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Tweet Ur Sexy Pics With SxePics

NL- Sick of having your Twitter  pictures deleted? This is a great idea. I wonder if you can do quick mobile uploads?


Bluebird Launches Uncensored Twitter Pic Posting Site
Published on 25th November 2011 14:07

YNOT EUROPE – UK-based Bluebird Films and its affiliate program, Bluebird Bucks, have created a fresh alternative to the traditional Twitter picture posting service. is free and adult-friendly, declining to censor users’ uploads as long as users have rights to the material they share and the content is legal.

“This is exactly what Twitter-loving porn stars and their fans have been clamoring for,” said Danny S, who heads Bluebird Bucks. “Other alternative sites only offer soft content and overwhelm the user with tacky pop-ups and annoying flash banners. With Sxe Pics, users can post anything legally allowed in the United States, including full-frontal nudity or even hardcore. All they have to do is upload their photos to Sxe Pics, do a quick write up and it will automatically appear on their Twitter profile. It couldn’t be simpler.”

Shortly after Twitter debuted, porn stars took to the popular social media site to communicate directly with their fans. Many have risked having their accounts suspended or banned by posting images that violate Twitter’s terms of service. With the introduction of Sxe Pics, adult performers and their fans are able to share any original content allowed by law.

What makes the site even more unusual is that, for those Twitter users who also have a Bluebird Bucks affiliate account, the pictures they post on will be accompanied by their Bluebird Bucks affiliate link, ensuring they are credited for any sales that result.

“You do not have to be a Bluebird Bucks webmaster to use the free site,” Danny S said, “but it would only make sense that if you are going to use the service to post pics on Twitter, you might as well make a little money on the side, don’t you think?

“Girls can tweet their naughty pics to all of their Twitter fans without worrying about their account being removed, and the girls make some money too,” he added. “It’s like TwitPic for porn with a hell of a revenue-generating twist.”

FROM THE SITE-Upload and share your pictures easily on twitter. We are adult friendly so don’t worry about getting your account blocked or banned for posting those great naughty pics like some services do.

Using Sxe Pics is free, easy to use and most important of all – adult friendly. If you want to tweet a really hot picture just log using your 1) Twitter account, 2) click upload and 3) select the photo you want to upload. How easy is that?


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