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Tricia Deveraux Disected On XPT

Pornloser posts: “I am sorry but I don’t care how PC you want to be accepting any kind of bodily fluid exchange from a person infected with HIV would seem pretty uneducated. Also believing that this is a one time incident would be foolish and wrong. If Karen feels like being so truthful how about the others. As for being jealous of success if working at Arby’s is your idea of success then Karen has it. If not for John that would have been where here carer would have ended. I have had to watch friends die of Aids(and yes I know it was a another infection that killed them the Aids virus was what weakened their immune system enough to do so) and I would not wish or want to risk doing that to anyone. Also all these testimonials to how great a person Karen is I have yet to see one from anyone she has spent more then a few hours with. She may seem great in passing but she is also one of the most two faced persons one could ever meet. Karen look at your myspace and tell me your friends list is anywhere near accurate. I can look at your top four friends and see at least one you have bad mouthed like crazy but maybe that was you just being insecure again. You all are right this is just about bad people that are jealous with an ax to grind wanting revenge and not about people sick of seeing a lying two faced attention whore bullshit her way around an industry.”

Tricia Devereaux responds:

At the time that I moved back to California to live with John, I was working at a doctor’s office as a nurse’s assistant. (Yes, the doctors and nurses were aware of my health status, and I used universal precautions.) I also had a second job working as a night clerk at a local hotel so I could save away more money. Despite having health insurance and having saved up some porn money, I knew that I needed to save more money if I wanted to eventually be a home owner again and not have to worry about future bills. During the year I was away from LA, I was deciding if I wanted to be a physician’s assistant, a teacher, or yes- manage and eventually own an Arby’s. I had been a manager during my college years.

John has been amazing for me. He’s given me the opportunity to have a great job that I love, a daughter that I cherish, and a husband who I have a great relationship with. All couples have disagreements, some worse than others, but it’s the ones who can get beyond the small shit that make it through.

On my myspace (god, this is SO high school) I currently talk to David on a regular basis, and get along great with Belladonna. They both know that I’ve had creative differences with both of them, but the three of us are adult enough to know that creative differences don’t mean that the friendship needs to end.

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