Top 20 Hottest Male Models [OMG, THEY are Sexyyyyy!] – 2019

One can imagine the life of male models to be pretty boring and monotonous since all the centre stage is occupied by the female models and bikini models.

Their God-given good looks are not the only thing they have as they also have to work very hard to maintain their body and shape so that they can well look in just about every picture. 

Today, the life of male models is not like it used to be.

They are getting more fame and money, and these models are also collaborating with top brands and business houses to promote their brand name and propagate their brand value.

Even that being said there is far less competition among the male models if we compare them with the female models.

Many of the male models are also into fashion designing to supplement their income or to launch their own apparel or accessory range.

Today we are talking about the top 20 male models that have proved themselves to be ace campaigners and their perfect body is good enough to endorse any brand on the earth.

Let us take a look at these hot male models:

Top 20 male models

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#1. Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas has the typical look of a charming chocolate-faced hero who manages to attract the onlookers with his cute smile and decent body. However, he has more to him than just face and good looks.

He started his modelling career by using social media platforms like YouTube and today is one of the top paid male models in the world.

#2. David Gandy

David Gandy is known for this aristocratic looks and fine French beard which is his trademark look. There are hardly any male models who look dapper than him in a suit, and he has a huge fan following on the Instagram as well.

His hobbies include directing and making short films, doing charity and investing in upcoming brands.

#3. Zach Miko

Zach is not your typical male model with a narrow frame and sharp features. He is a tall guy who stands up at 6 ft 6 inches and has a meaty body with broad shoulders and big biceps. Quite unlike a male model, isn’t he?

However, millions of girls and women around the world love him for his macho looks and handsome facial attributes.

#4. Gilles Souteyrand

When you look at the sharp jawline and muscular body of Gilles you would definitely envy him and think that he was born to be a male model. However, he also works as a professional personal trainer who makes him the unique male model he is.

He doesn’t even look in his 40’s with his chiselled body and carved abs. He has those perfect Greek God looks that make uncountable women fall for him.

#5. Hu Bing

Hu Bing is a stylish Chinese male model who looks suave and young despite being in his 50’s. If anyone looks so young at this age, it certainly means that he has awesome genes which are well supported by constant hard work.

He can be seeing in different types of jackets and shirts as exploring men’s fashion is his favourite hobby.

#6. Oliver Cheshire

Sharp jawline and perfect check bones make him one of the best male models when it comes to flaunting men’s apparels, and He is cute, smart, sexy and cool all at the same time which makes him that much special.

His sparkling eyes and good choice of eyewear make his a great model in his own right.

#7. Pietro Boselli

Pietro Boselli is one of those hunks who had humble beginnings but soon went on to become one of the best male models of all times, and He was teaching at school before being a model which means that he never even dreamt of being a model all his life even with such good looks.

His chiselled body and handsome face are just enough to make any girl fall for him.

#8. Johannes Huebl

When we talk about Johannes Huebl, we cannot ignore his superb personality and good looks. This German male model looks absolutely stunning is a suite and is a perfect model to pull off any formal attire.

He is the husband of Olivia Palermo who is drop dead gorgeous and beautiful entrepreneur of America, and the couple looks stunning together.

#9. Jon Kortajarena

His name may sound unusual, but his looks are more special and make him one of the more handsome and good looking men in this list. Whether he is flaunting a stubble or sporting a clean shaven look, he always manages to attract his admirers.

He flaunts his smart looks for many big brands including Tom Ford.

#10. Lucky Blue Smith

He looks like a teenage boy with his cute face and blonde hair, but he impresses us all with his smart choices of apparels and blue eyes that can make any woman fall for him.

He chooses his brands carefully and is a huge star in his own right. He has a good fan following on Instagram as well. All these attributes make him a legendary male model in the making.

#11. Luka Sabbat

He is not a typical tall and good looking male model but his ability to look cool in almost everything which is thrown at him make him a big success in the fashion world. Streetwear and casuals look perfect on him, and he does add an extra bit of charm with his spunky hairstyles.

He has bagged endorsements from numerous big names of the fashion industry. He is barely in his twenties and yet manages to impress everyone around him.

#12. Sean O’Pry

Sean O’Pry is a handsome stud who is well-known for his stylish hairstyles and perfect facial features. His cool blue eyes and dark eyebrows add to his personality, and he uses it to perfection in different types of attires.

He has a large fan following on the social media portals, and women love him because of his stunning looks.

#13. Billy Huxley

Billy Huxley is a famous male model who is adored because of his thick beard and dashing personality. He is quite different from the other male models as he has a tattooed body and he does not shy away from flaunting them during his photo shoots.

He has millions of followers on Instagram and women love to be around him.

#14. Rob Evans

Rob Evans is an established male model who is loved because of his dusky skin and perfect looks. He seems to fit the phrase long, dark and handsome to perfection. Apart from modelling he also indulges himself in boxing and has worked for the top brands such as Givenchy, Jeremy Scott and much more. 

He was also a judge on America’s Next top model along with hot Tyra Banks.

#15. Kit Butler

He started his modelling career in 2015 and is well-known for his cute looks and perfect facial attributes. In his short career, he has worked with numerous top brands such as Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani and much more.

He is an avid lover of sports and wishes to work as a physiotherapist. His charm and boyish personality earn him millions of fans and women admirers around the world.

#16. Adonis Bosso

Adonis is a man of powerful looks and magnetic charisma. His dark complexion only adds to his charm and has made him a busy male model at a very young age. He has worked with top brands in the world such as Tom Ford, John Elliot and much more.

Adonis is loved by millions of women around the world, and they wish to see him in person at least once in their lifetime.

#17. Sung Jin Park

Sung is a Korean male model who is well-known for this stylish looks and cool personality. He got a rare opportunity of being one of the top models of Calvin Klein.

Sung Jin Park looks great in all the types of attires which has a made him a famous male model and a heartthrob of female fans.

#18. Mathew Noszka

Matthew Noszka belongs to that brigade of models who launched their careers through Instagram. He is an American model who his love for his amazing looks and killer personality.

Mathew Noszka has a rock hard body and chiselled abs which has also helped him to bag numerous brands such as Jeremy Scott, Phillip Plein and much more. Apart from modelling he also likes to play basketball.  

#19. Jackson Hale

  • Height – 6 ft
  • Weight – 73 kg
  • Instagram id/followers- NA
  • Net worth – NA

Jackson Hale might not have the typical good look s, but he spells magic through his piercing eyes and dark curly hair. He has been a part of advertisements of huge brands and manages to impress us all with his striking poses.

He has worked with big names in the industry such as Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry and much more.

#20. Miles McMillan

Miles started his career when he was just 18 and instantly became a huge success and was a part of numerous successful ad campaigns. Till now he has worked with big names such as Fendi, Michael Kors and much more.

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