Top User-Made Playlists of the Week

Top User-Made Playlists of the Week

Each week more and more PORN.COM users continue to creating superb video playlists. After a quick and free registration you can do far more than simply view XXX videos in any category you could imagine. Users can also build their own private or public video playlists to create their very own online porn collection.

If a playlist is set to public, others in the PORN.COM community get to enjoy it. Users can also follow each other and subscribe to created playlists to stay up-to-date with new additions. Today we’re specifically looking at the most popular in terms of views and likes for the past week. Who will be our PORN.COM Playlist Master this week? There’s only one way to find out!

10. Busty Latinas ?

The playlist called Busty Latinas ? features busty cuties from south of the border and was created by mvp589. Check it out when you’re ready for something spicy.

Top Video Playlists 10

9. Brunette Milfs

Sometimes experience is what you really need. With that in mind, user Milf_Fan_Man has created the playlist, Brunette Milfs. Indulge today and send that Fan Man a thanks!

Top Video Playlists 09

8. Ebony beauties

When you’re in the need of some fine chocolate booty try the Ebony beauties playlist from scorpius76. This great playlist makes it to our number eight spot this week.

Top Video Playlists 08

7. The HD Fap List

The HD Fap List playlist has one of the best titles yet. The name really says it all and you can thank PORN.COM user Haribeau for organizing these great HD porn videos.

Top Video Playlists 07

6. A2M Threesomes

This week we have another amazing playlist from analgymnast. This time we take a look at the A2M Threesomes playlist. This one features sweet FFM Threesomes and Ass2mouth. It’s a perfect storm!

Top Video Playlists 06

5. HD7

This is the 2nd week in a row the HD7 video playlist from Gis_83 has been a part of our top 10 list. Congrats Gis_83! The people have spoken and they like your style.

Top Video Playlists 05

4. Blonde Milf

In our number four spot we have the playlist entitled, Blonde Milf. This Milf playlist was also created by Milf_Fan_Man. He really knows his stuff!

Top Video Playlists 04

3. Sexy Milfs

Surprisingly the Sexy Milfs video playlist as created by another mature porn lover, Watcher25. Like a fine wine, these hotties improve with age.

Top Video Playlists 03

2. fuck yeah

User Pimpthree created the playlist called fuck yeah. It has a sweet fucking title and even sweeter fuck vids inside. Great collection!

Top Video Playlists 02

1. Full length movies

And in our top spot this week we have Full length movies created by cussler. Last week this video playlist was featured in the number three position. This week it’s moved up to number one. Keep up the good work cussler!

Top Video Playlists 01

MILF sex seems to be on everyone’s mind this week. Keep up the good work all you MILF pussy lovers out there! Be sure to retune next week to see which PORN.COM video playlists make it to our top 10. Check out all of the public XXX collections found within our network. They’ve all worked hard to tailor their own online experience and make your day brighter by sharing what they enjoy.

Have you taken the time to create your own video playlist? Remember you have the option to keep your playlists private as well but those ones never make it to our top 10 lists. Follow us on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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