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Top 50 Sexual Fantasies (2020)

Let’s talk about sexual fantasies, shall we?

Whether you admit it or not, everyone has a sexual fantasy, some even have more, and you know there’s no harm in having fantasies unless you have the other person’s consent if you are doing it with someone else.

You must also have some, which you have kept it as secret, because, hey!

No one wants to feel judged, right. But, unless you express what your desires are, how would you know whether they are achievable or not.

This is what inspired us to prepare this list of top fifty sexual fantasies, yup, all fifty of them.

And guess what these are the most common things that people often fantasize about. All set, let’s begin!

1. Kiss a Girl

Wow! You must be thinking why is this someone’s fantasy? Because every guy wants to kiss a girl since they hit puberty, right? Well, we are not talking about a guy kissing a girl, we are talking about a straight girl kissing another girl. They often wonder how it would feel?

Girls fantasize about kissing another girl more often than you think. How would the soft pink lips feel on their lips. Well, all we can say is go and try it with someone who shares a similar fantasy.

2. Have Anal

Anal sex is not very common, even though it is becoming popular day by day, but the fear to let a penis get inside  your anus creates a lot of confusion, so those who have never  tried it  before wonder how it would feel to have a dick inside their anus for a change.

People say that prostate orgasm is way more stimulating than the normal orgasm, mainly because your anus has lots of nerve-endings. Share this idea with your partner and see if your partner shares a similar fantasy.

3. Trying group sex

Ask some of your friends about group sex, at least one will say they do want to try it. Group sex is where you have an intimate session with four or five people. Now group sex could include all girls, all boys, one girls and rest boys, or girls and boys.

Many people have confessed that they feel turned on when they watch group sex porn, and would love to try it once.

4. Phone sex

Some confessed that they wanted to try phone sex with someone they don’t know, meaning a complete stranger, while some said that they would like to have it with a webcam model,  others have seen and have already communicated with.

Many would also like to try it with their partner, but they are too scared to be judged.

5. Threesome

Threesome is one of the most common fantasies among couples. Some might wonder why they would like another person, when they are already having so much fun, but some couples do like the idea of adding another man or woman to their sexual intercourse routine to excite themselves.

However, many have said that they would like to add someone unknown rather than friends. That might create awkward situations later once they are done with the action.

6. Using a Vibrator

We wonder why this is a fantasy for so many women, then we get to know from a majority of them they often feel intimidated with the fact that it’s electronic and they don’t know whether they would like it or not.

Here’s the thing ladies, you have yourself said, that you don’t know, so unless you try it, how can you reach to a conclusion? Surprisingly, there are so many females out there who have never used a vibrator.

7. Masturbation

We know, this was a shocker for us too. Someone talking about masturbation as their fantasy too in this age? But guess what, there are many people who have never touched themselves. And we are talking about both the genders.

Females have never inserted their fingers into their vagina, and men who have never stroked their penis. We wish this wouldn’t have been a fantasy, but it is.

8. Using a sex toy on your partner

Arguably, this was the most popular fantasy among the rest. Men want to use some kind of sex toys on their partner, and simultaneously, even women confessed about their desire to use the sex toys on their partner before having each other.

We think this one is a solid and rational desire to have. Sex toys help you to self-lubricate and it is also good for roleplaying. There all sorts of sex toys available in the market, go and discuss the same with your partner.

9. Tie someone up

Domination sex is so in nowadays, and the look of your partner when you take full charge of the moment, is something that excites most of the couples.

People who are into BDSM mostly confess that they do want to dry tie up their partner or their next sexual encounter and be the boss of the game.

10. Being tied up

While there are a few who would like to dominate and tie someone up, others would like to play the submissive role, while they are being tied up.

Well, why not, the feeling of your partner being dominant and letting him have full control over your body ignites passion on another level. Remember, 50 shades of grey! Yeah, that thing exists.

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11. Watch a couple having sex

People told us that they would like to be voyeur and watch someone enjoying having sex with one another physically, not the live webcam voyeur shows. The very idea to see someone perform live gives them goosebumps, well, it made us feel excited as well.

After all, why not, until the couple or whoever you are watching doesn’t feel offended because if they don’t know, it would be such a mood killer for them.

12. Having Sex in public area

We must admit, most of these wild ideas are actually the gift of Hollywood movies and porn films.

The reason why you fantasize about something has to have a link. And we found out that those who would like to have sex in a public area often feel tempted about it after watching pornstars having sex in the outdoors.

For example, having sex on a beach, washroom, car parking area, and so on. The very idea that they will be in a public place gives them jitterbugs.

13. Sex in a Car

Even if this is not your fantasy, you already know that sex in a car is such a common thing to do. And because it is common and since not everyone gets a chance to have it the way they want, it ultimately becomes their wildest fantasy.

Here’s the thing, if you have a partner, and if you or he/she owns a car, ask them to take you to a discreet place, so that you can fulfil this fantasy from your bucket list.

14. Giving a good blowjob

How lucky that men would be who will have you in his life who fantasize about giving a sexy blow job. Every man dreams of receiving an intense blowjob, and when they have a partner whose darkest desire is to give a blow job, what else would  he like more?

So, yes, women and even gay partners try to enhance their blow job routine by being an expert at it.

15. Sex with a complete stranger

Dreaming about having sex with someone you don’t know is a real fantasy for so many out there. Someone who is a complete stranger.

Someone you have just met on a train, and you feel attracted towards each other, you go to the washroom, and voila! Undress, have it quick, come out and leave.

16. Married sex

Some people actually save sex for marriage, seems a bit untrue, but there are many out there who are still virgin and are waiting to get hooked and then have sex. To even fantasize how married sex would be makes some women and men wet and get a hard on simultaneously.

17. One-night stand

One-night stands are mostly wild. People do picturize meeting someone in a pub or bar, get drunk or high and finally head back straight to their hotel or apartment and have each other.

It’s kind of similar to having sex with a stranger, but a random stranger can be the person you met at the office, or train, or someone who you found interesting in the park, and so on.

One-night stands, however, happen mostly when you meet someone at a party, pub, and similar places and head straight towards your place and actually wake up with him in the morning not realizing who that person is.

18. Light spanking

Some men like to spank, while women like to receive light spanking from their sexual partner. Fantasizing about having sex while getting spanked is such a turn on for so many people out there.

19. Play sex games

Have you searched for sex games on amazon? There are too many of them, and the descriptions are sexy enough to get you into the mood, no wonder people fantasize about it so much. Some of the sex games are real hardcore, and they are really fun to play too.

Both men and women fantasize about playing sex games.

20. Sex in the Shower

Imagine  warm nice water coming out of the shower, and you decide to ask your partner give you company while you have sex in the shower. Sounds exciting, right, well that’s why it is one of the sexual fantasies for some of the people out there.

Shower is always relaxing and when you include sex, it doubles the fun. 

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21. Having Sex while standing against the Wall

Have you seen those sex movies where the woman stands right against the wall and the man insert his penis inside her from behind?

Doesn’t that sex position look sexy? No wonder people think about it. Having sex in different positions is great for your sexual life, it increases intimacy, and your relationship doesn’t get boring.

22. Whispering dirty things that you would like to try

Yeah, many women have shared that they love to whisper while having sex and let their partner know about the things they would like to try more. When you whisper it makes your voice sound sexy, and that’s something men love to listen to.

The gentle sultry voice straight into their ears, if you haven’t tried it yet, try doing it tonight while having sex with your partner.

23. Having Sex in the Office

Well, office is the not the right place to have sex; however, there are people who often fascinate and dream about having sex in their office when there is no one around. Sounds really adventurous and a bit too risky.

Not that you can’t try it, but then most of the offices have CCTV cameras installed, better be careful.

24. Wearing your boyfriend’s/husband’s shirt

Actually, men do find their babes hot when they wear their shirt on top and nothing at all down below. She gets to show her nice long legs, while he gets to unbutton her slowly. This is something many women desire and want to do, in fact, many women often fulfil this fantasy.

25. Playing it Solo

Why not, having fun with yourself is an altogether different experience. You know no one is there, and you are absolutely free to try something that you have been wanting to try for so long. Solo play is one of the most common fantasies that men and women both have.

Sometimes they like to have their alone time and play with their body by using a sex toy.

26. I’m a Girl and I Would like to feel another girl’s vagina

Most people think that only lesbians have the fantasy to touch another woman’s vagina, what they fail to realize is that even straight women like to explore their sexuality.

Women are soft and gentle, they have the hourglass figure, some women do like the idea of having sex with someone even though they would never do that in reality.

27. Having sex without kissing

Can you even imagine having sex without actually kissing one another, well, we don’t think it would be possible for us, but then there’s no harm in fantasizing about it.

Having sex without kissing, kind of feel weird because partners do like to cuddle and kiss each other deep while getting intimate because it gives them the closure, so having sex without kissing is something we think will be kinda hard.

28. Having Sex in your mom’s bedroom

Yet again, a weird fantasy, we mean it’s your mother’s bedroom and you wouldn’t want the bedsheets to tell your mother upfront that you have been naughty. But the fact that it includes danger creates the right atmosphere for some adventurous souls out there.

It gives them the ecstasy that they want.

29. Having Sex in the pitch black

While some couples like to have sex with some light on, so that they get to see others face and feel good about the moment, some in fact fantasize of not being able to see anything at all. All you have is the touch and voice, which will let you both understand what you want.

We say, this is a huge yes, people should try out different things to keep their sexual life exciting.

30. Having sex blindfolded

This yet again is the part of domination and submissive sex. Women, in general, like to play the role of submissive, where they surrender their body to their partner and let them do whatever they would like it.

This is yet again one of the top fantasies among women. When you are blindfolded, you are basically unaware of what your partner is going to do, and that creates the right amount of excitement both of you are looking for.

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31. Watching Porn with your partner and trying different sexual positions

Won’t it be fun to watch a nice and steamy porn scene on the television and actually trying them out in real life?

This fantasy will make you both comfortable about each other and how you perceive porn. We think this is an amazing idea, the more you include your partner, the better your relationship will become, so yes, a huge thumbs up for this fantasy idea.

32. Having Sex with the hot neighbor

There are so many incidents where you are stuck with a hot neighbor who you dream about, but then can’t really do anything about it. This is so apt with so many people. Also, hot people are hardly single, so the best way to get inside them is to fantasize about them while masturbating.

33.  Have multiple orgasms

More than fantasy, this is actually something every man and woman wants. Sometimes you cum too soon, and then it takes hours and hours to have an orgasm again, gosh, we can relate to it! Of course, people are fascinated about having multiple orgasms.

After all, the more orgasm, the more sexually active you are. It’s a good signal about your overall sexual appetite as well.

34. Having Sex with my husband and his brother

Ouch! Really? Well, you may if your husband doesn’t mind it.

However, we hardly think this fantasy will ever come true, unless all of you are way forward. Until then, watch some taboo porn where you see a woman having sex with her partner, and soon is joined by her brother-in-law. Probably, that will help.

35. Having Sex with my hot yoga teacher

Ask any man who goes for yoga classes and in case they are struck with a hot yoga instructor, at least 5 out of 10 will tell you that they want to screw her too.

Yoga instructors are bound to look hot, they have good physique, they look nice, they move their body gently, everything about the yoga teacher is to fantasize about.

36.  Sex on the Beach

Just like wanting to have outdoors, people do have a typical fantasy to have sex on the beach. They want nothing else, but sand all over their body while they get pounded hard by someone.

This is definitely a good fantasy, but beaches are always filled with peopleTherefore, it is better to go to a private beach to have some fun with that special someone.

37. Roleplay

Sexual roleplay is a very good way to initiate sex. Even if someone wasn’t expecting anything sensual, roleplay lets you allow your partner to get into the mood eventually. In fact, you should turn this fantasy into a reality by talking about it.

It’s a fun way to have sex, why are you letting go of that chance?

38. Rub some whipped cream on your body and let him lick it

Women never run out of ideas when it comes to sensuality. They just know what they want and that’s why their fantasies are often achievable. Take whipped cream fantasy as an example.

You can get some whipped cream from the supermarket, ask your partner to put some whipped cream on top of your belly button, on your  nipples, near vagina, and wherever you would want to, and then let him lick it.

39. Sex with panties on

The fantasy of having sex with panties asks your partner to gently slide your panty to left or right, and while it is there, your partner will insert his penis inside you. The feeling of wearing your underpants and still being able to have sex is just out of this world.

Women love it, when their men do that.

40. Having Sex with a MILF

MILF, mother I would like to fuck is a dream come true for so many young men out there. Who doesn’t fantasize about having sex with an older woman? Probably, you already know someone who you think is hot, but she is out of your league, so, all you can do is fantasize her.

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41. Having Sex with an Escort

We have heard from a few men that they like to think about having sex with a lovely escort, especially when they are travelling.

They like to imagine being with an exotic woman. The idea that an escort is already experienced makes them feel even better, because she already knows what you want and they ensure to give you what you want.

42. Have Sex with a Person with different ethnicity

Even though it is ultimately the dick that will get inside the vagina, people like to like to try varieties and having sex with people who belong to different background, ethnicity, and religion.

This is yet again achievable, but it would be better if you become a member of some hookup site, where you can easily get in touch with people that you want to.

43. To have sex with your ex-partner

Something that we would never recommend to any one of you because getting intimate with an ex can only increase tension, if you are already seeing someone else. However, it is true that people do fantasize about having sex with their ex after they break up their relationship.

44. Having quick sex with full clothes on

This happens mostly when you are in a hurry or you like someone that you have met just now. Both of you don’t really have the time to get completely intimate, do the best thing that you can do is pull your pants down, ask her to band over and quickly be done with it.

We don’t know how much fun you are going to have, but quick sex is something that people do fantasize about.

45. Having Sex with a teen (legal age)

We know you dream of having sex with a lot of people, so why leave the teens right, after all they are petite, tiny, and they are so young. But just because you fantasize a teen, doesn’t mean you will end up having sex with someone who is not of legal age.

46. Pamper your boobs

Boobs mostly get avoided when your man starts to pound you hard, this is when most women fantasize of their boobs being touched and pressed. We understand your fantasy ladies.

47. Trying titty fuck

Titty fuck is actually a thing. This is where you squeeze your partner’s penis in between your titties and use your boobs to stroke his penis. Men might even ask you to do that if you have bigger boobs.

48. Sex with a Celebrity

Sex with a celebrity is so much easier than fantasizing yourself with your ex. In fact, a study showed that more than 52% women fantasize about their favorite celebrity while masturbating.

49. Cosplay

Cosplay is super-fun, and we are glad that people fantasize about that. How fun it would be to dress like Lara Croft, Harley Quinn, or even Dana Scully? How about turning into one the next time you have sex with your partner.

In fact, to make your fantasy even more fun, you can ask your partner about his favorite artist, and then turn yourself into her and have fun.

50. Sensual massage

Both men and women often fantasize about receiving a sensual massage from each other after a nice intercourse, the massage helps you to relax. If you fantasize about this, why not tell your partner to give you a massage first, and return him the favor.

Parting words

Did a few fantasies come across a bit too wild, did the other sound pretty generic? That’s how vivid people’s imaginations are.

What is normal for you, like masturbation, for someone else that is only a fantasy, what is weird for you like holding on to marriage sex, for some that could be the best sex ever of their lives. The bottom line is not to judge anyone for having a different taste.

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