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Trina Michaels, De’Bella & Brooke Scott on Body Shots: Uncensored on 7/30

Sportswami emails:

Some women are born to be assertive and give off an aura of power. Other women have to work up the nerve and conviction to get their point across. And on this week’s new Body Shots: Uncensored, the Sport Swami is bringing in three hot and smoldering temptress’ whom have gotten some nerve and taken their careers into their own hands: This week’s line up features;

-The buxom feature dance/adult superstarlet Trina Michaels ( makes her 6th and record appearance on the show to chat about a re-launch of herwebsitee, funny stories from Sex-Z’s UPLOAD, adventures from her past Florida feature dance gig, and rumors of a directing debut with Sin City Films in the near future.

-Portugesse/French American Brooke Scott ( makes her radio debut on the show to discuss getting into the biz, her love of fetish performances, working for, her latest movie from Red Light District, and why she has Chris Caine ( representing her.

-Plus after the whocontroversyery surrounding her departure De’Bella opens up with the Swami and Mistress Rhiannon ( about the real reasons for her departure, her divorce, starting up her new company, future plans for her in the business, and how her and her daughter are doing now.

If you only can hear one show this week tune into a wild and explosive Body Shots: Uncensored only on Monday July 30th 6 p.m. ET/ 3 p.m. PT

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