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Twins? Are they your Unfulfilled Fantasy?

The Love Twins Make Their Return To Hardcore

Identical twin porn stars, The Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey Love mark their return to hardcore with the release of The Love Twins XXX Home Movies.
This movie is the first in a new line that Amateur District is producing which features the real amateur footage of famous stars.

This new series is quite a departure from what Amateur District is known for. Typically Amateur District releases titles featuring real amateurs girls they find on the streets, at golf courses and shopping malls. But the XXX Home Movies series marks the first time that Amateur District will purposely feature movies with famous porn stars.

Kelli Roberts, marketing coordinator for Amateur District says “When I first started doing marketing for Amateur District I had this project in mind.  I knew that a lot of famous girls were out there shooting their own amateur type footage for their websites so I made contact with several of them and suggested they let us have some of the footage they shoot to release on DVD.  It’s a win / win for everyone because their fans get to see some unique footage of the girls, shot at home by the porn stars themselves on DVD while at the same time the press for the release of the movies helps market their own websites. So in the end everybody is happy.  Fans of the Amateur District line want to see the real footage, the stuff that isn’t all edited up and faked. They want to see the real deal and that is exactly what this series gives them.”

The Love Twins XXX Home Movies features all scenes that the girls shot themselves.  The literally went out bought a camera and filmed themselves having sex and gave it to Amateur District who then turned it into a movie for them.

The Love Twins XXX Home Movies will be released on August 2, 2010.  The Love Twins XXX Home Movies as with all Amateur District titles are distributed exclusively through Pulse Distribution.

You can view the movie trailer at

The Love Twins first came on to the scene when they were signed by Vivid in 2005 and shortly after released their first movie Two Hot which would go on to be nominated that year for best sex comedy.  Their follow up movie True Hollywood Twins would go on to recieve the same nomination the very next year.
When The Love Twins contract with Vivid Expired in 2007 they would go on to work with several other companies making movies for everyone including Digital Playground, Jules Jordan, Adam and Eve, Smash Pictures and more.  The Love Twins would also go on to grace the covers of several men’s magazines including Swank, Club and Genesis.  The girls would also go on to launch their own official website, which they run themselves.  It is a free website where their fans can go to keep up with what they are doing, preview their movies and just chat with the girls.  You can also follow them on Twitter at

Amateur District movies provide genuine Amateur content and is considered a one of the premier amateur lines. The Amateur District line of movies was originally launched in October of 2006 with the release of their first movie, Absolute Asses and within a year had their first of what would turn out to be many award nominations. Amateur District produces quality amateur movies and their official website is located at You can also follow Amateur District on Twitter by going to

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