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Top 20 Nude Bikini Models (2020) – Review & Comparisons

Doesn’t a bikini describe the body of a woman precisely?

A woman in a bikini looks absolutely stunning, and whenever you hear the words “bikini models” or “nude bikini models”, you can’t help but google the model’s name and  look at her images.

There is something special about these naked bikini models. They are already hot, and on top of everything they wear bikinis!

Only men can describe what they feel when they look at those stunning angels..

Models are either seen posing on the beaches covered with sand all over their body, or they are seen posing near the swimming pool with their body exposed.

The way these models get photographed is beyond imagination because they all look drop-dead gorgeous. Everyone loves to see women who don’t shy away from showing their caramelized body. 

These models have perfect bodies with even better assets.

These nude bikini models have to maintain their figure to feature in some of the top magazines, and have to work out intensely their looks are worth appreciating. 

bikini model

The list of top 20 nude bikini models that we have mentioned here will give you a hard-on when you’ll explore their pictures on the browser. So, be prepared. Some of these models belong to the porn industry. This means if you see a few familiar faces, don’t feel stressed out. 

Remember PlayBoy magazine? The magazine features top porn stars, as well as top celebrities.

The models that you see here belong to different industries, but there is one thing in common in all of these ladies, and that is they have appeared in nude or bikini photoshoots that you can’t get enough of. Check out our list and then decide who wins the race. So, let’s begin our chart and get going!

Charlotte Mc Kinney

Charlotte Mc Kinney is one lady everyone should be careful about. She may be the wallpaper on your desktop right now!

Charlotte is known for a multitude of things.

She is into adult-business, and her bikini modelling career has made her famous in the whole industry.

Her juicy butts and massive jugs have made her an Instagram favourite.

She has also featured in series like MacGyver, and she is all set to make her debut in 2020.

Charlotte is bound to be one of the top nude bikini models because of her personality and also of her experience.

Charlotte Mc Kinney 2

Lucy Pinder

You might not know this, but Lucy Pinder happened to be a model when she was discovered by a random photographer, way back in 2003.

That’s when her modelling career began.

Well, all thanks to her natural and massive boobs, this diva has become every photographer’s dream come true model.

She participated in many bikini shoots, but soon entered into nude photography in the year 2007 with Nuts Magazine.

She is an English model, and is one of the best nude models of all time. Lucy has also appeared in some television shows as well.

Well, a sexy diva with talent!

Lucy Pinder

Alice Goodwin

Alice is an exceptional glamour model, and all the credit goes to her amazing looks and an even better body.

If you haven’t checked out Alice yet, then it is time that you search for her on the internet.

The diva became a model in 2008 and rumours are that she dated Ronaldo, the football star.

Alice has a stunning body with massive jugs and ass. We can only imagine why she wouldn’t be a nude model.

A lady with such stunning assets is bound to flaunt them. The good-looking Alice would become one hell of an adult entertainer.

Well, we must give credit to her rumoured boyfriend Ronaldo for making her famous and for bringing her under the notice of producers who wanted to work with her.

Alice started as an okay model but has someone you would like to be with!

Alice Goodwin

Emma Glover

Emma Glover is a perfect combination of a bikini as well as glamour model.

Her lingerie photoshoots are way better than an adult model’s photoshoot. They are sexy, and are so hot!

Imagine a nude model covering her private parts. Doesn’t this image play with your mind?

We all know that lingerie models are always super stunning, but Emma turned out to be super special.

Emma dreams of becoming a supermodel, and we wish her all the best!

Emma Glover

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski, who is a model and an actress, became popular with her tits-showing song named Blurred Lines.

My, my, this model, surely is a beautiful bombshell. And with her all-natural body, she just raised everyone’s eyebrows.

All in all, Emily showed everyone what she has got, and has some nice-looking boobies to flaunt.

Emily is a star now, and all the credit goes to her Blurred Lines song. Can’t wait to check her video out?

Then head to Google search and type in the name of her song and you will get to see her naked self.

She seems to be enjoying throughout the video with other nude models.

Well, we can’t get enough of her, and we bet you would also want to see her more in naked videos.

She has got a flawless body that she loves to flaunt whenever given a chance.

Emily Ratajkowski

Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones, who is a model, has now entered the porn industry and has earned our respect by all means.

In case you look for Rosie Jones on the internet, don’t forget to add the word “model” towards the end.

Otherwise, you will find another Rosie Jones who doesn’t do any sexy nude modelling! Don’t tell us later that we didn’t warn you.

Rosie looks phenomenal, and we love the way she flaunts her sexy boobs in front of the camera.

Her porn content is also exceptional, and her fun side on the camera tells us that she has a larger than life attitude.

Rosie Jones

Sabine Jemeljanova

Did you know that Sabine, who once acted in international films, is also a nude bikini model?

We can’t deny the fact that East European girls are stunning when it comes to good looks and Sabine Jemeljanova is a living example.

You will see many short videos of Sabine where she flaunts her nice curvy ass and finally lies down on the ground fully naked.

What else would you want from a nude bikini model, right?

Her Instagram account is loaded with hot pictures, and probably this is one reason why she is so famous among her followers.

We would love to see Sabine in more nude bikini photos though!

Sabine Jemeljanova

Leanna Decker

Leanna Decker, a model from Kentucky, rose to fame with her break with Playboy.

Leanna is a voluptuous girl with gigantic boobs and beautiful curves.

We had to mention her name in our top 20 nude bikini models because how many redheads have you seen on the internet making heads turn with their sizzling naked bodies?

Well, not every Playboy featuring models turn into becoming a pornstar, although many people think otherwise.

She chooses to be a model and aspire to become successful. She is fun and very sassy.

The American beauty is an exceptional model, and she knows how to make heads turn. Leanna’s boobs are all-natural.

Please take a look at her nude pictures online and get to know why she is one of the best!

Leanna Decker

Abigail Ratchford

Abigail is an American model. She is famous for her sexy boobs and curvy body.

Abigail is an aspiring actress as well; however, when it comes to Hollywood projects, she has not been that lucky.

The model is over 30-years, and working since 2013.

She first got her chance when she appeared for a pageant content, and since then she has appeared in tons of adult magazines, for example, Playboy, Maxim, and more.

What we are trying to say here is that it is not difficult to find Abigail’s hot nude bikini photos. They are all over the internet.

You will go insane, though, once you look at her pictures.

Abigail Ratchford

Brooklyn Decker

Remember Brooklyn with Adam Sandler? Yeah, the same model became an internet sensation with her massive bouncy boobs.

Brooklyn is one model who is an eye-candy. The lady was born in 1987, and featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

She even worked for Victoria’ Secret in 2010. Sounds good, right!

The Ohio based model has some crazy curves that can make any girl jealous.

So, if you are into curvy bodies with gigantic breasts, then Brooklyn Decker is someone you should definitely check out!

Brooklyn Decker

Ali Rose

Ali Rose is a model and an actress. She was seen in movies like Bro, What Happened and Guitars and Guns.

However, she is best known for her flirty and quirky photoshoots for the most popular adult magazine Playboy.

Ali Rose has a fantastic personality.

We dove into her behind-the-scenes videos of Playboy, and we fell in love with her sweet personality.

Like we said, not every Playboy adult model turns into becoming pornstars and Ali is one of them too.

If you love watching gorgeous babes getting naked in front of the camera, then we recommend you to catch Ali Rose.

Her photoshoot will include a lot of nude photos. Those photos will make you want to see her more.

Ali Rose

Amber Sym

If you start exploring Amber Sym, you might feel like jumping to Porn Hub to watch some of her content, but unfortunately, she is not doing porn yet.

Her photoshoots are extraordinarily explicit, and she shows a lot of her sensual side for adult magazines.

Photos that are enough to make you want her to see in some hardcore action. But you will have to wait for that, we guess!

Well, we are not sure if you are going to see her in porn videos, but so far, her photoshoots suffice our lust to see her naked.

Amber was born in 1989, and this glamorous model has done many nude photoshoots, and as we said, her photos are scorching and may make you go down the south! She flaunts her body nicely.

Amber Sym

Helga Lovekaty

Helga Lovekaty, who is a fun-loving girl, in general, has also done amazing nude bikini photoshoots.

One look at her face and you will feel like you are staring at a sweet and naïve looking college girl, but when it comes to her stunning body and her amazing curves, you will be left awestruck.

The lady is a bombshell, and if you are wondering whether she does nude photoshoots or not, then the answer is yes, she does, and she is excellent at it.

The model belongs to Russia, and her photos are amazing.

We did want to see more of her nude shoots but seems like she has not done a lot of them.

But whatever work she has done so far is stunning.

We are sure that Helga will appear more in adult poses and until then we will fantasize looking at her limited photos available on the internet.

Helga Lovekaty

Holly Peers

The body Holly Peers has enough to make you go crazy. Holy has an amazing slim body with massive boobs.

What else would you want to see when the nude model starts undressing.

She is a beast in the bedroom, but you know what is even better about Holly Peers? Her nude photos. ​

You will drool for sure once you start exploring the images of this fantastic beauty.

Holly Peers can be seen in PornHub, and the lady has more than 300k followers on Instagram.

The model is from Europe, and she is one of the most wanted nude models of all time.  

She can be seen in topless shorts and many others.

Holly Peers

Kate Upton

Cross your heart, and ask yourself if you have ever tried to search for Kate Upton’s naked photos or leaked porn videos?

Well, to be honest, every one of us has tried it. Kate is just on a different level.

She is stunning, and the mole just above her lips make her even more beautiful. Kate is young and was born on June 10, 1992.

The American model has been modelling since 2008, and she has participated in many bikini photoshoots.

The model has appeared in a few films and many television shows.

Well, have you noticed that most of the bikini models that we are talking about here have some connection with the film industry!

Her bikini shots are on top, and she looks exceptional.

Kate Upton

Jessica Ashley

How well do you know Jessica Ashley?

We think she is a true queen. She can make any man or woman feel aroused with her delicious body.

Jessica has an enigmatic personality, and featured in Playboy magazine as well.

She started modelling when she turned 21, and since then there has been no looking back for this amazing young woman.

Jessica loves the camera, and she is not at all shy to pose naked in front of it.

She knows that she has a beautiful body and there is nothing wrong in flaunting it. Everyone knows what she has got!

If you search for her nudes, you will be amazed by the stunning photography skills and fantastic scenery.

With a face like Jessica, the complete photoshoot is a massive hit!

Jessica Ashley

Lindsey Pelas

Lindsey Pelas appeared in Playboy, and she became a sensation overnight.

She is an American actress and also a social media influencer.

You can see her modelling for different brands and companies, for example, GQ, Maxim, Playboy, and many others.

Lindsey is one model who believes that women look the best when they are all-natural, and that’s why you will hardly see her using any Snapchat filters and heavy make-up.

Lindsey is a successful model, and yes, she has a body to die for. Do you know what her net worth is?$3 million!

Well, now you know why this lady has got such a huge follower base.

A model with a figure so perfect is bound to get popular and famous. You can check her bikini photos on the internet.

Lindsey Pelas

Stefanie Knight

If you are done checking the same old fashion shows and bored with the same past fashion shows, then you might want to check out Stefanie Knight.

And you know what, let your wife get some inspiration from this exceptional looking diva.

She has got some lovely workout photos in her kitty that will indeed inspire anyone to hit the gym right away.

Stefanie is a lingerie model who has posed in many bikini shoots. Each photo of her is better than the previous one.

Well, we don’t know whether she works out or not to keep her body toned, but we bet she does work out to be in such good shape.

The goddess Stefanie is the dream girl for many because a girl like her can only appear in your dreams.

She has got the perfect body and the way she shakes her body will melt every part of your body.

Stefanie Knight

Lily Ivy

Lily Ivy, who is a nude model, has also appeared in many porn videos. You might have seen her in adult sites like Gonzo or Brazzers.

She knows how to move and groove, and when you get to see a nude bikini model in some porn action, things become even better.

Her porn scenes are really passionate and can give anyone a hard-on.

You might feel that Lily looks like a teenager, who is too cute for the porn industry and nude modelling, but once you check out her content, you will know that she is a devil.

Behind her sweet smile, she hides her thirst for nude modelling and porn.

We won’t say that she is the number one in the porn industry, but she sure is one of the best.

You can find her nude pictures and porn content on some of the best adult sites.

Lily Ivy

Malena Morgan

The last one in our list is Malena Morgan. Another beautiful lady with amazing curves.

Did you know that Malena started her career as a webcam model and later, became a pornstar?

Even her pornstar journey sounds a bit story-like. Let us explain what happened.

Her friend, who wanted to enter the porn industry, wanted some help with photoshoots.  

Malena agreed and then started her porn career. Along with all this, she also does nude bikini modelling, as well.

Big brands started noticing her, and there you go; she became a full-fledged pornstar!

She is a glamour model and enjoys doing lesbian scenes.

Malena Morgan

In Conclusion

There go our top 20 nude bikini models who will take your breath away.

All these women are sexy, and each of them have a stunning body that will melt your heart. Some of them entered the porn industry after making appearances in adult magazines, while some were pornstars who tried their luck in nude bikini photoshoots.

Some of them, however, have nothing to do with the porn industry and they are plain and simple actresses who appeared in bikini photoshoots. We have tried to keep our list as versatile as possible to give you a taste of everything.

We will encourage you to go and check out their photoshoots pictures to know why they are here on our list.

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