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Transgenderdate Review (2020)


Transgenderdate is an online dating platform that ensures that members of the transgender community feel secure while making friends on the internet.

It is observed that most transgenders usually do not engage openly in society.

They are typically marginalized and discriminated against by conservative people in society.

While everyone speaks about equality, it is inhumane not to allow this community to have similar social privileges and dignity.

Transgenderdate focuses on these communities so that members can connect, mingle, share ideas, and have a deeper understanding within and beyond these communities. The majority of dating websites usually focus on heterosexual orientation.

Transgenderdate provides courage to this community to interact like everybody else in society. At the same time, Transgenderdate also has features for dating with straight people. The majority of the members on this website are from the USA.

It is a 10-year-old platform which has recently gained popularity among the people.

Transgenderdate is a completely free website. There are no hidden charges for accessing the features, which is genuinely beneficial for the people belonging to this community. The site also houses numerous features apart from dating.

Irrespective of your sexual orientation, whether you are transgender or straight, you can access this website and have fun!  However, the primary motivation of the site is a haven for the community who are otherwise neglected in circles of intimate interaction.

Here, we are going to review the Transgenderdate website. Furthermore, you are going to know more about dating services and other features on this website in detail.

What makes different from other websites?

Transgenderdate is a unique website which unlike most other dating websites, celebrates gender equality in a real sense. Most of the dating websites provide features for heterosexual relations only.

However, Transgenderdate primarily focuses on transgender people so that they come forth in society and freely connect with people.

This website creates a bridge for the transgender to communicate with society like ordinary people, and hence to maintain gender parity. You can also register yourself on this website, even if you are a straight person.

There are various features that you enjoy on Transgenderdate. The website is a 100 percent free which is truly amazing. Even though most members are from the USA, you will also find visitors from  Canada, the United Kingdom, Iran, and the Netherlands.

If your conversation on this website goes well, there are chances to find your life partner on the website. Members of the Transgender community get a platform in which they can discover the personal lives of other members, which helps them establish a sense of belongingness.

If you are a heterosexual, this website could also be the space where you could sexually explore and approach transgender people; you might even fulfill your fantasies. And leave all concerns of safety at the door! Transgenderdate ensures 100 percent safety for the users.

There are private chat-rooms for chat services. You can modify your preferences based on gender, location, sexual behavior and age. You can also use live cams for intimate chats with your partners. There are a few features on Transgenderdate that makes it unique from other websites.

An essential element of this website is that if you want to comment on blogs or posts, you need to have profile photos. You have to make your profile as attractive as possible to attract users. Another of its features include the option to embed music to the profile for a more personal touch.

It might seem a little awkward but it could be instrumental in opening a side of you otherwise unknown to the public

Performance score of out of 10

If you want to judge a website, often the home page is more than enough. But in the case of Transgenderdate, it might not be as simple. You need to go through the website thoroughly to realize its true potential. There are various hidden features that one needs to discover.

The performance score of Transgenderdate is based on numerous criteria. Here is the performance score of Transgenderdate on multiple aspects, out of 10.



Ease of Use


Filtering option


Variety in contents


Web design




Global outreach






Website management


Service quality


Overall Score


Website Statistic

  • Total number of members: 110,000

  • Number of page views per month: 7 Million

  • Unique Visitors per month: 100,000

  • Global Ranking: 54,537

  • Country ranking (US): 31,428

  • Category Rank: 318

  • Top Visitor are from: The US, Canada, The UK, Iran, Netherlands.

  • Facebook login: No

  • Email Verification: No

  • Gender classification: Man (CIS), Woman (CIS), Man (Trans), Woman (Trans), Non-Binary, Androgynous, Crossdresser, Intersex male, Intersex female.



Estimated monthly views: 7 million+
Transgenderdate is an online dating website that emphasizes that the trans community should be offered a means to come forward and have fun like every other person.
Yet at the same time, the website caters to all tastes.
If you are straight and have a deep interest in the life and sexual behavior of members of the transgender community, then this website allows you to have fun with them.

It doesn’t matter which gender you belong to. All users are like-minded people; you can be open to every person on Transgenderdate website. The free membership has brought in a large number of people. Some people also go forth to have meaningful relationships that last for a lifetime.

The website houses more than 110,000 registered members in its forum, which shows how popular this website has become among people. Even if you are straight in your sexual behavior, you are as welcome! The site is the perfect space to fulfill all fantasies involving transgender people.

It is a 100 percent safe and secure way to approach transgender people for a date.

Concerning the website layout, it is quite simple and attractive. If you are on this website for the first time, you might feel that the site is bland and does not have adequate features. But once you get the hang of it, you shall find and discover more features on this website to explore and engage in.

On the registration page, you need to fill the required box with your name and other details where they will ask about your sexual orientation and your intentions behind availing the service of the website along with your preferences.

In accordance to your choice, the site will show you an assortment of members you could hit it off with! Once you are done with this step, you need to create an active profile, which is crucial for an excellent first impression.

Before you create a profile, you should know that the approval of the profile takes 24 hours. You need to sign in the account by providing the unique code that is provided by you. Once you click the verify button, you are all set to go!

You have to select and upload a profile picture, the same as you do on social media. You will get private chat-rooms to chat with your preferred person.

One of the main attractions of the website is the blog. Anyone on the website, which is a member is eligible to create a blog. You can share your personal views and images through it.  There are no limitations to write any blog; you can write and post anything and everything.

You can choose your topic- it may be a recipe of a particular region, or a story, or any moral, or it may even be an adult blog. You can also write tips regarding dating or chatting with unknown strangers. Only users with profile pictures can comment on a particular blog or post.

You can also embed music in your profile which is one of the unique features of the website. The profile of any individual is quite detailed, with private information, which can be changed at any point. For the time being, one could skip the comprehensive process.

The profile pictures are visible to everyone for free. It is relatively easy to get partners on this platform. To get any partner, it’s all about how you carry yourself. If your conversation has enough potential then  you can take your dream crush on a date.


  • Transgenderdate is an excellent opportunity for the transgender community to come forward and live a normal sensual life. The website celebrates the fact that transexuals also have the emotional liberty to date someone according to their wishes. This website stands testimony to gender equality in cyberspaces.

  • If you are a heterosexual man or woman who has fantasies to have sexual pleasure with transgender people, you can unabashedly approach them for dates and hookups.

  • It is a 100 percent safe and secure way to approach for a date with anyone. All the members are 18+ in this forum.

  • You can use any feature of without any payment.

  • The signup process is quite fast and straightforward. There is no email verification. You can create an account by providing your mail ID, name, and other personal details.

  • Transgenderdate is not only limited to merely dating services. The website also has additional features such as embedding music to the profile, blogging, posting, commenting, and much more.

  • You also get a private chatroom to chat with other members based on your preferences.

  • There are members having a wide range of genders and sexual orientations. You can choose your sexual orientation and proceed to select the sexual orientation of your preferred date.

  • The profiles of are quite detailed. You will get complete information of the users to get a better image, so you can judge then better before interacting with them.

  • It is not at all mandatory to provide every detail regarding yourself. You can skip certain things which you do not prefer to show them publicly. This makes the website truly very user-friendly.

  • has an optimized mobile browsing facility. There are different websites for desktop or laptop users and mobile phone users.

  • Once you create your profile, you can change your details at any time according to your wish. You can also extend your information by adding additional features. Your privacy is not at all at stake.


  • Users have to provide a profile picture for their profile mandatorily. Only users with a profile picture can access the facility of commenting on blog posts on other member’s profiles.

  • If you are expecting that you can chat with girls right from the first day of creating a profile, you are wrong. The approval of the profile takes a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of  24 hours to get approved. And it is only after approval that only you can access the features of the website.

  • During the login process, you won’t get any options for Facebook login. You have to follow the norms and criteria of the website exclusively during login.

  • The entire layout of the profile is quite traditional. Initially, if you enter the website, you might not feel accustomed to the site. Only as you spend time on the website, you will get to know about all the features on this website.

  • The theme and design of the website are not at all attractive, this is the reason that the site has a higher bounce rate recently.

  • There is no android application for the website neither is there any iOS application available for this website.

  • There are too many advertisements on the website. You need to be cautious every time before clicking a web element. The ads may redirect you to other sites if you click carelessly.

  • You may find some dirty and annoying images notification which may ruin your mood of engaging on the website. You need to ignore these notifications and routinely click on the cross over every information every time. 

Pricing & Membership Fee

As mentioned before, Transgenderdate is a 100 percent free website; there are no hidden charges present on the website. You can get access to any features for free.

If you are wondering how Transgenderdate earns money, then you need to know that Transgenderdate promotes lots of products and sites through their advertisements, which generate revenue for the platform.


The support team of the is very prompt. In the case of any queries or problems, you can mail your issues on the given email ID.

Email ID: [email protected]

If you find any annoying things or any abusive member, you can send an email to the given email ID-

Email ID: [email protected]

You can directly visit the following link in case you need any help. There you will find some common questions regarding issues and answers.




Tinder is a globally famous and popular dating website. On this platform, you can search for preferable partners based on your location. The global coverage of tinder is far better than other websites. It is a user-friendly website with fast services.

Tinder is supported on every device; the Tinder app is also available on the Google Play store as well as on the Appstore. Here, you need to create an account with details and proceed to check guys and girls nearby your location.


Happn is also a popular dating platform. It is uses phone’s GPS to find your location. It reads your physical location and shows that location to other users. Through this process, you can get to know about your preferable partner nearby.

Every time your mobile finds a suitable person near you, he or she will be added to the top of your Happn feed. You can use this platform from anywhere, including public spaces like coffee shops and libraries. This platform is handier than other dating websites and applications.


It is one of the most amazing free online dating platforms, where you can meet singles to date. The name Lamour is a French word which adds to the sensuality that it stands for. Here you can approach anyone for a date.

You can find interested people with whom you do not need to be always conscious. The entire forum is full of like-minded people. You need to create a profile, just like in Transgenderdate, and you need to wait for the exact match.

Then, you can chat with a person and see videos posted by them. You can also play games with them or share foods, emojis, voice and much more. The features of this platform can make you lean to the edge of your seat. The only issue is with the fake profiles.


Latinamericancupidis is an online dating website that provides you a wide range of partners based on your preferences. It focuses explicitly on Latina and Latinos irrespective of the country you belong to.

You will get desired partners to chat with; if your conversation goes well,  you can also approach for dates and hookups.

Final Verdict

Transgenderdate is a website that allows the transgender community to interact without any apprehension.  You can also chat with the members of the transgender community and share ideas and interact with them.

This website makes every attempt possible to minimize gender inequality and provide a safe and secure platform for the members of the transgender community to date and have fun.

Parting words

These are the considerably unique advantages as well as disadvantages of using Transgenderdate  but none can deny that as a site which aims to open social privileges to the transexual community, Transgenderdate has earned for itself an important place in the dating website business.

It is truly an exciting site for transexuals members as well as people who have fantasies with transexuals, we would sincerely like to hear more from you about your opinion!

Please feel free to connect with us if you want a particular site review, or if you have any questions at all which you’ll like us to address. Explore your sensuality to the fullest, and when in need to explore intimacy beyond the barriers of sexual orientation, what better than Transgenderdate!

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