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TTS Says Mr Marcus Lied


TTS Statement on Recent Events

Miami, FL August 23, 2012 – Talent Testing Services, Inc. (TTS) categorically denies that there has been any inappropriate behavior on the part of its personnel to accommodate Mr. Marcus’s request to alter the Basic Talent Panel test results.

Our proprietary software has different levels of security embedded into its code to protect the integrity of the test result report. If a Talent chooses a Basic Talent Panel, or a Full Talent Panel, ALL tests in the panel selected have to be performed before the system provides a “Cleared” or “Not Cleared” status. If the Talent is reactive/positive to any of the markers in the panel, the system will automatically disable the results and provide a “Not Cleared” status. This means that the results can not be either emailed, printed or shown on the screen.
With regards to the manipulation of the printed test results, TTS since 2011, has included QR Codes and Authentication Codes, in its printed results, to avoid anyone fabricating a report. The only flaw in the system is that it has to be used for it to work. Since 2007 Talent Testing Services has been ahead of the curve implementing leading edge technologies and testing methods to safeguard the health of Talents and the industry. We look forward to the industry’s continued support.

About Talent Testing Services, Inc. (TTS)
Talent Testing Service, Inc. (TTS) provides safe, courteous, affordable and convenient talent testing through wholly owned subsidiaries or collaborating sites. Since 2007, TTS has provided the most advanced infectious molecular testing for the adult industry. TTS is a privately held company with headquarters in Miami, Florida and a subsidiary office in Los Angeles, CA.

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