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Trans Person Tiffany Starr says Killing kids is “understandable” and there will be more Violence

Tiffany Star, a trans person made his feelings known about yesterdays tragic school shooting, calling it “understandable”  The shooting, one in which 3 kids were killed, along with 3 adults, was committed by a trans women/man whatever, armed with this information, Tiffany blamed “draconian Tennessee laws, doubling down with trans people want anyone who doesn’t agree with their lifestyle dead…

Apparently, if local politicians continue to pass more great laws, Tiffany seems to be saying more people will get killed. Or at least that’s what I infer from the tweet above. While im a huge fan of violence, killing people because they disagree with your beliefs is never ok.

It’s not ok when a guy shoots up a gay bar, and it’s not ok to kill kids because people don’t want to play along with the sick notion of cutting off a 14 year olds dick.

Jordan Lansky

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