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Tracey Adams

In his Best of Buttman 2 tape, John Stagliano says a shot of Tracey Adams’ ass inspired his ground-breaking Buttman series. He shows a clip of Adams on her hands and knees with her butt stuck high in the air. “The shot only lasted a couple of seconds,” says Stagliano, “but I knew then what I wanted to do.”

Not just her butt, but all of Tracey steadily grew during her performing years, as her way, she says, of getting herself out of the business before she got too old.

Tracey stands 5’7″ and measures 35-24-36 when in shape.

Before porn, she modeled and appeared in mens magazines.

She’s generally regarded as among the more intelligent and cultured of porn girls. The attraction of more money enticed her into sexvids. “A girl who says anything else primarily motivates her is lying,” says Tracey. “All the other benefits are incidental.”

Born 6/7/59 as Deborah Blaisdell, the name she uses in her R-rated appearances, Tracey grew up in a small town near Baltimore. She attended community college and became a radio disc jockey. During her move to the West Coast in 1981, all her demo tapes melted. She attended broadcasting school, and worked at a couple of small stations, including a midnight to six AM stint at the University of California at San Diego station.

Unable to make any money in radio, Blaisdell moved into straight acting in 1983. She found an agent and did various topless roles in B films like Lost Empire. Unable to pay her final semester at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, she entered porno. Adams first performed sex in 1985’s Make My Night where she appeared on the boxcover. (Dorothy of Kansas Meets the Wizard of X, p. 30)

“After a porn apprenticeship that included the requisite supporting roles and cameo parts (f—y-sucky not much talky),” writes 1/87 AFW, “the tall, poised beauty with the wry smile at last convinced the industry that she deserved leads. After all, Tracey can handle characters that few porn actresses dare attempt: she is convincing as a woman of education, culture, breeding; she can play a successful author (Lust on the Orient Express); a rich socialite (Sins of the Wealthy 2); an Indian princess (Soft, Warm Rain); mother to a college-age lad (2002: A Sex Odyssey); a slick hooker (Jacqueline); even a Goddess of Love.”

Her best movies include “Dangerous Desire, for the dramatic erotic tension she and Paul Thomas sustain throughout this excellent adaptation of Les Liasons Dangereuses [which became the superb R-rated Dangerous Liasons of 1988]; Jacqueline, for the touching story and honest characterizations; Goddess of Love for Bob Chinn’s pretty pictures; Lucky In Love, for Tracey’s prime time performance; Lust on the Orient Express, The Ultimate Lover and Moonlighting, for her sly comic style; The Grafenberg Girls Go Fishing, for full-tilt frenzy; Peeping Tom, Rears, Weird Fantasy, Dirty Dreams, Make My Night, Cherry Tricks and lots of others, just for fun.” (AFW)

Her favorite performance was her first sex scene with Peter North in Pretty Peaches 2 which won the award for that year’s Best Sex Scene.

“This wacky story of a girl’s coming of age was voted best film of 1987 for its fresh and lively plot and blistering sex scenes.” (AFW 96D p.264)

Adams, who says she never got breast implants, set strict groundrules with producers. “Otherwise people take advantage of you. I will only do one sex scene a day. I don’t want to be sore or exhausted. I insist that my partner be healthy and clean. When you put it simply and firmly, producers abide by your conditions. They are not uncaring, just busy.

“The Europeans do things differently. Their approach to shooting a porno is not erotic or appealing. Filmmakers there don’t make much effort to put the players in a sexy mood.

“There’s a man in Germany who calls himself “The Pope of Porn.” And he’s serious! The man is disgusting, despicable, yet he’s getting rich off his wife, who is a big porn star over there. She is a hideous creature who, if you are in a sex scene with her and fail to make her cum, she sees to it that you never work in Europe again.

“Gabriel Pontello, who co-stars with Olinka in most of her movies, is one of the best known [studs] over there. He thinks of himself as the continental John Leslie but there’s no comparison.

“When the Europeans have to do dialog in English there’s a big problem. Nobody speaks it well and their accents are hard to understand. They learn their lines by rote, phonetically, so the words come out with no feeling, no sense behind them.” (AFW)

Tracey first went to Europe to star in The Backdoor Club and Shades of Passion.

“Taija Rae and Herschel Savage and I joined some other people for a project that was supposed to be in Munich. We were taken to a small town and deposited in a tiny room. No telephone, no form of entertainment in this purely German town where nobody spoke English.”

Tracey says she maintains her peace of mind by standing up for herself.

“I care about my work and prefer sex scenes that grow out of two people being attracted to each other. I don’t like to perform cold, unfeeling sex. My favorite kind is with one person, preferably a man.

“I didn’t become known for my sexual prowess. I stayed on the straight and narrow, vanilla sex. I became known for my acting ability. ” (AFW)

Adams figured prominently in a long Los Angeles Times profile of the industry in February 1991. She says that performer salaries have dropped steadily over the past four years from over $1000 a day to around $200.

“Although she is free-thinking, Adams is anything but the free-spirited sexual athlete her fans like to imagine. She worries about crime and overpopulation and drinks two vodkas medicinally each night to help her sleep. She sponsors two poverty-stricken children in foreign countries. Her rented bungalow in West Los Angeles might be the home of any anxious, PBS-watching, middle-level executive except for the catalogue of her sex tapes hidden behind a wood plank on an upper shelf in a back room.” (LA Times)

Tracey’s parents knew what she did for a living, but they didn’t talk about it with their rebellious daughter.

In 1994, Tracey came out of a two-and-a-half year retirement to get gangbanged in the mediocre Starbanger 4.

Tracey is bisexual and had her first experience with a woman at age 22. She lost her virginity to a man at 19.

Adams now works legit theatre. The non-Jew enjoys going out with Jewish men though her primary sexual identity is lesbian. She lives with her female lover in a bungalow in West Los Angeles and drives a 12 cylinder Jaguar with a Chevy engine. Tracey flies regularly to Europe to direct porno movies.

6/10/01: Heard that Tracey has ballooned to over 200 pounds and is primarily lesbian in her sexual attraction. Jack writes Luke: “She indeed is more lez than bi, but I had an EXCELLENT time with her on a couple of occasions back when she toured a lot. Once with my girlfriend on hand, once without, no difference. She was great, and a great person. We kept in touch with her, but lost track after she returned from living for a short period of time in Italy. 210 lbs would still look good on her because she is tall, and has it all in the right places for those of us who enjoy the rubenesque woman.”

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