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“Truth Box” Gives HIV Situation Details-UPDATE

UPDATE- More rumors, opinions and info swirling, but so hard to tell which is which. Latest report is that “Talent’s” test was HIV negative on set,  and was seen and signed off on by director and co-stars, which is the rule of how things are done on a Brazzer’s set according to an insider.

This would mean NO wrong-doing on the part of Brazzers, or Blake.

So now I have reported two opposite rumors. Will someone just step up and tell us what really happened ??? !!!



NL- I cannot verify this info. Take this as opinion and rumor. If Blake or Brazzers or Talent would like to speak, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

OP/ED by Truth Box

I usually keep my mouth shut…but this one disgust me to out this situation.
The crossover talent in question goes by **************** ( NL-I’ll use Talent)
Talent was found by Brazzer’s Producer “Blake Brazzers”
Talent’s test came back “false positive” and was able to talk Blake into still shooting Talent.
Talent exposed 13 Florida Female Talent.
Blake shot Talent with girls even though Talent’s test is bad.
This is going to be a big problem for Brazzers.
No wonder everyone is keeping this under wraps.
Everyone is just trying to save their jobs instead of doing the right thing.
Truth Box

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