The homepage of this site is quite informative and well planned and designed.

  • check

    The site looks quite impressive and informative, to say the least.

  • check

    It is available in the form of an app for iPhone and Android phone users.

  • check

    There are thousands of rich men and women on this site who make it a perfect rich man dating site.

  • The site lacks premium features, and this is one of the only major drawbacks of this site.

#15. Seeking Rich

Estimated visits last month – NA

If you are looking for a rich millionaire or billionaire who can take care of all your needs and desires, then you can check this site for sure.

It is pretty evident from its name that this site is meant for the sugar babies who are seeking a relationship, dating or romance with a rich Sugar Daddy.

There are numerous safety and validation features mentioned on this site which make it super cool and happening.

Premium charges are $70, $135 and $210 for one, three and six months respectively.

  • check

    Seeking Rich provides a secure and reliable dating network to all its members.

  • check

    The site provides interesting tips and advice on how to date single and rich guys.

  • check

    You can use the quick search option of this site to find the rich dates living nearby you quickly.

  • check

    There are numerous interesting articles and blogs about relationships and dating tips.

  • check

    Regular verifications are done to ensure that you get to see only real profiles and pictures.

  • The site looks too ordinary, and it is hard to believe that it is made for rich men.

#16. Marry a Rich Man

Estimated visits last month – NA

This dating site is meant for the women and girls who wish to marry a businessman or a rich guy.

This site has rich men and beautiful women of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures which provides plenty of options to both the men and women members.

It is powered by Elite Singles which itself is a leading international website. Therefore, it is both a lucrative and dependable rich men dating site.

  • check

    Unlike its name the site does not only assist in marriage but also help women to find rich dates and hook-up options.

  • check

    This site is completely free which means that you get a premium quality rich men dating site at zero cost.

  • check

    The design of the website is quite simple but attractive at the same time.

  • It lacks some premium features and also does not look like a premium site which it is not despite being powered by Elite Singles.

  • There are some fake profiles on this site which can depress you.

#17. Match

Estimated visits last month – 24.8K is not an exclusive rich man dating site, but it has thousands of members of rich and affluent society.

Therefore, you can find your Sugar Daddy if you are a woman or you can search for your sugar mom if you are a guy.

The site is dependable and has millions of profiles registered on it.

It is one of the leading international dating sites as well which means that you will get to date rich men and women located in any corner of the world.

For 12, 6 and three months subscription plan you need to pay $20.99, $23.99 & $26.99 per month respectively.

  • check

    It is a secure and trustable site.

  • check

    It has been responsible for countless marriages in the United States. Therefore, you can count on it if you are looking to marry a rich guy or a rich woman.

  • check

    The premium services of this site are very affordable if you compare them with the premium rich men dating sites.

  • It does not belong to the rich men dating niche specifically.

  • The site does not offer lucrative features for its free members.

#18. eHarmony

Estimated visits last month – 5.3 million

eHarmony cannot be considered as an exclusive rich man dating site but owing to the millions of rich and wealthy men and women who are registered on this site, it is quite a lucrative option for those who are seeking to date rich people.

Also, the site comes at a pretty reasonable membership cost which is quite less as compared to most of the premium rich men dating sites.

For one month you need to pay $59.95, and for the three-month plan, you need to pay $89.85 on eHarmony.

  • check

    It is a safe and secure site since all your data is kept secure and confidential.

  • check

    The site has millions of users, and you can find numerous people here who are willing to date and bond with rich individuals.

  • check

    The matchmaking system of this website is exceptional and unparalleled since it was developed by Dr Warren who has worked as a marriage counsellor and psychologist for over 35 years. This feature makes this site very special and lucrative for those who wish to marry rich men or women.

  • It is not a dedicated rich man dating site.

  • The site does not offer free trails.

#19. Millionaires Club

Estimated visits last month – NA

If you too wish to join the club of rich and affluent people for dating purposes, then the Millionaires Club is the perfect site made just for you.

The site boasts that it has almost a 100 per cent track record for arranging dates with millionaires which is quite outstanding if it is true.

Founded in 2000, this site is one of the oldest and also the costliest premium rich men dating site in the world today.

The bronze membership comes at $45K per year. Similarly, the silver, gold and platinum packages come at $65k, $85k and $100k per year.

  • check

    They encourage the members to meet new people online which help them in understanding the nuances of dating and relationship.

  • check

    It is one the most sought-after dating website when it comes to dating rich and affluent men.

  • check

    It is an ideal site for those who are passionate about financial security and a lavish lifestyle.

  • It is certainly a very expensive rich man dating website.

  • The premium features cost a lot and can seriously disturb the budget of ordinary people.

  • It is more suitable for rich singles.

#20. Wealthy Men

Estimated visits last month – NA

Wealthy Men is a classy dating portal especially for the men who are rich and do not mind dating online.

There is a huge difference between the men and women with women being clearly on the higher side.

This means that the wealthy men on this site have more chances of dating than any other premium rich men dating site.

The standard package for three months will cost you $19.99 and gold package for one month will cost you $34.99.

  • check

    There are over 250K members active on this site which provides plenty of options to single men and women who want to date rich people.

  • check

    It comes with a one day trial period which is offered at free cost.

  • check

    It is quite a popular website among the rich and affluent class.

  • It is more suited for rich men.

  • The site lacks in numbers as compared to the other premium rich men dating sites.

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