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I call Jersey Jaxin Friday afternoon.

Luke: “I hear that you [and your fiance] are no longer with Shy Love’s agency?”

Jersey: “No. Camryn Kiss (sp?) left because of that agency. McKenzie Michelle quit the business and left because of that agency. I left the business because I’m tired of it and the agency.”

Luke: “Why did you guys leave?”

Jersey: “Because we did not like the way ATM was being run. We’d rather leave the business than deal with an agency that makes us unhappy.”

Luke: “What were you unhappy about there?”

Jersey: “She’s never home. We were running the business because she was always gone featuring or taking vacations.”

“She told Megan Reece that she’s too fat and that if she wanted to get into more of a white market, she’d need to slim down. Megan’s 109 pounds now and thinks she’s fat.”

Luke: Your fiance went with you?

Jersey: “She tried to get him to stay and badmouthed me. She offered to double his pay….and let him stay at the house. He still walked. She tried to offer Johnny [Knox] everything in the world to leave Tabatha [Tucker].”

I email Shy Love. She calls me back.

Shy: “The reason that Tabatha and Johnny are no longer with the agency is that I found paraphenalia in their room and I don’t tolerate paraphenalia and escorting.

“The reason that Randy and Jersey are no longer here is not because they resigned. I asked them to resign because I can’t have personal relationships interfere with business relationships. When someone goes and attempts to commit suicide in my garage, that is not business. It’s completely out of line. I’m not the only one who can confirm this. You can confirm it with Memphis Monroe, Katrina Isis, Megan Reece, and every girl in the agency. That’s why they are no longer here. I have a new agent.

“I don’t think that trying to commit suicide in someone’s garage is a reason to stay at your job.

“You got the story of a porn star instead of the story from a businessperson. You can confirm it with the numerous people who were here that night when the chaos was created when he tried to commit suicide because their relationship was chaotic. She wanted to go back to her ex-fiance and couldn’t deal with the relationship they had.

“I will fire as many agents as it takes to find a perfect one who will run the agency correctly.”

Luke: “When did this suicide take place?”

Shy: “Two weeks ago. I tried to fix the situation but their emotional problems kept interfering with business. I had to finally make a business decision.”

Luke: “The girls with you are not allowed to escort?”

Shy: “They are not allowed to escort or to do drugs or anything illegal.

“As for Megan Reece, Megan looks remarkable now. She doesn’t think that she’s fat. She is training. She requested us to put her at a lower weight so that she could get more bookings. With any agent, if a girl is gaining weight and is concerned about bookings, we tell the girl what her issues are. It’s her choice. Your job is your looks and you have to maintain it. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask when you are being paid for your body, for your face to be a certain way, for your performance to be a certain way, and for your attitude to be a certain way.

“I’ve been in this business for five years. I’ve had a great attitude with pretty much everyone.”

I call Jersey back and read to her Shy’s comments.

Jersey: “That’s funny. She’s been texting me all day. ‘What about this?’ ‘What about that?’ ‘I thought you were my friend.’ Umm, I thought you said this was business?

“I decided to leave. He decided that I was more important and left with me. She was quite upset about it. She has to bring in another agent. Numerous girls have already left her.”

Luke: “Is Randy OK now?”

Jersey: “He’s fine. He’s sitting next to me.”

Luke: “What happened?”

Jersey: “We had an argument yesterday. It was based on the agency, about the way the girls felt about the agency. They didn’t feel as comfortable dealing with him because they didn’t know him.

“I didn’t want to have a porn relationship so I quit porn. He quit with me.”

Luke: Why does Shy say he tried to commit suicide?

Jersey: “He went in there because he was depressed. I heard about something. He [fell down the stairs]. That’s when he got the herniated disc.”

I talk to Randy aka W.B.

Luke: “Why did you leave Adult Talent Management?”

Randy: “I left because the woman in my life is a lot more important than anything in the adult industry. I told her from the beginning that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and I wasn’t going to let the nonsense money I was making decide that I was going to be unhappy.”

Luke: “She claims you tried to commit suicide in her garage.”

Randy: “Not the case. I fell and herniated discs in my back. You saw me [at Porn Star Karaoke] when I was still hurting.”

Luke: “You fell down the stairs?”

Randy: “Yes.

“We postponed our wedding and our honeymoon to help her because she needed to be out of town for feature dancing and a strippers convention. She’s not considerate of other people’s lives.”

Randy worked at ATM for ten weeks. “I used to manage a strip club. It wasn’t a lot different. It was a constant headache for not nearly enough money. I put in 15-18 hours a day to make no money.

“She’s gone through four agents in ten weeks.”

Luke: “What kind of toll has the industry taken on your relationship?”

Randy: “As of last night, we were finished. Our relationship was off. We were going to break up last night because she thought I was going to choose the industry over her. And it surprised her when I said no.”

Shy Love puts me on the phone with Megan Reece.

Megan: “My career’s going great. I’ve only been in the industry three months and I’ve been working a lot. Shy gets me a lot of work. She’s there for us. She’s an all-round great person.”

“When I got in the industry, I was 130 pounds. Shy didn’t tell me I was fat. She told me to tone up. She showed me how to eat, smaller portions. She showed me her work-out routines. She works out with me. I really enjoy working out now.”

“I hate it when people talk when they don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m a small town girl. I’m used to people talking but people need to be quiet. The reason Jersey and W.B. were released, and I was there last night, was because of their relationship problems. Jersey got all offended by W.B. had more business sense. He is a great person but he has his problems. We walked in one day and found him when they had a big blow-out fight. He had a rope around his neck and was acting crazy. I’d never seen anything like that before.

“Shy puts business first. She’s about making us happy. If we need to talk at 2 a.m., she’ll let us knock on her door and wake her up to talk.”

Randy aka W.B. calls me back. “It’s amazing how every time something happens with Adult Talent Managers, Shy accuses someone of trying to kill themselves. She did that with Johnny and Tabatha and Jersey and I. In ten weeks, she’s had eight people leave her. Four have left the industry completely.”

Randy denies Megan story about being found with a rope around his neck.

“It’s a bulls— industry and I’m relieved to be away from it. There are nice people in the industry but the industry as a whole is a joke.”

Jersey: “No, it’s not.”

Martin emails: “I read the article you wrote about the turmoil at adult talent management and I just wanted to set a few things strait. I am a good friend of Randy’s, nobody knows him as well as I do, and I was at the house when the whole “suicide” took place. First off it was on the 4th of July not to weeks ago, and he didn’t try to kill himself. They were having a fight about a statement that was made earlier that day by another that was at the house that day. We were all drunk and you know as well as I do alcohol and emotions do not mix. He just went into the garage to cool off and fell down the stairs and hurt his back. That is what made all the commotion. I went out there myself there was no rope of any kind. All the girls were already in there rooms doing there own thing, and shy love wasn’t even there she was on vacation.”

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