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Trouble at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas? #drama

People keep saying the AVN show only gets bigger and better each year but it turns out this time it isn’t just marketing hype. So many people wanted to go to the AVN awards show this year they are like short 200 tickets! How crazy is that?

And yes, I’m sad to report that as a result of this ticket shortage, even some of those nominated aren’t getting in the door.

That’s actually how I first found out about the ticket shortage for the AVN Awards show. I was told by Nicholas Melillo that Sunshyne was denied tickets, despite the fact that Sunshyne won an award last year and is nominated again this year in the TS category. Rumors immediately began to swirl that this was discrimination against the transgender community, especially since it was reported that at least 5 other transgender performers were also denied a pass to the show, one who even came in from Spain just for the show.

But it turns out it wasn’t anything specific against anyone or any genre – the AVN awards show is just so overwhelmingly popular, they ran out of seats.

So the question is, if they are 200 short, who did get in?

200 short – holy hell – how crazy is that? I can seriously remember a time when there weren’t even 200 seats total at the show and now they are that many short? The AVN award show really does continue to grow my massive leaps and bounds.

Speaking of the AVN Award show – I heard another interesting rumor about the show …. more than a few celebs will be in attendance this year. I have no idea who they are but I’m going to guess that one of them won’t be Charlie Sheen. LOL


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