Top User-Generated Playlists Last Week

201603012-PDC-Blog-Popular User Playlists This WeekPORN.COM is far more than just the biggest porn tube around. With a quick and free registration you can start building your own personal online porn collections with PORN.COM Playlists. Users have the chance to build playlists from the thousands upon thousands of videos in our massive site. Everyone has the chance to make their own created playlists public for sharing or totally private. Playlists can include premium HD videos from our Video Channels, other DVD exclusives or from good ol’ user uploads.

Like YouTube, public video playlists can be subscribed to and profiles followed.Today, we’re looking at the publicly shared playlists to see which ones make it to our top ten. Be sure to check back each week to see which PORN.COM user has the best porn collection of the week!

10. AAA

The playlist, AAA was created by user, Frostykidd and includes some truly spectacular hardcore sex and backdoor fun. The triple “A” stands for ass.


9. Gangbang19

The Gangbang19 video playlist contains threesomes, foursomes and more-somes. When you want to see a cock-hungry vixen take on multiple cocks this is the place to be. It was created by peapod00.


8. HD9

Gis_83 is back on our list with another playlist, HD9. If you like watching sexy teen sluts getting pounded in HD then check this collection out.


7. Adorable Whores

It’s the sexy video playlist with the hilarious name. We all love whores here at PORN.COM but we especially enjoy the adorable ones. See Adorable Whores created by analgymnast.


6. Film

Check out the playlist entitled, Film for a classic and more polished porn experience. This one also comes from user Gis_83.


5. flat chested teens

For those who value quality over quantity, we present the flat chested teens playlist from redgreen. Slim bodies, eager inexperienced holes and small tits all found in one place.


4. fuck yeah

The name of this video playlist says it all. The fuck yeah playlist was made by pimpthree and features some great couples and threesome sex.


3. HD7

User, Gis_83 is owning today’s top list! HD7 is their 3rd playlist that makes our top 10 this week. Simply amazing!


2. The Best Porn Playlist For People who like guy on girl only!!! 2

The title for this playlist is quite a mouthful and it’s the sequel! Check out The Best Porn Playlist For People who like guy on girl only!!! 2 from cheesehed99 for…well the title says it all.

PDC-Playlist-02-Porn Playlist For People who like guy on girl only

1. Full length movies

And our winner for the 2nd week in a row is Full length movies from cussler! Congrats for sharing a popular playlist for the porn-loving masses.


It’s been an exciting one this week. A big shout out goes to users Gis_83 for making our list three times in one week and to our winner cussler. Stay tuned to see if your video playlist will go viral in PORN.COM.

Have you created your own PORN.COM Video Playlist? If not, why not? Never before has it been this easy to keep all your favorite porn in one convenient spot. Did we miss a truly epic playlist? Share your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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