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Top 9 Best Milking Machines to TRY! (Updated 2019)

I hope you will agree with me, that every guy should be able to experience real blowjob like experience everyday.

It does not matter if you have a girlfriend or not, somedays you just want to shoot your load and be happy.

This list of best male milking machine will bring the biggest smile on your face, i am sure ?

Fact, it is good for your health.

Even if most people hate to talk about the taboo topic and only address it in whispers, back in our mind we know that sexual desires need to be respected.

You don’t have to find a partner to feel good.

No at times nit all men are lucky to get worthy partners. 

So, to indulge in a good feeling, and beat all the stress get yourself a cock milking machine and your cock will literally know it feels to be in cloud nine.

Therefore turn off the lights and enjoy the intense revolving massage in your penis.

In this guide of top 9 best cock milking machines we will review the best machine in the market today for that good feeling.

Cock Milking Machines: Comparisons of the Top 10 best penis milking machines / male milking machine

Model Name



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Launch by Kiiroo Fleshlight

(Editor’s Choice)




Lovebotz Milker Automatics Deluxe Stroker


Flesh Light Pink Lady Masturbator – Rota-Ratol Cup


Utimi Male Milking Cup


Utimi Males Masturbations Cup


10 Speeds Suction Male Masturbator Stroker


Model Name

Model Name

Model Name

Model Name

autoblow2 review how to use
launch by kiro
lovense male masturbator
Kiiroo Onyx 2-FleshLight





Does not require batteries

Compatible with Fleshlight toys

Automatic hand free male masturbator

Electric hands free device

Hands free and robotic toy for blow job

Hands free portable toy

Handheld toy

Enhanced video chats and

VR options

Sleeves are interchangeable

The sleeves can be changed

Contracts and vibrates

Material is super skin and

sleeves are changeable

Super sleek design

Sleek design

The design is sexy and stylish/ sleek

Wireless and discreet design

If dick sucking machine is what you want, then Let’s review the best 10 penis milking machines in the market today

The Launch Kiiroo is one of the hottest nest seller cock milking machine in the sex toy world today.

The machine was perfectly designed for men who want to have some good time without necessarily using their energy.

Were it not for that fact that men needed something that was automated and worked on its own, then we wouldn’t have had a chance to have the Launch by Kiiroo flesh light.

The machine offers a fully automated blowjobs with connection to online database that contain POV and VR porn content.

This is the next big thing! It IS a ticket to go to a world where no man had gone there before: The world of hands free real pleasure time.

As we have seen the online content that is connected to this machine has a lot of entertaining games, videos and webcam sessions for ultimate pleasure time.

The Selling Point

  • The launch measures approximately 12.75 inches total length. It features a one touch slides control on both sides.
  • This male milking machine is designed to help you make instant changes to the speed dynamics to the length of this automatic stroke which is a great selling point for this device.
  • The machine comes in an impressive wrapped like a gift. It is exclusively designed to give you automatic that is hand free play.
  • The FleshLight device comes with an USB charger.
  • Fleshlight Launch device.
  • Authenticity card that is used to activate the device for one year warranty.
  • Setup manual & Instructional manual

Main Features

  • The New Launch Kiiroo has a lot of impressive features.
  • It is fully customizable as far as the Flesh light that you will prefer to lock inside the compartment.
  • The Launch is compatible with Pearl and Kiiroo Onyx.
  • In simple terms what we are saying is that it is possible to purchase a FleshLight that is modelled just like the favorite porn starand then you can sync up the Kiiroo synx with that favorite porn star online content.
  • Still you can use this device without Internet connection.
  • The launch device comes with different modules. The interactive and the manual.

Video Review

  • check

    The device is safe and sound. This is a Mr. popular that is composed of safe body materials that contains no phthalates and latex.

  • check

    It is fully compatible with different FleshLight toys with nearly modern VR goggles and website.

  • check

    The device is silent if you are not using it faster modes. The battery is also fully rechargeable and does not ages to charge.

  • check

    Perfect buddy for a partying night. Get high with the latest technology. The Bluetooth connectivity offers Fuck Fest that is not easy to describe.

  • check

    It has 1 years guaranteed warranty if activated on time. Easy to clean 

  • check

    The device is compact and light weight. The device strokes the cock up to 180 times in minute which is on the highest mode setting.

  • check

    If things get hot, you can push the button to switch it off and on later.

  • This milking machine for men is hard to hide. Unless you have some private closet. It does not come with a storage bag.

  • The device is not water proof. You cannot use it in the bathroom.

  • The Launch becomes too hot after using for some time.

  • It has some slight delays when changing the controls.

My Verdict

The FleshLight Launch is one of the best sex toys in the market today Reason? It is the first device of its kind in the sex toys world.

It is unique for its interactive porn designed by tech savvy. You have this toy and you welcome your cock to the tech world.

The Auto blow 2 is globally recognized as a cock milker and one of the realistic oral sex robotic simulator device for men.

Currently most of the men’s major sex toys are hand operated.

Meaning you have to grip them with your hand and move them up and down.

The existing stroking male machines are not very robust and do not feel realistic appropriately as many men would wish.

Don’t men deserve better.

Of course they do require a machine that will do all the hard work as it pleasures them.

But that is not the case with many machines in the market today.

In that case, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Guess what?

The Auto Blow 2+ is the great deal that men have been anticipating to lay hands on.

Whoa! The machine is properly automated in a way that no other machine in the market can keep up with it.

Throw away the other generation y toys and grab the Auto Blow 2 and am sure you will thank me for shedding the light to your way on laying your hands to the best machine for you.

The Selling Point

  • Does not use batteries
  • The AutoBlow 2 plugs to the power source. The machine uses power and that motor is strong enough to continuer pumping even when there is an imminent considerable load. 
  • Battery powered toys will stop mid-way and were it not for your patience, you can easily smash the device against the wall.
  • It has a strong motor. The motor is strong industrial strength. Toys break but for the Auto Blow, the motor will hardly break at any time. 
  • Even if the machine is left for over 1000 hours with a simulated motor load, the machine will not break. It will continue to pump.
  • So, you can imagine what it will do and the performance it establishes.
  • Accepts 3 different sizes of sleeves
  • One of the biggest selling point for this machine is the fact that it accepts three different sleeve sizes. 
  • Size is a major hindrance to getting these kinds of machines. But the Auto Blow is the savior.
  • Remember, a big penis cannot work well with a battery stroker, the machine will stop, and a small penis will also not feel the quality sensation of a stroker.

Main Features

  • The Auto Blow is an awesome machine and once you put your dick inside the silicone feeling curtains it. The material of the sleeve is lifelike.
  • The sleeves are big enough to accommodate large penis and grip you tightly and do not cut off the circulation.
  • No need to charge this machine as it is plugged on the wall socket for power. The machine is nothing compared to the battery stroker that die’ on you mid-way.
  • The motor just works wonders to this Auto Blow. Did you know the motor lasts the machine a considerable 500 hours? No way. But Yes! 500 hours of nonstop stroking. This means you can have this machine operating a whole 22 days!
  • Well let’s just say no unless you want to get to the Guinness World Record no one can hardly pull past a few hours.
  • But that just to say that the motor is industrial strong. It gives you the chance to party with your pants off. Imagine that.
  • Auto Blow sets a standard for men who love realistic solo sex time. The fact that is hands free makes it more advantageous more that battery operated stroker.
  • Give your precious arms a rest and have this machine to work on you automatically.
  • The sleeves are easy to clean. They pop up easily. You will need water and soap to clean and make sure your sleeve is squeaky clean.
  • The machine is available in the Auto Blow official website. Hurry get one of these monsters!

Video Review

This is definitely the best male masturbator and i highly highly recommend it for you. You need to take care of your dick and your dick will never disappoint you since you are taking care of it by gifting it this wonderful machine.

  • check

    It is powerful in action no matter the speed that you choose to have

  • check

    It does not require the help of your hands not unless you want to us your hands.

  • check

    Manual pumping is not required at all.

  • check

    Ergonomically and well designed to handle you for a comfy grip

  • check

    The multiple sleeves just puts this machine on the limelight. It is suitable to be used by men who have different sizes.

  • The grip should have been made more adjustable or little smaller. (This is from the men who are small endowed. Otherwise for large endowed men the grip is just fine).

  • As much as the machine has three action speeds, it would be super feel good is the machine had a sliding speed for full customized blowjobs.

My Verdict

Overall, I can say the Auto Blow is the ultimate massage chair for your dick. This penis milker is the best in market in this category.

After a long hard day, what better way than to just sit down and relax as the machine works on you for awesomeness pleasure.

The machine feels like the real thing of course minus the gagging.

I can assure once you land your hands on this machine you will want it in your car, kitchen, bathroom, anywhere as long as you have some privacy on your own.

This is my personal favourite and highly recommended dick sucking machine. If you buy this wothout even reading about the others , even then this will be the best buying decision of your life ?

The male sex toys are just getting better day by day.

The desire to have the best cock milking machine is now a thing the industry keenly lately.

Here comes the Lovense male masturbator male sex toy.

The toy is actually handheld.

It is perfectly designed for men and fits about 95% of the penises.

The gadget features a material that is skin like

Lovense is a big brand when it comes to sex toys and this dick sucking machine lives upto the brand name.

It is another fantastic product from a reliable company like lovense.

The Selling Point

  • It has an air vent for a customized suction control. More to that, the battery is rechargeable. 
  • Lovense comes with supplies like the lube and cleaning supplies.
  • It has the USB Bluetooth dongle, user’s manual and a charging cable.
  • The whole contraption of the device is Bluetooth compatible.
  • This device lets you to play with your partner remotely.
  • You can buy this dick milking machine without wasting any more time in checking the reviews and all.

Main Features

  • Lovense features high technology bells and whistles.
  • It has a sequence of vibrations and a pending patent air pump like design when it is used in oscillate , tandem along the shaft of your penis creating a real like blowjob sensations.
  • Still, the key feature that makes this device unique is that it is pliable and soft to fully simulate you to maximum.
  • Thus feature makes this device get a second look.
  • The max material are artificial which makes the sessions to be awesome pleasure only time.

Video Review

  • check

    The battery has a long lifespan and it’s rechargeable.

  • check

    The multi- setting air feels great on the shaft.

  • check

    The internal texture is just wow! The vibrations knocks you off completely.

  • check

    The smart phone acts as the remote control. If your partner has Max or Nora you can have some feel good time together. It’s free to download the apps. It is splash proof.

  • check

    The internal texture feels great on the shaft.

  • Lovense bad boy is not welcome in the bathroom. Reason is that it is nor water proof.

  • You cannot hide this machine from nosy company.

  • The device looks just like a masturbator. It does not have a storing bag. Low.

  • The sleeve material does not feel awesome on the shaft. No! 

  • The device does not have multiple sleeves which make it compatible with a certain class of men

My Verdict

It all comes down that spending almost 100 bucks for a device that id Bluetooth compatible and its handheld is not a bad thing after all.

It does have customized vibration functions. Bottom line it is a long distance relationship buddy. 

If you are not a fan of the Bluetooth app, max is a fist sized you with super decent linings that will make you feel like you are having a real blowjob.

Finally, the wait is over. Introducing the new and improved Kiiroo Onyx male sex toy.

This genius invention of this Kiiroo Onyx feels like the super new iPhone 8.

It is referred to as the machine the Kiiroo Onyx is a handheld automatic masturbator for men.

The device is priced very low, it only provides an ultimate sensational time.

When you compare this device with the Launch, the new improved Kiiroo onyx will give you a whole new

and high experience as a solo artist with your shaft with the latest art of technology that comes combined with the Internet.

The device is synced with Feel porn content.

The original Oryx had this feature but the new version has better viewing power.

The Kiiroo onyx is made primarily of silicone and polymer this sex toy for men is made for high sensations with an intimate touch when long distance relations hips and dates become an issue.

The machine goes for over an hour after charging.

It has the ability to perform a whopping 140 strokes! That is 2.5 strokes on your shaft per second.

Kiiroo Onyx 2-FleshLight

This one is highly recommended product in penis sucking machine category of sex products.

The Selling Point

  • The Kiiroo Onyx is compatible to chatting. Basically, you are able to turn yourself on by turning the Oryx 2 after you have full charged it.
  • The motor is powerful and will last the machine for a long time.
  • It is compatible with Kiiroo Pearl, FleshLight Launch, or just any Kiiroo onyx2 device.
  • It is a super shocking show stopper no matter how t you are using it.

Video Review

Main Features

  • The Kiiroo Onyx2 has a super industrial powerful motor that feel like it was designed by Nasa.
  • Right to the sensitive touch and speed controls the features are a great improvement from the original Kiiroo onyx. It is powerful and super quiet. It remains active for a long time.
  • It features ten contracting inner rings that work to stimulate sensations like the real sex time (when it is used with online content).
  • Believe it, you can hardly wear out the motor. Surprisingly, it is lightweight and conveniently well designed making it highly portable.
  • This new version is much sexier, sleeker and expertly made to pleasure men. And yes, it has super feel like real skin making it go way above any average sex toy.
  • The sleeve swanky material is slightly textured, the pleasure rings make the whole session wonderful.
  • The designer was really confident with the effectiveness of this great invention.
  • The hyper realistic, extra soft sleeve texture has a clean white material silicone made that is combined with gyration of rings which make the whole session a wild ride.
  • The product comes with Kiiroo Onyx 2, USB charging cable, instructions manual, sample packet of the water lube, warranty card for registration and a protective cap that opens the toy.
  • check

    The Oryx 2 is used alone or linked to a faraway partner.

  • check

    The super skin sleeve can be easily removable for easy cleaning.

  • check

    The sleeve is easily turned inside out for great sensations.

  • check

    It properly syncs to other users and lets you interact with a live partner. Still you can bask to the sea of prerecorded porns content from the stars.

  • The Kiiroo onyx requires initial charge of just about 3-5 hours. Still it needs to be charged for 2-3 hrs. when using it. This is a down side on this machine.

  • The device is expensive

  • The interactive interface is 3D. However, the library gets finished quickly for daily users.

  • Requires frequent updates for it to run smoothly.

My Verdict

This revolutionary Kiiroo Onyx sex toy, spending $200 and will come to enhance your sex life is not a bad deal after all.

The gadget is perfectly designed to give men a total knock off.

The manufacturer of Kiiroo Onyx works in hand with FeelPornStars.Com to give access to the perverted wonderland in 3D. 

You are free to explore the depths of imaginations and feel the sensations as you escapade. It is powerful and features a long lasting motor, light weight and sleek design.

Nothing beats the new and improved Kiiroo Onyx 2.

5. Lovebotz Milker Automatics Deluxe Stroker

We are excited to have to introduce to you the new cock milker in the market.

The Deluxe Lovebotz stroker penis milking  machine is specifically designed for men and does all the hard work.

It is made to stroke and suck your shaft and with the help of the two cylinders that brings about a wide variety of sensations to choose from.

Do you need an alone time?

Discreet is top quality.

Just by plugging the hose to the cylinders you are at liberty to control the speed modes depending on how slow or fast you want it to stroke and suck.

Although not as easy like the top 3 recommended products in this list, but it also deserves attention as a penis sucking machine product.

The Selling Point

  • The 2 cylinders have their own specific functions. The first cylinder is designed for your shaft at nearly 9 inches.
  • The shaft is long and aligned with soft and smooth rubber for sealing your penis tightly.
  • The second small cylinder targets specific areas that need to be pleasured like the cock head. You can use it with a partner or alone.
  • The product is made to make you feel the ultimate orgasm and high simulations.
  • The product has a lock and 2 keys and easily portable in a discreet way.

Main Features

  • The product is specifically made for sucking and stroking the shaft.
  • The multi speed product houses everything inside discreetly. The product uses a dial to control the speeds.
  • The measurements are 11 inches and 8.25 width with 11.75 in height. This allows it to be used by various categories of men.
  • For a massive buildup of excitement, apply lubricant to your shaft and let the product take care of the rest.
  • Use the button to change to different vibration modes as you wish.

    Always clean with sanitizer or soap after use in case you are using it with your partner.

Video Review

  • check

    Good product worth the price

  • check

    The stroking power is powerful.

  • check

    Works like a charm. Great product.

  • Power supply plug at times lets out sparks

  • Little suction power.

  • Cheaply made product.

My Verdict

For a machine that comes with variety of sensations to choose from, this is a great investment for the ones who have long distance relationships and in case dates have become your daily cup of coffee.

However, with the likes of Lovense, the Launch and Kiiroo Onyx available in the market today, this is a small time player that you cannot compare with the big entries.

We decided to check this small time player for men who could not afford the big time players like the Kiiroo Oryx.

6. Flesh Light Pink Lady Masturbator – Rota-Ratol Cup

Ever thought of doing your penis justice and having ecstatic feeling blowing like the winds on a beach.

Needless to say more a good male masturbator cup is the ideal package for you.

Packaged with all the goodies and feel good material of medical silicone for your mind to go on another level. 

This penis milking machine is a super stretchy and the entry is wide that fits all dicks of all sizes.

It is made of medical silicone. Soft and supple. When was the last time you felt your dick fit enough and full in a masturbator cup? 

The machine is specifically made for men and will give you a feeling you have never experienced.

It helps to reduce stress and make you relax as well as improve sexual experience by giving you perceptible multiple orgasms.

The good news is that the gadget has a transparent linear that gives your penis a firm grip.

The rubber cushion is made to make you feel comfortable. No instance of feeling a hard surface on your penis.

Stretchable hole and a TPR cushion are all added advantages for comfort. Amazing sex is a result of great friction.

The male masturbator has special particles on the inside that give your dick simulation and an amazing time by friction.

The machine is specifically made for men and will give you a feeling you have never experienced.

The Selling Point

The material used for this male masturbator imitate the real skin of a female.

The ABS and the medical silicone make the gadget look realistic like a human skin. 

You automatically envision a partner and experience wonderful orgasm.

The skin simulation however, does not make the male masturbator greasy. It makes it feel comfortable soft and healthy.

Do you want to experience double fun? The shape is non-slip and does not slide off your palms.

It is 100% waterproof and can be used even in the bathroom. It is easy to use when you are in the shower. 

Wonder on the dimensions? The entry is super stretchy. The male masturbator is stretchy to accept dicks of all sizes.

In the vibration and the sunction provocation it creates a numb feeling bringing a sense of real like interaction.

Main Features

  • The product is made of superior material. The pure medical silicone and the ABS have no bad smell.
  • They are detachable, reused and easy to clean. Exciting feeling.
  • It has exciting particles on the inside which offer amazing time by simulation and friction for a wonderful experience.
  • The product imitates real skin. The biometric materials used make the product feel like a realistic skin.
  • This helps to feel awesome and reach orgasm faster.
  • The simulation of the real like skin feels nom greasy, comfortable and soft.
  • The waist is made perfectly fit to align with the human palm.
  • The product is made with an user friendly easy to hold waist.
  • The linear is transparent, compact complex channel three dimensions cavity signals.
  • It has a comfortable and sexy channel design.
  • You feel the product with your touching fleshy feeling.

Video Review

  • check

    The soft rubber feel good and comfortable.

  • check

    Exquisite performance.

  • check

    Strong and powerful vibrations.

  • check

    Does not have an automated on and off switch.

  • At times the vacuum sucks fluids making it impossible to clean.

  • Expensive.

7. Utimi Male Milking Cup

Do you enjoy a harder erection and get yourself sorted with the right product?

Looking for an awesome time with multiple prolonged ejaculation?

We have the answer right here.

This product gives you unforgettable fantasies to the world on amazing dick handling.

Throw away all the oral cups masturbator and welcome to the world of unending fantasies as you try out the Utimi blowjob cock milking toy.

The gadget is inbuilt with silicone passages that wrap and suck your dick naughtily feeling comfortable and safe.

It is an automatic heating device that lets you enjoy the warm temperature. 

The Selling Point

The vibration modes are multi. Meaning you can select the mode you want to go with your dick so as to meet your various sexual levels and needs.

The product comes in an anti-slip design that you will grip safely without falling.

Good news is that the USB is quick to charge that lets you continue having multiple orgasms and steady climax.

Video Review

Main Features

  • The passage is made soft, flexible and soft with flexible silicone that licks and kisses your cock.
  • The automatic heat option heats up like a real partner. Enter in to the world of fantasy as you use this product.
  • Once you want to feel emulation, just one button is enough to make you feel on top of the world.
  • The inbuilt oral temperatures give your dick a quick heating for a stronger and powerful erection. Immerse your dick into a powerful warm sensation powerful blowjob.
  • The non-slip design on the outer lining minimizes friction and offer a better grip that does not allow any falling of the product from the dick.
  • The quick USB charge is only an added advantage to this super product for men.
  • It requires 1.5 hours to charge fully. This lets you to enjoy uninterrupted sucking and never forgetting ecstasy. 
  • The silicone decorating’s are unique smooth and flexible for steady orgasmic enjoyment.
  • The product is water resistant and made of silicone and ABS material.
  • It has 3 vibration modes and 6 modules of pulse.
  • The size is 5.2″ height, 2.9″ outer diameter and the insertable length of the dick is 3.6″. 
  • check

    leavily and solid made.

  • check

    Works well

  • check

    The charge last a while

  • check

    Easy to clean

  • Does not fit huge endowed men.

  • Fails to warm up to expectations.

  • Small in size does not fit all sizes of dicks.

8. Utimi Males Masturbations Cup

Utimi Males Masturbations Cup Hand-free with Auto Masturbations Cups with Sexual Screams.

Your collection of male sex toys just got a new member. 

Throw away those boring cock millers away and welcome to the feeling of having multiple orgasms.

Not so high tech in functionality like the autoblow-2, this one can still be considered as a good option for a dick sucking machine.

Just like the drunkenness of love feeling and your favorite beer, just plug in your earphones let yourself escapade to the creaming moans.

It is a unique and powerful cock milking cup that will definitely knock off all your sex toys.

The feeling with incomparable simulations are a great way to heighten your desires with every thrusting.

The Selling Point

Who does the incredible feeling of the multiple orgasms with an incredible sex toy rubbing your dick in all angles and with sensations?

Well I love.

This is selling point that makes this product stand out from the rest.

Do not settle to stores garbage, purchase an Utimi male masturbator cup and your life will to be the same again.

Well your dick life will automatically change.

Feel great to say that and picture the multiple organs you will have

Main Features

  • Features The materials used are safe, skin friendly, smooth and safe TPE with sturdy and durable outer ABS shell that provide comfort and durability. 
  • lt has a mighty appearance. The product fits in your penis with charm coming from each and every corner
  • Release yourself to feel the intelligent arlIgirl’ screaming and moaning.
  • It comes with 10 various vibration modes, raptured sounds ray scattered everywhere to go with every frequency. 
  • Let your experience speak for itself with the uncontrollable lure of tenderness and charm from the soft silicone touch.
  • It comes with a good design of ergonomic up sanction that helps you adjust to different angles creating multi sex positions for an orgasm explosion.
  • The stretch area is wide and the mainstream size freely fits any Euramerican man.
  • Features convex particles that simulate the penis to create sensitivity and build a massive ejaculate.
  • The product is water resistant and you can use it when showering. Easy to recharge with the USB.
  • check

    Good feeling from the interior.

  • check

    The silicone gives you a nice feeling.

  • check

    Easy to clean.

  • check

    Keeps charge for a long time

  • The product is large and too noisy

  • Incidences of the product shutting down often.

  • Large in size and not easily portable.

  • Only fits men who are small endowed.

  • Modes takes precious minutes to change.

9. 10 Speeds Suction Male Masturbator Stroker

Tired of chopping wood the wrong way?

Seriously, once you slide this product in to your cock, curtains will fall down. 

The pleasure, the massive grip and the simulation takes your dick to another level.

The realistic entrance on the mouth is made to imitate the real mouth and give your cock the feeling of a real blowjob.

This cock sucking machine will bring the biggest smile on your face.

This penis milking machine tightly grips your cock, licking and sucking. It and can be adjusted to up to 10 different vibration speeds.

The channel can accommodate cocks of all sizes. It has convex special particles on the inside that offer stimulation and friction for an amazing sex time.

The Selling Point

The cup design is made to be easily help by palm and does not fall off. It fits the palm lines very well.

The Coc 10 speeds has three dependent buttons for easy control and humanized use Feeling like you want to move steadily from stage one to the tenth speed of stimulation for a great sex experience?

This is the great deal. The Coc stroker, has 10 variable speed that have different vibrating frequencies.

 You are able to change frequency as you for a perceptible orgasm and a wonderful sexual experience like no other.

The material used is soft rubber cushions and has a stretched hole and an extra TPR cushion.

The appearance of this product is not greasy, but smooth and clean. For intense suction that blows off your mind, the suction and the vibration take your cock to wonderland.

This is one of the top 9 best cock milking machine that will excite your male cells and give you an unprecedented cock stimulations. 

Now go ahead and add it to the collection of your toys for better days ahead.

Main Features

  • The product is made of premium materials.
  • The cup is made of medical silicone which is skin friendly, odor free, smooth, soft, resistant to low temp and flexible.
  • lt is easy to clean and the appearance is not greasy but smooth.
  • The product takes you to wonderland. You feel like you are having the real thing.
  • The 3D cavity signal, the transparent linear, comfortable and sexy channel design you will feel outright the real thing with the fleshy touch. lt feels like a real female mouth.
  • The front part is made to full imitate the real female mouth and duplicate oral sex. It sucks and licks your cock with different 10 vibration speeds.
  • For better results and to feel comfortable while using this product, use lubricants for friction purposes. Clean with soap or sanitizer after use.
  • When purchased it is delivered discreetly. The product information is not displayed on the packaging.
  • Total secrecy for you and your cock.
  • The charging time is 90 minutes to be full and the method for charging is by USB.
  • check

    Great toy for privacy.

  • check

    It works really well

  • check

    Easy to clean and dries up quickly.

  • check

    Realistic look like a real female.

  • check

    The product is odorless thanks to the silicone.

  • The product is a dirt magnet.

  • Small for large endowed men.

  • The battery at times does not last for long as expected.

Top 9 cock milking machine buyer’s guide

For the one who do not know, there are certain factors to consider before you buy a junk product that will not satisfy your needs.

There are several questions too that you are required to ask yourself so as to land on the best product in the market. Remember the bottom line is all about getting your coco satisfied. 

So, what is the suction power?

The suction power is different from each product. However, the higher the suction power the better the feeling. Go for a product that has a high suction power to blow you off.

Suck Machines: Does the cock milker have variation modes?

Never go for a product that only has one variation mode or the one that you cannot change.

No! Feel the sexy feeling building up to a massive climax as you change the cock milker from one variation speed to another.


At all times, we tend to go for the most expensive product no matter how expensive it is and with little functions.

However as much as an expensive product may have many features, always consider to have a check of the features in the product before purchasing.

You do not want to throw an expensive product in the garbage after it fails to make you touch the stars.

The price of these cock milking machines varies from one another. They are frequently bought accompanied together with the lubricants.

However, users can still purchase the product minus the accompanying products.

Material used?

The material used in the product should also be something to consider. Always buy a product that is made of silicone.

Silicone is soft, odorless and skin friendly. It will also feel smooth and soft to your cock.

Final words
For a real cock milking experience that will make you feel rejuvenated, fresh and relaxed consider one of these top 9 cock milkers. 

Their inner chambers have stretchy rubber that fits cocks of all sizes. The speed levels are different and you adjust according to you need for pleasure.

All these are put together to give you an ultimate one man’s show sexual experience.

My take and recommendation The ultimate feeling is created when you get the best product from the market. I would recommend the Utimi cock milker. The features are unique.

The product has a female like screams and moaning. This feeling creates an illusion of a real human female and it is bound to take your sexual fantasies to high levels.

Treat your cock to an ultimate feeling that will knock you off creating a sweet sexual feeling. Gift your self any of these cock sucking machine and thank me later.

Lastly, we hope this guide paints a clear picture on the product you need to purchase. Feeling excited after we have disseminated various products for you to choose easily?

My gratitude. I hope this review helps you to take good sexual care to your cock.

I hope you like this article on top male milking machine that you can buy for yourself. If you did then kindly share it with your male friends as well. Its your duty as a bro ?

Gift yourself or to your friend this dick sucking toy and the bond of friendship will be made for eternities to come.

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