Troubled Politician Gets Dream Job Offer

Anthony Weiner has become the butt of everyone’s joke. I mean, it was bound to happen with a last name like Weiner. It all started way back when Anthony was a congressman in the state of New York and he accidentally sent a dick pic to someone on Twitter but he made it public. Whoops! It was then discovered that he had been interacting with several beautiful women online only. He went into counseling and planned a comeback as mayor, but during his mayoral campaign, it came out that he had been interacting online with more chicks, this time a pornstar wannabe named Sydney Leathers. Now it has come out that Anthony is still at his old antics, and his wife, a top Hillary Clinton Aide, has had enough and has finally divorced him. Now that Weiner is more troubled than ever, as he also lost his job as a TV commentator, a top porn company has offered him what might just be his dream job.

Charles Anderson, the VP of one of my favorite porn tubes,, has said he would like to hire Mr. Weiner to write a monthly advice column which would be called “Dear Mr. Weiner.” As most people reading this would probably think it is a joke, Anderson assures everyone that it’s for real saying, “This is a serious and sincere offer as we wish to appoint Anthony Weiner our first-ever love and sex columnist for” This is one reason why is my number one tube site listed here, because they always have awesome extras to offer to their users. They definitely provide the most amount of information about the scenes of almost any tube out there.

As for what the advice column would contain should Weiner agree? “He would offer advice, as well as comment on trends in porn…he would also rate his favorite adult films.” That sounds great to me. It would be awesome to see Anthony Weiner just embrace his tastes and desires, and not try to force himself into an uncomfortable situation that is clearly just not right for him, which leads to all of his transgressions. What Mr. Weiner would get out of the deal besides some dough? “He would be able to spend his day immersed in sex, sexting as often as he likes.” Explained Charles. According to some who claim that Anthony addicted to sexting, this might not seem like a good idea, but to people who are as engrossed in porn as I am, we know the best treatment for a true porn fan is to simply immerse yourself.

I hope Anthony takes up on their offer because I would seriously love to read his sex advice and especially find out what type of porn he likes to watch!

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