Top 20 Hottest Plus Size Models [Instant Hard-On for Every Men] – 2019

Beauty cannot be judged by size, weight, height or any other attributes.

There was a time when only petite models were considered to be good for modeling, but that is no more a compulsion now.

Even plus sized and BBW models are coming out of their shyness and are ready to pose even in bikinis. 

Also, countless people in the world have a thing for voluptuous and oversized women.

Therefore, there is plenty of room in modelling for every body type today which has encouraged numerous plus-sized women from around the world to participate in modelling.

Today we are discussing the plus-sized women who managed to get rid of their apprehensions and reservations, and today they are loved and admired by their fans that come from all the parts of the globe.

Let us have a look at these plus-sized models in detail:

Top 20 plus size models

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#1. Clementine Desseaux

Clementine Desseaux is a stunning beauty who has a voluptuous body and does not shy away from showing it to the camera. Apart from modelling she is also a blogger and strongly advocates that all the body types should be appreciated and glorified by the modelling industry. 

We think she has a classy body with the right curves and therefore we proudly present her in this top 20 list of plus-sized women models.

#2. Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley has a charming face, and we all admit that but what makes her look more special are the few extra pounds on her body which she carries gracefully. She already has worked for top brands such as Elle, Ralph Lauren, H&M and much more.

She hailed from Australia and had also been featured in Australian Vogue.

#3. Abigail Ratchford

With her super busty curves, jet black hair and tanned skin Abigail manages to impress us all. She loves to flaunt her naturally voluptuous body in tight bikinis and skimpy outfits. She has managed to feature on sports magazines like Sports Illustrated and leading fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan.

Her millions of fans on the internet validate the fact that she is incredibly hot and desirable.

#4. Natasha Oakley

Natasha Oakley is more seen on the beaches than anywhere else, and mostly she could be spotted in a stunning bikini and posing for a photo shoot.

She is a professional model and fashion designer as well.

#5. Precious Lee

Precious Lee has enormous curves, and she flaunts them with pride. With her busty body, she has managed to appear in sports magazine “Sports Illustrated”.

Precious Lee is a strong believer in a healthy body and positive frame of mind and also preaches that women from all class, culture, and creed must participate in modelling.

#6. Ashley Graham

Ashley is a businesswoman turned model who loves her own body because it is curvy and voluptuous. She is a sensational model in social media platforms like Instagram, and her fans love to see her pose in bikinis.

She also appeared in Sports Illustrated in 2016 and is one of the few plus-sized models who has managed to do that till date.

#7. Jennie Runk

This 28-year-old model is well-known for her glamorous looks and bubbly personality. She strongly believes that every body type has its importance in the modelling industry and is determined to set her example to prove that to aspiring plus sized models.

She has already been associated with big names such as Vogue, H&M, etc.

#8. Chloe Marshall

Chloe is a British model who seems to be one of the most gorgeous and pretty faces on this list. She is not only that, but her curvy body has enough appeal to make her the next big thing.

She is among the few plus-sized models who have managed to make it to the finals of Miss England Tiara.

#9. Crystal Renn

The story of Crystal is nothing but inspiring. She had the ambition to become a model from a very young age, but after learning that only petite girls are allowed to do modelling, she went on a complete diet and suffered heavily due to the starvation and weight loss.

She finally decided to be as she is and went on to become a stunning plus-sized model. Today she thinks that being plus sized is her biggest gift and after taking a look at her we have to admit that.

#10. Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn is a true seductress when it comes to posing and brings sultriness in her every click. She has already been associated with top brands such as Elle, H&M, etc. and she too had to face with body shaming in the early part of her career.

Today she looks beautiful with amazing curves all at the right places.

#11. Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine never agreed to cut down her weight and size just for the modelling sake, and this makes her a special addition to this list. She embraced her curves right from the beginning and also managed to appear in Vogue’s edition which was meant for the plus-sized models. 

Today we all love her for what she is and wish her good luck for the future.

#12. Jessica Leahy

Jessica might not come across as a typical beauty and petite model, but she leaves it to the audience when she poses with her extra voluptuous body.

We admire her busty body which she loves to the core as well.

#13. Danika Brysha

Just one glimpse of Danika is enough to forget all those anorexic and weak looking petite bikini models. Her natural busts and curves are so appealing that we had to add her in this list.

What makes her even more special is her proud and beautiful face and enchanting lips.

#14. Tabria Majors

Tabria is a sexy plus sized model who is proud of her body. She was doing a regular job before starting her modelling career and never felt the need to go slim. She was also doing a night job to support her expenses and has dealt with quite a few hardships in her life.  

Today she comes across as a positive, colourful and cheerful model and we all adore her for that.

#15. Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia is a Brazilian model, but she is unique with her huge assets and curvaceous body. She is credited to be the first ever plus-size model to feature on the cover of the hugely popular Playboy magazine, and this is by no means a small achievement. 

Fluvia is one of the few models who has managed to work with both regular and other brands that associate themselves with plus-sized models.

#16. Anita Marshall

If you look at her face, it will be hard to imagine that she is so busty and voluptuous below and this amazing god gift makes her one of the hottest and ravishing plus-sized models ever. Like other plus-sized models, she too faces many difficulties initially but her strong will and persistence paid at the end, and today she is among the elite models.

Her story is inspiring too, and she went on to become a hot model from being a small make-up artist. Young girls should certainly take inspiration from such models that if you dream big anything is possible.

#17. Lexi Placourakis

Lexi had to battle too many fights for being where she is today. Life was not easy for her as she had to deal with weight and food issues from a very young age and that the fact that her mom was a stunning model and diva certainly made her face inferiority complex which might have crippled down any young lady. However, Lexi remained strong, and today she is a supermodel and diva in her own right.

She thinks herself to be unique and flaunts her plus-sized body with pride and we all respect her for that.

#18. Kate Wasley

Kate Wasley is a plus-sized model from Australia who has a sexy curvy body and voluptuous assets. Her pretty face adds to her charms, and her blonde hair makes her look sexy. She started her career by using social media platforms like Instagram and today she is modelling for the Sports Illustrated; a mind-blowing journey we must say. 

She stills shares her pictures on social media to inspire young girls who want to be plus sized models.

#19. Barbie Ferriera

With her amazingly stunning face and voluptuous sexy body, Barbie Ferriera is a desirable, beautiful and charming plus-sized model. She loves to pose in lingerie and shares those clicks on the social media platforms which tell us that she is pretty confident about her body.

She is already doing great for herself, and we wish this young 21-year-old model a best of luck for her future.

#20. Paloma Elsesser

Paloma Elsesser is a plus-sized model who does not shy away from showing her fatty body and extra large curves. She is considered to be extremely sexy, and the way she presents herself in the photo shoots is unique. 

She has already been featured on Vogue’s cover and has plenty of other accolades to be proud about.

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