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Tricia Deveraux to Tina Tyler RE: Marc Wallace….


Tina –

I just read your response. Previously, I had only read your blog about Marc Wallice. It took me the better part of a day to figure out how to calmly write something.

It wasn’t just rumors that Marc forged tests. There are documented tests that he provided to companies where it says he was a 44 year-old female. I may have been stupid and naive to only have checked the name, date and status on the piece of paper before I worked with him. But it was stupidity based on naively trusting that someone wouldn’t be so selfish as to actually forge a test that could endanger someone else’s livelihood and their very life.

It’s also not a rumor that Marc had to be dragged down to the clinic because he refused for SIX MONTHS to go get an HIV test through any clinic other than the one he had been going to.

You question why Marc wasn’t criminally prosecuted. Brooke started to. I was in the midwest, trying to start a new life for myself. When I spoke to the police to ask them the chances of Marc being found guilty and being put in jail, I was told that the chances were good, but that in the meantime, the defense’s lawyers would be painting me as a potentially promiscuous girl who may have been doing IV drugs behind closed doors and could have gotten HIV from other places.

The only person with any credibility who has given Marc work since 1998 was Russ Hampshire at VCA who allowed Marc to do editing, and Russ later regretted that and ended up fired him.

Is this industry SO desperate for directors and editors that they need to hire this scumbag? A guy who infected four people with HIV and refused repeatedly to get a legitimate HIV test does NOT deserve to work in this business.

I wish I had had the balls back then to stand up in court, because Marc would be where he belongs. Back then, I simply wanted to figure out a way to move forward with a life that he took away from me. I loved being a performer in this business, and Marc Wallice took that away from me and at least 3 other females 10 years ago over the course of 6 months.

-Tricia Devereaux

(NL- IMHO Tricia is one smart classy lady, who while living with a chronic illness, runs a business, raises a family and has gone on with her life to make it a happy success story )

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