Top 20 Richest Pornstars in the World!

Porn stars make mad money, that much is true. Not so much the guys ironically, because they’re essentially just a cock and balls, but ladies in porn stand to make significantly more. Here are the top breadwinners of the industry.

20.) Tori Black

Net Worth: $1 Million

Widely recognized for being one of the most stunning faces in porn, Tori Black milked her hot goddess looks in over 200 skin flicks. Could you do it for a cool million in the bank?

19.) Sunny Leone

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

This universally beloved hottie has been making waves over in India with legit acting work in Bollywood production Jism 2 and is currently looking to leave her porn career in the dust with more mainstream movies in the works.

18.) Audrey Bitoni

Net Worth: $1.6 Million

This slammin’ hot Italian starlet knows how to monetize her money shots!

17.) Jayden Jaymes

A master of self-promotion, Jayden is known as one of the most tech-savvy and dogged adult entrepreneurs, using social networking to make fans and push products.

16.) Belladonna

Net Worth: $1.8 Million

A veteran of the biz, Belladonna appeals to straight and gay audiences alike. While done with performing, Belladonna has amassed her riches producing and directing.

15.) Evan Stone

Net Worth: $2 Million

Heralded as the new Ron Jeremy for the new porn generation, Evan Stone is known for his quirky on-set personality and long, missile-like dick.

14.) Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels and her huge lung warts have been raking in the cash since way back. Just goes to show you, nothing beats the real thing.

13.) Sasha Grey

In my opinion, Sasha Grey will overtake all of these porn stars on this list IF she plays her cards right. Already snagging pivotal roles in Entourage and Soderberg’s The Girlfriend Experience, Sasha Grey has a real chance to make real Hollywood movie money.

12.) Evan Seinfeld

Net Worth: $3 Million

Male porn star and death-metal musician, Evan Seinfeld may look like a Sons of Anarchy reject, but this rad dude knows how to make cash money.

11.) Jenna Haze

Net Worth: $3.5 Million

One of the founders of modern-day Internet porn, Jenna Haze retired last year, opting to stay behind the lens.

10.) Lexington Steele

Net Worth: $4 Million

Being that Lexington Steele used to be a high-powered stock broker in his past life before becoming a big-dick warrior on the porn scene, this dude really started hauling in cash the minute he opened his own studio, Mercenary Motion Pictures.

9.) Katie Morgan

Net Worth: $4.5 Million

Sexy and smart is what seems to be the collective opinion on Katie Morgan. During interviews she displays a unnatural intelligence and wit compared to most of her jizz-splattered cohorts. Katie has made loads of appearances in movies and television and has even found a cozy radio niche on the airwaves.

8.) Bree Olson

Net Worth: $5 Million

Bree Olson turned her popularity from already well-known boobtastic babe to erotic goddess almost overnight…and all thanks to a certain rock star from Mars. The sky is the limit for her.

7.) Ron Jeremy

Net Worth: $5.5 Million

Ron Jeremy is like the Bruce Campbell of the porn world. For reasons not really clear, Ron Jeremy has emerged from the 70’s into the modern day era as a powerful cult figure. Girls flock to him and want to have their picture taken. Hell, we even featured him in our exclusives awhile back. Here’s to you, Sir Hedgehog.

6.) Maria Takagi

Net Worth: $6 Million

The reason why you and I have never heard of Maria Takagi is because she’s one of those starlets who are mostly super famous in their own respective cultural spheres, in this case, Japan.

5.) Traci Lords

Net Worth: $7 Million

One of the ghosts of porn’s pussy past, Traci Lords is still…alive!? Hey, news to me. Anyway, I guess she’s been really active in movies and book deals ever since her scandalous beginnings into the biz.

4.) Jesse Jane

Net Worth: $8 Million

This living, breathing Barbie doll probably packs more plastic than the comparison. I loathe nasty Frankenstein tits. I really do, but I’ll shut up since I’m voicing the minority opinion on that. $8 million dollars says fans don’t give a shit if tits look bolted on.

3.) Peter North

Net Worth: $10 Million

Can you believe this guy has been lead cock n’ balls on 1800+ pornos? Peter North has made big bucks producing the high-end stuff out of his production company Northstar Associates.

2.) Tera Patrick

Net Worth: $15 Million

Leave it to an Asian to amass a million-dollar empire and a brand recognized worlds over. She did it before age 30.

1.) Jenna Jameson

Net Worth: $30 Million

Jenna Jameson was the alpha and omega of porn back in her hey-day. From the late 90’s to early 2000’s, nobody made more guys sill innocent seed than Jenna. After launching her mega online empire, Jenna had her fingers in a bunch of other cookie jars like television, movies and radio shows. She’s also dating the once-great Tito Ortiz. She really enjoys his ground and pound I bet. Sorry, had to.


My Two Cents

It’s usually a happy day when I get to report on the successes of adult performers, but all throughout writing this piece, I couldn’t help thinking that the amount that these “rich of the rich” make in porn is somewhat measly compared to the billions the industry makes.

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