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Tori Black Let’s the Cat Out Of The Bag…


NL- Great movie, beautiful boxcover. Tori spent the last year making a website & a beautiful baby boy ?

Tori Black Let’s the Cat Out Of The Bag…On her new FREE site. You can check it out at  Here is her first blog which tells what she’s been up to for a year!

Tori writes-

Understandably, there has been a lot of speculation over my career as of 2011. “What happened to Tori after AVN?” Well, I thought I would open the curtains and reveal the beauty that is within.
On October 14th I gave birth to my first child. I know some of you already assumed, but I wanted to give it to you straight from me. Having my baby boy has been the most incredible journey of my life, and it was something I needed to do on my own away from the spotlight. I needed to forget aboutTori Black as much as I could and just focused on the warmth in my belly. Remembering my pregnancy brings tears to my eyes, there’s nothing quite like it.
My son is my sole purpose in life, and I demand that I be the best I can be as a woman and a mother to help raise him to be the man he deserves to be. So many children in this world aren’t given the value they deserve and I don’t want him to fall into the same category. No matter what I have to sacrifice, no matter what task I must complete, without question and without fail I will do everything I need to in order to be his Wonder Woman.
So, the cat’s out of the bag!
“Are you retiring” and “What’s next for Tori Black, career-wise?” are questions I’m assuming are floating around, so I’ll take a moment to address them. I am not disappearing, however I will be growing and changing, as any evolving woman would. Certain feelings and aspects of reality change when a woman becomes a mother and the most important thing I can do right now is take care of myself and my blossoming family.
I would have more details for you, however… I do not know any! This is something I’ve (obviously) never done before so it’s really hard to say how I’ll feel with each new day.
Thank you for being so loyal to me and allowing me privacy through this beautiful change in my life!

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