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Transsexual Pornstar Amy Daly-Exclusive Interview


1 What do you remember about your first time with another girl?
My first time with a girl? Hmm… Well, I was a sophomore in high school.  She was my first girlfriend and was a little older than me and not a virgin, so she knew what she was doing and I had no idea.  I was really nervous and my parents were in the next room. She pulled the “Lets try just the tip” line with me and I was like Ok!  I was really stupid and didn’t use a condom. Luckily she was on the pill, so it was all good, but really awkward. Like I said, my parents were in the next room, so I was lucky I didn’t get busted!

2 Why did you decide to undergo your transition?
  I didn’t really decide to transition. It was more of a when am I going to do it question.  For us, its not something that we really make a choice. Its something that we are born with and live with and are tormented by until we transition and something we have to deal with are whole lives. 

3 What did the transition involve and how long did it take?
  I did it the legal way and by the book.  I started seeing a therapist. I got my official documentation for hormone therapy after 6 months of weekly visits. Took it to the doctor. Got blood work done and a physical.  And after everything came back good, I was prescribed a number of medications to transition.  Honestly, its a long process overall. There is coming out to your friends and family and school or work. Sitting down with therapists, seeing doctors, physical awkwardness. Its a long process, but it went really smoothly and nice for me.   I could of done it the easy way and ordered hormones online like some people and did it all myself, but I wanted to have all my papers in order and stuff to back me up and a support system.

4 You’ve said one day you’d like to undergo post op. What does this involve?
One day. Probably after I graduate from college and am done with porn.  When I decide to do it, I will have to go back to a psychiatrist and get another letter. You are supposed to see two. I’ve already seen one.  Then there is the matter of coming up with $20,000 for it.

5 What were the advantages and disadvantages of having a pussy? What are now the advantages and disadvantages of having a dick?
  Advantages? Feeling complete and more normal I guess.  Being able to wear things that I can’t wear now. Tricking guys(Just kidding).  The disadvantages I think are going to be having to do things like dilate.  Not looking forward to that at all.  Obviously going through a major surgery sucks too.   The advantages of having a cock? Hmmm. Better pay in the work force? haha. I kid.  Getting to fuck stuff. Who doesn’t like to stick their dick in things?  Disadvantages again is that I can’t wear some stuff that I would like to.  Getting a vagina used to be really important to me, but working in porn has made me pretty comfortable in my own skin. It really isn’t at the top of my priority in life any more. I still want to do it though.

6 Can you remember your first sexual experience after the transition? What was it like?
  My first sexual experience after transition was really weird and new for me.  It was with a girl and she was a really hot dyke I met at a dyke bar. She knew I was trans and didn’t care.  We were making out all over the bar and ended up going back to her place.  She didn’t want anything to do with my cock. I ate her out and we did a lot of touching and rubbing and passionate stuff. Then I took off like at 5 am because I had to go to work the next day lol.

7 Can you tell us something about your friends Buddy Wood and Hazel Tucker?
  Buddy Wood is a transsexual porn director.  One of the best out there right now as far as movies go.  He is who got me into this whole thing.  I met him at a bar in Hollywood and he had no idea that I was a transsexual.  After I told him that I was, he gave me his card and I ended up shooting with him for my first time.  A couple years later he is now my photographer for my solo website under Grooby Productions.   Hazel Tucker was his girlfriend at the time that I met him and another Transsexual Porn Star.   We became really close friends after I shot over at Buddy’s place and hung out all the time. She’s gorgeous . We used to shoot together a lot and had some really great chemistry.  We ended up moving in with each other for almost a year until she had to move back to Massachusetts due to family issues.

8 You’ve done some solo work. What’s the difference in feeling for you in masturbating since your transition?
  I think I have lost some sensitivity.  But the orgasms are much more intense.  I don’t really cum too much any more, which is a good thing for me cause there is no mess, but kinda sucks for porn. Instead of cumming thick and white, its more clear and liquidy from the hormones.    I can definitely fuck much longer now though since I am not as sensitive, which is a good thing! 

9 What do you like about giving blow jobs?
  I just like having a big cock in my mouth.  Afterwards having him or her cum on my face is such a fucking turn on.  

10 What for you is the pleasure of anal sex?
Mmmm… The prostate massage. Haven’t you tried it? You should if you haven’t.  It also just really pleases me to give others pleasure with my body.  It’s the joy of giving : )

11 Can you describe your ideal rope bondage scenario?
  I want to be tied to a tree by my arms and legs and blind folded in a dark forest.  Then get face fucked by a bunch of other transsexual lesbos…

12 Can you describe your ideal bukkake scenario?
Yea, it kinda ties into the last question with all the tranny lesbos, but a few guys in the mix as well. Tie me up to a tree in the woods, but with out the blindfold. I wanna see them all cumming on my face.  I wanna be covered.

13 Can you tell us about about Amy Daly:Translesbian? Will there be a second one?
  Amy Daly: The Translesbian was my first featured DVD put out by Grooby Productions. It features some of the best TS Lesbian scenes from my web site with a bunch of some of the top TS Girls. Hazel Tucker, Bee Armitage, Mandy Mitchell, Kimberlly Kills, and Juliette Stray.  We are looking to put out part 2 sometime after the end of this year.  It will most likely be called Amy Daly The Translesbian 2: Bi Curious.  Bi Curious because I have one of my best and favorite scenes going on there with everyone’s favorite, ChristianXXX.  Sometimes I do like to shoot with guys and I think we have some good chemistry.   He is one of my favorite guys to shoot with.

15 Can you tell us about some of the other videos you’ve appeared in? Where can people find them?
Aside from all the web stuff I have done, this years dvd releases you can find me in are: America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 9,Amy Daly The Translesbian!, She-Male Strokers 45,Transsexual Prostitutes 66,Transsexual Babysitters 16,
America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 13,Rogue Adventures 37,and Transsexual Cheerleaders 7. Wendy Williams also has one with me in it coming out very soon as well. All of these are available on VOD and DVD on any site that sells adult dvd’s and stores.

16 Which of the awards you’ve won has meant the most to you and why?
Well, I’ve only won the Best New Face award at the Tranny Awards in 2010.  It actually did mean a lot to me because I got off to a bad start in the industry with some not so great content, but then came back and really stepped up my game to take the best new commer award for that year. It felt really good. It also felt really good to be nominated for my first AVN in Transsexual of the year category as well last year and have one of the films I was on the cover of take the best transsexual release award.  It always feels good to be appreciated ?

17 What do you think about the proposal for mandatory condom use in the adult industry?
I don’t really like it and here is why; I think the proposal needs to be modified to just Anal Sex.  I do agree that Anal is one of the most risky things we do as far as exposing ourselves to danger. The reason why I don’t think it would be a big deal to be forced to use condoms for anal is because in the transsexual porn world, most of the time condoms are already mandatory.  Testing is always mandatory for us.  I generally feel pretty comfortable among the current pool of American TS Performers. I have never seen any bad test or anything that would make me not want to shoot with someone. I don’t even know of the last time an American TS has been at the center of an outbreak. Has it ever happened at all with us TS Girls in the US?

18 You’re now back at school. What are you studying and what do you hope to become?
  Currently, I am a general biology major, but Its not final. I still may switch to either Environmental Science, Marine Biology, or Zoology.  I volunteer for a marine mammal rescue team and have grown up at the beach, so its kind of natural for me.  When I graduate, I want to be working somewhere in the science field and working with Animals.  I will just see where my college journey takes me.

19 Would you like to have dated Audrey Hepburn?
  No. I just want to look like her.

20 Can you tell us about your site ? Where else can people find you on the net?
  Yes, my site is  Its mostly Solo, and TS Lesbian content with a few scenes with guys thrown in as well. I update every week and am always talking to my members over on my forum. I try and fulfill as many requests as I possible can.  Its been running for about a year and a half and has been going great. I am really happy with it.  Other than my site, you can find me on Shemale Yum, Shemale Pornstar, Shemale Strokers, Shemale Club, Bobs T Girls, Devils Film’s site.  My site is the best place to find me though : )

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