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The PORN.COM community can be a fun, satisfying and enriching experience. It can also be a great source for bat-shit-crazy comments from members of our community! Don’t get me wrong because the crazy comments are my absolute favorite.

Today we feature a collection of the top video comments from the past week. When I “top comments” I really mean which ones were funny as all hell or jumped out to us. The internet is a wonderful place indeed!

Top Video Comments

Ahhh…well yeah nightshade255…Captain America Civil War was a feature-length blockbuster movie. This is a porno clip. If the acting was better here, someone needs to go bitch-slap Robert Downey Jr. The question is, how much hardcore threesome sex are there in the Marvel movies?

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You and Hallmark droudi!

Vid Comment

Hey blindman666, that is a very good observation from someone who is blind! It is true that perspective is an amazing thing. A transport truck can look small when next to an aircraft carrier.

Top Vid Comments

Hi! Well that’s not how you spell “sausage”. And you’re right…that’s a penis.

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So it seems this is your very first time watching porn. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

Fook yu!

Thanks to all who made our top comments list this week. Be sure to register for a for username so if we ever select one of your comments to feature, we know who were talking to! Be part of our naughty, cum-soaked community!

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