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Tory Lane Arrested!

ToriLaneJail2It’s a good feeling to know that your favorite porn stars are just as bad ass and tough off-set as they are on! The ever-popular Tory Lane just landed herself in jail. Reports say that she attacked flight crew when on a Delta flight, as well as the police.

Tory Lane was flying Delta from Atlanta to Los Angeles on the night of Wednesday, February 18th, when she had a few more drinks that she probably needed to. Reports say that she got completely hammered and began arguing with the flight crew before becoming physical and assaulting them.

It didn’t stop there, though. According to TMZ, she had to be physically restrained for the 45 minute duration left of the flight that she was intoxicated, and when they touched down and cops came to grab her, she reputedly assaulted him. The story hit the news last Thursday, February 19th but it just came to the public’s attention that it was award winning porn star Tory Lane.

After assaulting the police, she went straight to the hospital, and then from there she was sent to jail for “battery on a police officer, and being drunk in public.” She has since been released.

If you missed it, check out the archived free camshow featuring Tory Lane. No people were assaulted, but the robocock died.

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