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Topless for Exposure In New York

So, here’s a video we found of a girl, Moira Johnston, parading around New York topless to show everyone that breasts aren’t purely sexual. Agreed… but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate someone’s body if they’re willing to show it off! This topless activist is 29—I just hope she still isn’t doing it once she’s 80! Does anyone else think it’s a little silly that she’s been censored with that black bar, though? Kind of takes away from what she’s trying to prove… no?

Anyway, maybe you’ll get lucky and meet a girl like this at your next yoga class! Most likely not, though… and since that’s the case, we’ve got you covered!

We wholeheartedly support toplessness here at PORN.COM, so women, set your milkbags free and roam!

Oh, and here’s her actually topless… no stupid censorship bullshit

Here, she talks about getting handcuffed and detained… for doing NOTHING wrong.

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