Top 20 Hottest and Famous Anime Girls – (Updated 2019)

While some claim to be genuinely captivated by the plots, a sizeable group of people like anime because of the appearance of the characters.

The scantily clad, big-breasted characters are a massive attraction for this section of the fanbase.

Hereby, I enlist the 20 hottest female anime characters that have inspired cosplay adaptations and fanatic following over time.

You definitely have your preferences but it’s a list worth looking at. Crack on:

top anime girls

Top 20 Hottest and Famous Anime Girls – (Updated 2019)

#1. Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane Strauss a seductive anime girl is a character from “Fairy Tail.” She is a bartender/waitress.

She has long, white hair that curls at the tips with bangs running down to her chest.

Besides her stunning long hair, she has large breasts and blue eyes to add to her curvy figure.

Due to her beauty, she is constantly featured in Sorcerer Magazine. Besides her obvious physical beauty, she is cheerful with an endearing persona.

She is seen to mostly wear a pleated skirt and an ankle-length maroon dress with matching high-heels.

She also has a necklace with a blue gem and a bracelet of white flowers on her wrist. Her attire accentuates her beauty.

Her persona makes her the most desired among hot amine girls.

Mirajane Strauss


#2. Shiraki Meiko 

Shiraki Meiko is a character of “Prison School” where she is a vice president of a vigilante organization known as the Underground Student Council.

She is beaming with confidence and is well known for being a sadist.

She punishes the boys in detention with a horse whip and it seems she enjoys it thoroughly.

She has a tall physique and a slim waist and dresses scantily at school leaving little to the imagination.

She wears a miniskirt, tights, boots and an open collar to expose her ample breasts.

She likes wearing her oval-shaped glasses to cap off an infectiously sexy look that leaves male counterparts in a trance.

Shiraki Meiko


#3. Michiko Malandro 

Michiko Malandro is a character in “Michiko to Hatchin.”

She is a hardened criminal who breaks out of prison four times when it should be near impossible to break out. 

Beneath that hardy mask is a sexy and pretty feminine figure. She has full lips, flawless skin, and sexy eyes.

She has a lively personality that seems to add to her aura of beauty.

She is tall and slim and likes to wear shorts to show off her sexy legs.

She ties her shirts to expose a tattoo on her stomach.

When her long hair is blown by the wind, she assumes a graceful figure that is alluring and enthralling. 

Michiko Malandro


#4. Celty Sturluson

Celty Sturluson is a character in “Durarara.” She is well known as the headless “Black Rider.”

She has no head and communicates using a PDA.

While she may not have a head, her other features make her as attractive as any girl can hope to be. 

She has a tall and slender frame. She wears tight black leather that hugs her body ever so well, it accentuates her features.

While she seems to lead a normal city life, she is quite friendly and sociable.

She has unnatural strength. In spite of her being headless, she makes up for it with her charming persona and stunning body.

Celty Sturluson


#5. Merlin 

Merlin is a character on “Seven Deadly Sins” known for her powers and supernatural abilities.

Initially, she wore a long dress and boots.

Later on, she wore a cloak that concealed her face and body. 

When it was ripped apart, a tall, slim figure was exposed.

She has long dark hair and wears a revealing outfit that tends to magnify every curve of her sumptuous body.

There are beauty marks beneath her right eye. Her thigh boots fashionably make her gait extremely sexy.

This attire exposes her undeniable beauty.

Coupling her immense powers and dashing looks, she is irresistible to all who rest their eyes on her as she casts a spell on them. 



#6. Akeno Himejama 

Akeno Himejama is one of the hottest anime babes and protagonists in “High School DxD.”

She has long dark hair that reaches her legs and is tied in a ponytail.

She has a curvaceous figure that makes her one of the sexiest characters on this list.

She is determined and merciless in battle. She loves to flirt with Issei and can be vulgar sometimes.

She is very seductive and tries to lure her quarry whenever she gets a chance. She uses her charm and sex appeal to that effect.

She loves to tease and has even shown that she doesn’t mind a bit of masochism.

With her sexual fantasies, flirty nature and unquestionable beauty, she is one of the hottest anime women.

Akeno Himejama


#7. Erza Scarlet 

Erza Scarlet is a Mage in the “Fairy Tail” guild.

She is a young gorgeous woman who possesses a slender figure and is voluptuous in her own right.

She has long hair and brown eyes. Her hair has a scarlet color.

She is highly disciplined and takes pride in doing the right thing. She is a bit socially awkward due to her impatient demeanor. 

She wears black boots and a short blue skirt that make her irresistible.

She has powers that allow her to change the outfit whenever she needs to.

She is one of the hottest Mages in the guild.

Erza Scarlet


#8. Irina Shidou 

Irina is a protagonist in “High School DxD.” She is an attractive young lady with violet eyes and chestnut hair.

She ties her hair in twin tails but occasionally lets it down making her a sight to behold. 

Irina wears a skirt and white sneakers. 

She is upbeat, open-minded, and enthusiastic and loves to socialize. 

She is flirtatious towards Issei although she is one of the angels. 

In spite of her staunch beliefs, she succumbs to her lust and shows us her sex-craving side. 

Irina’s character and dashing looks make her one of the most captivating characters. 

Her willingness to embrace her sexuality and primal desires make her even more endearing.

Irina Shidou


#9. Ikaros

Ikaros is a female protagonist in “Heaven’s Lost Property.” She has long hair that is tied up using pink ribbons.

She has emerald eyes that become red in certain situations. 

She has an ample bosom that she flaunts thanks to her skimpy outfit. The cleavage is spellbinding and supple.

 She is humble and has no problem working as a maid as she tries to win over Tomoki. 

The combination of sexy eyes, elegant hair and massive breasts make her one of the most aesthetically pleasing anime girls. 

To add to her physical attributes, her personality makes her incredibly attractive.



#10. Shinka Nibutani

Shinka is a leading character in “Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions.”

She is one of the most popular girls in her school due to her looks. 

Shinka even won a secret poll for the most beautiful girl in her class. She has long brown hair and has orange eyes. 

Perhaps her time in the limelight has made her a blossoming beauty that smolders with the raw sexual appeal. 

Boys regularly but helplessly fantasize about her. 

Even though she doesn’t have a perfect personality, she is still incredibly popular and attractive.

Shinka Nibutani


#11. Lust

Lust is one of the characters in “Fullmetal Alchemist.”

Lust is an artificial being known for her mysterious persona and intoxicating personality. 

She uses them to manipulate people.

As her name suggests, she taps into the raw lust of the men she puts under her spell. 

She is a slender woman with a pale complexion. She has long hair and narrow eyes. 

She has big breasts and likes to wear a strapless black dress that accentuates her voluptuous figure and amplifies the effect of the intentional cleavage. 

She uses her charm to trick people and take advantage of them for the benefit of Father. 

She is wildly flirtatious using her sexy body to get her way. 



#12. Fujiko Mine

Fujiko is one of the main characters in “Lupin III” portrayed as Lupin’s lover.

She is a burglar who uses her skills as her weapon, her intelligence, and her personality to succeed. 

Fujiko is fashionable and dresses for the occasion. 

She wears flowing gowns and fine jewelry when formal and scanty outfits when she does informal. 

Whatever she wears is intentionally created to map out her sensual figure. Fujiko has a beautiful face and long wavy hair. 

She is sly and cunning which makes her successful in her endeavors. 

She likes to seduce her male enemies to manipulate and take advantage of them. 

Fujiko Mine


#13. Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku is a character in “Seireitou.” She has a sexy figure that is so refined, she is deemed perfect.

Her hair is flawless and can become golden when the sun shines on it. 

She has deep blue eyes that give her a gentle look that leaves people in awe. 

Her big breasts that she likes to adjust provocatively and intentionally in her uniform drives her male suitors insane. 

She is aware of the effect the supple cleavage has on men and she enjoys it. 

Rangiku uses her sexuality to get what she wants. 

She even draws the attention of women with her physicality and refined appearance. 

Rangiku Matsumoto


#14. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is the leading antagonist of the “Amazon Lily Arc.”

She is widely seen as the most beautiful woman in the world. 

She is quite tall and has long black hair that extends beyond her waist. 

She has a narrow waist and large breasts. She has dark eyes with long lashes. 

Hancock was even referred to, by one of the Risky Brothers, as the only woman whose beauty came close to a Mermaid’s. 

She is cute and calm under normal circumstances but becomes scary when she is crossed in an oddly sexy way. 

Her beauty and power make her one of the outstanding characters and a candidate for the hottest girls in anime.

Boa Hancock


#15. Nami

Nami is a navigator and “Cat Burglar” in “One Piece”. She is one of the main characters of the series.

She is of average height and has brown eyes. She has orange hair and is rather slim. 

She is seen as one of the most beautiful women by those who encounter her. 

She likes to wear tops that augment her skirts and trademark high heels. 

Her feminine charm and erotic demeanor make her splendor jarring. 

She regularly changes her hair but always retains her magnetic beauty. 

She has a tattoo on her left shoulder that adds to her repertoire. 



#16. Esdeath 

Esdeath is one of the main characters in “Akame Ga Kill”.

She is one of the most feared people and was also known as the “Ice Queen.” and is the most popular among sexiest anime characters.

Esdeath was a ruthless general who led a group of elite fighters. 

She was tall and had an ample bosom. She had blue eyes and blue hair. 

Esdeath wore an official uniform with high-heeled boots and long sleeves. 

Esdeath oozed an icy kind of beauty that can literally freeze an awestruck suitor. 

She was obsessed with Tatsumi and harbored deep feelings for him. 

Esdeath was sexually attractive but was rarely flirtatious as this was not in line with her personality. 



#17. Rias Gremory 

Rias is a protagonist in “High School DxD.” She is an incredibly beautiful woman with a curvaceous body.

She is relatively tall and has long crimson hair that is gracious and distinctive. 

She constantly wears her school uniform. 

When she wants to seduce, she wears lingerie and thongs. 

Her skimpy school uniform tends to amplify her physically attractive figure. 

Her breasts draw attention and the cleavage makes her more sexually appealing. 

As with many girls her age, she is lustful and can be particularly flirty with Issei. 

She is one of the hottest anime females in her school.

Rias Gremory


#18. Isuzu Siento

Isuzu Siento is a protagonist in “Amagi Brilliant Park.”

Siento is a slim beautiful girl with golden eyes. 

Siento is well endowed and voluptuous which draws the attention of the wandering eyes of male onlookers. 

She has golden brown hair and wears an erotic dress uniform. 

She wields a magical gun which she used to manipulate people and even get a date! 

Even though she is not socially savvy, her devilishly seductive look garners attention which she secretly enjoys. 

Isuzu Siento


#19. Selesia Uptiria

Selesia is one of the main protagonists in “Re: Creators.”

She is quite impulsive but is a natural beauty that makes her stand out. 

She has bright blue eyes, long, flowing hair and a slim figure. 

She wears a mini skirt and a turtleneck coat that does its bit in accentuating her cleavage. 

She has a sense of responsibility to add to her arsenal of impressive physical traits. 

Even though her outfit is tailored to complement her physical traits, she remains a nonchalantly natural beauty. 

Selesia Uptiria


#20. Hestia 

Hestia is an actual goddess in “The DanMachi.” and therefore rightly one of the sexiest anime girls.

If goddesses are known for one thing other than their powers, it is their rather stunning beauty. 

Hestia dons a tight dress that traces all the curves on her body to exhibit her allure to her suitors and admirers. 

The dress intentionally exposes her large breasts with cleavage that leaves every man who lays his eyes on her yearning for more. 

She has sexy legs that are not covered by her dress to show them off to the world. 

She has a charismatic personality to augment her physical beauty.



Final Words

As always, the debate rages on regarding who deserves to be labeled as the hottest anime character.

While I have contributed to the discussion, there are many hot anime chicks that have gone unmentioned.

It was always going to be an uphill task to conclusively compile a list of the hottest anime characters. After all, we all have our preferences.

Having said that i really hope the article made it simpler for you to decide who is the the best among sexiest anime women.

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