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Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Beds, and Box Office Records

Everywhere you look there are vampires, werewolves and all kinds of teen girls going bat-shit psycho for this movie. Believe me *sigh* I’m one of them.

#OccupyWallstreet, eat your heart out.

Okay, maybe not the ‘going psycho’ part but I certainly understand the appeal.

(Insert vampire erotica screen caps…




and… you get the idea.

Love it or loath it, you can’t deny that this fangtastic fantasy series is making an indelible impression on the world. In a little under a week this movie has annihilated all kinds of box office records that the three previous films had already set and has grossed a whopping $285 million worldwide, and counting.

So how pray tell, can we celebrate this achievement on the blog? Well, by giving you a smattering of naughty photos, courtesy of the Twilight cast themselves! While I’m sure we’ll get a cell phone leak of ‘KStew’ and ‘RPatz’ between releases (until then her publicists have them locked up pretty tight) we can rejoice in the wonder that is the supporting cast. We all remember the day that Ashley Greene’s cell phone nudes graced our Google search.

This gallery is mostly composed of her photos, but there are other members of the cast who have (thankfully) smeared the internet with enough sexed up imagery to fill in your blanks until that much anticipated day.

We’ll get them soon, it’s only a matter of time.

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