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TRPWL Wonders Why? Syphilis, Go Fund Me’s, Stolen Carpet, Feature Dancing, And No Shows.

Twitter is a wonderful place. I get so many screencaps it’s hard to keep up with all the stupid people saying stupid things. So, what does an award winning journalist like TRPWL do? He comes up with a way to work it all into a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, quad-weekly or cinco-weekly post.

Let us begin.

Why is Leigh Raven still shooting in Europe even though it’s overrun with Syphilis?

Why do people still think Dakota will show up to shoots? She’s had more kills than Chuck Norris.

Why did they scrub the totally legit Fund raiser from Honey Gold’s twitter timeline?

Which Motel 6 did Erika steal the material for this dress from?

Why is super successful porn agent and author of ‘How To Land A Rich Man’ Shy Love reduced sharing the headlines with 4 other not so super successful chicks?

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