Top Comments of the Week – 6 Videos

Top Comments - 6 Videos

The PORN.COM community always has plenty to say when it comes to hardcore fucking. Each and every week we see more comments roll in as people share their opinions XXX scenes. We select some of our favorite comments to share with you here.  Keep in mind we don;t base this on upvotes, views, etc but simply pick the comments that makes us laugh the most. Keep them coming folks as this has become one of the most popular distractions at the PORN.COM offices!

Top Comment - Got Gas?

Sometimes priorities can change Smokey21.  But agreed, I was wondering if he made it out of there too!

Top Comments - Nibble

ballspank69 we love your use of the word “nibble”…your username is also rockin’.

Top Comments - Clit

Big clits cost extra to shoot…producers need to pay by the pound. You’ve found a clit-tastic vid with this one Mbolstar.

Top Comment - Veggies

Hey CosmicCatnip! We’re just happy we can play a small role in helping you and others follow a balanced diet.

Top Comments - Self

Windex will help with that Lonesomedrifter. Remember that cum can leave streaks if you don’t get it right away.

Top Comments - Putin

We have a winner! This comment made us burst out laughing in our offices droudi! We would suggest checking your coffee for radioactive isotopes over the next couple of months…

That’s it for now! Thanks to all the PORN.COM users who made it to our top comments list this week. Remember to register for a free account if you haven’t already and become a real part of the largest communities for porn lovers on the net!

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