Top Comments Of The Week – 10 Videos

Top Video Comments - 10 videos

The PORN.COM community is filled with some interesting characters. Each and every one of us are porn lovers but we all have our unique and sometimes quirky personalities. Thankfully, our video comments allow members of our community to share their thoughts and opinions and each wee we take time to review these comments for comedy gold!

We select comments based on our own sense of humour and not on the number of views or upvotes the comment receives. We don’t want you to miss a thing here at PORN.COM, so see what others are saying and click the image to visit the individual video page.

Top Video Comments of the Week

Gotta catch em’ all?

Top Comments Of The Week-9-Videos-000033

It can get distracting VRank, but girls will moan when you;re doing it right.

Top Comments Of The Week-9-Videos-000034

Hey you spelled “Government” wrong…and “banning”…and missed an apostrophe in “we’re”…but at least you were polite about it lol.

Top Comments Of The Week-9-Videos-000038

That’s an HR nightmare waiting to happen zbbcecilia.

Top Comments Of The Week-9-Videos-000039

You must have some interesting family reunions Jahcappin23.

Top Comments Of The Week-9-Videos-000037

Really jacorybulter1234? Really? Was Holly Halston in your neighbourhood this week?

Top Comments Of The Week-9-Videos-000036

That’s always worked for me too Mexluger!

Top Comments Of The Week-9-Videos-000032

Sitting on a face for hours can be murder on your lower back. We suggest providing a lumbar support as well Goofy5809.

Top Comments Of The Week-9-Videos-000030

Ha ha true jettfan1977! Something tells us it was an empty threat. He got his pussy.

Top Comments Of The Week-9-Videos-000031

Wait, a married guy meeting up for hookup AND he talks bad about his wife? No shit. That was probably our favorite comment all week prettybutu.

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