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Twitter Attack by Anon over WikiLeaks

NL- All this infighting and internet battling and DDoS attacking gets really confusing. I’m glad BigRed is keeping up on it and writing about it for LIB. I don’t know whose side I am on…. How about you guys?

by BigRed

Safe to say that you’re on the twitter, if not I’ve got some explaining to do. Now a Trending Topic (#TT) is something on twitter that a LARGE amount of people are talking at one time. Think everybody saying “Merry Christmas” or X-mas or in the case of last night with me and MrTeagan, “Patriots” “JetsSuck”.

Now this all stems from Wikileaks being in the news lately and everybody tweeting about it and yet it never made it as a topic. Twitter says its algorithm based and they are not doing anything shady to Wikileaks or the cablegate hash tag.
Now supposedly our buddies over at Anonymous got a little upset by this and set up a DDoS attack against Twitter.
Here’s something to giggle about, an Anonymous site is under DDoS attack right now ( 12/7 1:30). The Twitter attack is scheduled for now. And by now I mean as I’m typing this.

So if you have Twitter and end up with issues later, you now know why.
Not sure how twitter apps like UberTwitter and Twitbird will be affected.
So far so good but if there are issues how will I know what Dana DeArmond had for dinner?


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