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Trouble At APAC? DID NOT See This Coming. Oct 8, 2020 Adult Business 13 0

How times have changed, IAEU used to be my favorite whipping group, wrought with thievery and scams. I never thought it would get better. Then porn went through its “everyone is racist” movement and like a Bruce Jenner Wheaties box, things changed.

BBW performer Lasha Lane used the death of George Floyd and landed her a spot on APAC, the once productive performer organization.  Ask yourself this, how many of you had ever heard of Lasha Lane prior to Floyd’s death???

After Floyd passed, Lasha began tweeting companies demanding they shot her, when they had no use for a BBW, she made it a black white thing.  Soon, mostly because of lack of interest, she got her spot on APAC.

Lasha is about Lasha, not surprising, she has that Sinnamon Love activism thing going on. The “whats in for me” gene.

I’m told Lasha is using her position on the APAC board as a launching tool with porn companies, her goal is a fake paid position like the one handed to Sinnamon. Diversity Coordinator is all the rage right now. I mean if you’re not paying a person to coordinate diversity, you must be a racist. Right? Well yea, according to Lasha.

In simple speak, someone no one ever heard of is using the APAC name to profit privately.

Needless to say, other members of APAC aren’t very happy with Vinnie O’Neill’s lover Lasha.

Let me point out Lasha O’Neill isn’t the only one who does this, old bag of bones Jeffrey Douglas has been making money off is position at FSC for a gazillion years.   The difference is Jeffrey is at least a sort of qualified attorney, Lasha is just an opportunist .

Lets see how this plays out…

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